At the mansion, Alan hopes that Peyton never grows up. Beth knows he's worrying about Lizzie's involvement with Bill. She promises that they can protect their daughter together. Alan walks out.

In a motel bathroom, Grady is putting ointment on the scar on his chest. Cyrus comes to the door. Grady's surprised that he could hunt him down. He tells his brother that his deal with Alan is over. Now he's sure that he can't be caught. He shows his brother the scar that Lizzie gave him and explains that he left an identical mark on Bill. Grady laughs and hugs his brother. Cyrus seems less impressed. Later, Grady is gone and Alan comes to the door. Cyrus thought his deal with Grady was over. Alan says it's not and asks if he should trust his brother. Smirking, he asks him if he wants to continue being his brother's keeper or take work that pays well. Cyrus smirks back and shows him the door. "I'll take that as a 'maybe'," Alan says.

At Cedars, Olivia is getting a checkup from Rick. She wants to feel normal again. Rick can't make any promises. She returns home. As she sits in the hall of The Beacon, exhausted, Decker finds her. She tries to cover, but he suspects there is something seriously wrong.

Frank goes to the boarding house to check on Natalia. He accidentally wakes her up as she drowses on the couch. Finding a shirt from another restaurant, he asks her if she's taken yet another job. She's working the late shift somewhere else, she admits. Frank looks worried. When she goes down to Company to work, Frank watches before walking over and asking her why she is working herself to death. He offers to help her out. She tells him that she invested the money from the house and lost it. He's shocked, but she seems resigned. She tells him that she needs to make up for things. Frank doubts that's what her son would want from her. He asks her out for a date. Any other time in her life she would, but with her son in prison, she can't. He promptly gets up to bus the tables. Olivia and Emma arrive. The little girl wonders why Natalia is so exhausted. Natalia takes her to the counter for ice cream. Olivia offers her a raise; she thinks she works too much. Natalia won't stop working at Company.

Frank walks over and asks Olivia outside. He begins ranting at her about Natalia and suggesting that she is letting her sink instead of helping. Olivia tells him that she's been trying. "To be a decent human being? Stop trying because it's never going to work," he snaps, walking off.

Olivia returns to The Beacon and knocks on Decker's door. She tells him to give Natalia her money back.

Outside of Company, Coop tells his father that he doesn't want a lecture. Buzz doesn't lecture; he just has a lot of experience. He tells Coop that he is 'out of his mind'. "It is safer for you to have a love affair in that kitchen with my deli meat slicer," he warns. They sit on the stairs and Coop explains that he's been having writer's block. He met Beth in the library one day and they connected. Buzz reminds him about Alan. Coop is tired of being the nice guy who ends up with nothing. He doesn't want to be like Frank. Coop lists all of the Coopers and points out how few of them ever are level-headed about everything; he doesn't just want to write, he wants to live.

Coop calls Beth in the convenience store to confess that he told Buzz about them. She's sure her mother will soon know. Alan walks into the store looking for Coop. Beth hears his voice and panics. Coop hangs up. Coop asks him if he's 'slumming'. Alan knows that he's in his family's orbit again. It soon becomes clear that he's talking about Coop becoming James' 8th grade teacher. Alan admits that he read Coop's book and it wasn't as bad as he thought, though his expectations were pretty low. Coop says he'll like his next book; it's about an affair. He points out that he actually gets along with everyone in Alan's family other than him.

As Bill and Lizzie make out in her room, she suddenly spots the scar on his chest. She runs into the bathroom and almost collapses. Looking in the mirror, she repeats, "It's Bill." After awhile, she comes out and explains that she cut the kidnapper's chest. "Like this," he says, flashing the scar. She touches it. They stare into each other's eyes. She's still sure he's being set up and tells him that she hasn't lost faith in him. They hug and then go downstairs. He asks her who could have set him up. She says it wasn't Alan; he's the only person who has stuck by her. He asks her where Dinah vanished to.

Later, Mel shows up at the mansion. Lizzie has hired her as Bill's lawyer. She and Bill run through the evidence against him. She asks him for everything he knows. He admits that Lizzie slashed the kidnapper and left a mark. Standing up, he shows her the scar on his chest. She gulps. He suggests it could have happened in the car accident. She tells him never to let anyone see the scar again.

Cyrus runs into Lizzie at the mini mart. He congratulates her on Bill waking up. She says it just means he can get arrested. It feels like everyone is against them. She looks for something to make scars go away. He hands her some oil and suggests she call a plastic surgeon. Lizzie wants to hire him to find out the truth about her kidnapping. He agrees to help. She hugs him.

Natalia goes to her room to write a letter to Rafe. As she begins to cry, Buzz comes to the door. She won't answer. He goes downstairs and looks out the window, spotting Coop kissing Beth. Buzz rolls his eyes.

Mel and Bill go to the station. Frank asks if he can have a word with Bill. Bill has nothing to say other than that he loves Lizzie. Frank says he's going to have to take him down to processing. After Bill is processed, Lizzie arrives, disturbed that he turned himself in. She wants to get out of town so they can be alone.

Cyrus goes to see Alan and informs him that Lizzie just hired him to investigate the kidnapping. He tells Alan that he's going to have to pay him.

Next on Guiding Light:

Mallet sets up a surprise for Marina.

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