Outside of Company, Coop tries calling Beth. He asks her to swing by their 'room' so she can work off her tension after her test today. Ashlee surprises him and asks him if he has a hot date. She begins probing him for details about his new lady friend. He says that she is different and what they have can never be serious. Ashlee doesn't think he knows how to have a non-serious relationship.

Buzz and Lillian are eating at Towers. She worries about Lizzie and complains that Beth hasn't had time to look after her. Buzz stops her and sheepishly tells her that Beth is seeing someone. She asks him how he can be sure. He saw her in her nightie when he was delivering something to her room. Beth broke down and told him that she was having an affair. Lillian wonders how their children inherited their worst traits. She teasingly asks him how Beth looked in her nightie. "Doesn't hold a candle to you," he says.

Buzz sits with Ashlee outside of Company. He asks her if she ever told someone the truth and then immediately regretted it. She does that every day. They talk about V8 and food banks.

At the mansion, Beth is about to leave for school. Alan tells her that they can meet up at the hospital later and see Bill. As he reads the newspaper article about Bill's arrest, she tells him that they won't be going to Cedars. She suspects that Bill is actually guilty and wants to protect her daughter. Alan tells her that he wants his wife back; she's been sleeping down the hall instead of with him. She says that's because he snores. After she leaves, he calls Grady to tell him that Bill is out of a coma. He wants assurances that no one can identify him as the kidnapper.

Grady and Daisy are in the convenience store. He's been buying her fashion magazines. She thinks he needs to save his money. She thanks him again for saving her friend and tells him that she is going to visit Bill now that he's awake. This is obviously news to Grady.

Lizzie goes to see Bill at Cedars. She takes the newspapers he's reading away from him and tells him that he should be sleeping. Hugging him, she tells him that she gets to take him home today.

Beth returns to the mansion to pick up her notes. Alan tells her she shouldn't bother. Lizzie walks in and excitedly tells them that she is bringing Bill home. Beth thinks that's crazy. Lizzie is about to storm away when Alan stops her to explain that they are just worried. She doesn't want excuses; Bill is coming home to her and she thought her family would understand what would make her happy but, apparently, they don't. She stomps upstairs and begins preparing her room for Bill.

Lillian returns to the mansion and asks her daughter if she is up to something. Beth quickly realizes that Buzz must have tipped her off. She argues that her affair is not really an affair. Lillian doubts Alan would see it that way. Beth doesn't want her mother judging her. Lillian isn't judging, she's just worried. Alan walks in and Beth promptly leaves.

Daisy arrives at Cedars to visit Bill. She tells him that she's the one who found him after the accident. He asks her to help him stand. They try walking down the hall. When they get out, Grady shows up. Bill asks what he's doing there and isn't happy to learn that Daisy and Grady are still together. Grady congratulates him on 'being back' and stares as Daisy walks Bill down the hall. He smiles when he realizes that Bill didn't recognize him as the kidnapper. After Daisy takes Bill for a walk, she brings him back to his room and becomes distraught as she describes finding him after the accident. She tells him how incredible and inspiring his love for Lizzie is.

Ashlee tracks down Grady at Company. She tells him that he still makes her sick, but she knows that he is part of Daisy's life and she won't try to split them up anymore. "I'm not going to let my best friend date a loser," she adds. Sitting him down, she tells him that he needs to get a resume together so he can find a job. He borrows her phone and slips away to call Alan and tell him that Bill doesn't suspect him. Alan orders him over to the mansion.

When Lizzie returns to Cedars, she finds Bill packed and ready to go. She tells him that she parked out back because there are reporters out front. He thanks her for believing in him while no one else does. After they leave, she takes him down by the water and tells him about reading him romance novels while he was unconscious. Spotting reporters in the distance, she decides it's time to go home.

When Bill arrives at the mansion, Alan sarcastically greets him as Lizzie's kidnapper. Bill argues that Alan has hurt Lizzie as much as he ever has. Alan warns that Lizzie's love for him is unconditional; she already knows the real Alan and still loves him. He has faith that when she discovers the real Bill, she will leave him. Bill goes upstairs to Lizzie. He tells her that he knows what she did for him while he was unconscious. She doesn't regret it; no one has ever loved her the way that he does. "Nothing is more important to me than you," he says. They kiss. As they make out, she undoes his shirt and jumps back when she discovers a scar on his chest.

Beth arrives in Coop's room at The Beacon. She tells him she won't stay; things are getting too complicated now that her mother knows about her affair. He tells her that they aren't in high school anymore so that doesn't matter. She worries about Alan and tries to leave. Although she keeps repeating that she has to go, she sits down and begins kissing him. After they sleep together, she tells him that it's over. The real Alan is back and that's who she has been waiting for.

Grady surprises Alan when he pops up at the mansion. Alan worries about how blinded Lizzie seems in her faith about Bill. Grady makes a joke about Alan's faith in his dead son. Alan doesn't appreciate it. Grady says that he's done with this and promises that he already prepared more things to shake Lizzie's faith. Alan offers him a retainer and tells him that he's not finished with his services. Grady suggests that he's better off on his own, but he takes his money.

At Company, Coop suddenly admits to Buzz that he's the one who Beth's been sleeping with.

Ashlee and Daisy are looking at magazines. Daisy gushes about what a great relationship Bill and Lizzie have. Ashlee is unconvinced.

Next on Guiding Light:

Buzz warns Coop that he's safer having an affair with a meat slicer.

Alan goes to see Coop.

Alan pays a visit to Cyrus.

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