Bill wakes up at Cedars. An exasperated Lizzie explains that he's been in a coma. He's confused and disoriented. She tells him that things can be totally different for them now and nothing will get between them. That's what he wants more than anything. She kisses him and rests her head on his chest. He asks her if the kidnappers have been caught. She tells him not to worry about that right now and holds his hand. Bill worries about business but she tells him to relax. He remembers it's Sarah's birthday. She's impressed. He promises her that they will get her daughter back.

Dinah is running around Germany when she stops a woman to ask for directions. "You are lost," the woman smiles, walking away.

Vanessa falls asleep on Billy's shoulder while they sit in the corridor at Cedars. She wakes up and he tells her that they need to focus on their son coming out of the coma. Dinah calls to check in. She digs for details about the investigation. Her mother suggests that she find something productive to do, like volunteer work. After hanging up, a nurse walks by and tells the parents that Bill is awake. They're thrilled and run off. The nurse promptly calls the police.

Vanessa and Billy walk in to check on their son as a doctor looks him over. Frank arrives and tells Bill that he is under arrest for Lizzie's kidnapping. Bill is shocked and begins coughing in disbelief. Frank tells him he's been indicted. The doctor says that he won't release Bill today. Billy tells Frank not to ask any more questions without a lawyer present. After Frank walks out, Billy explains the evidence that was found and Lizzie tells him that he was framed. Vanessa tries to calm him and wants to have Thanksgiving dinner delivered for them. He suggests that they go off and eat and then return. Billy tells his son that they will take care of everything with the cops. As he and Vanessa walk out, Lizzie sits with Bill. He asks her what's going on. She points out that she is the only person saying he's innocent; even his parents think he's guilty.

Dinah volunteers at a military hospital. She brings food to an injured soldier. She introduces herself and he recognizes her name, though she seems to think he is someone named Jack. He plays along and tells her that he loves volunteers but suggests that she must be one of those people who come to visit 'cripples' to make themselves feel better. He analyzes her, tearing her apart and suggesting that she is there because her family can't stand her. She walks out. After talking to herself, she returns to the hospital room and finds Jack trying to stand. He can't. She asks him what's wrong with his legs. That only makes him defensive and he yells at her to get out.

Dinah goes out to a bar and has a beer. As she drinks, she notices Jack picking a fight with a man. The man stands up and refuses to fight him. This only makes him angrier. Dinah grabs Jack's wheelchair and pushes him into another room. She's sure that he wants to get beaten up. "Is life really that bad?" she asks. He wants to be left alone and tells her to go back to where she came from. He wheels himself back to the hospital. When he arrives, a guard tells him that he can't crash there anymore. It is quickly revealed that he isn't a soldier at all, he's actually Shayne Lewis and he has just been using solider Jack's bed.

The Bourdeaus are sitting around the table at Towers eating their Thanksgiving dinner. Clayton begins probing his son for details about his plans. Remy claims that he has been busy but doesn't explain anymore. His father squints at him as he starts to look for a way out of the dinner. Christina calls Remy's phone to ask him if they are divorced yet. When his family begins telling him to get off the phone, he hangs up. Christina is furious and plods off. Meanwhile, Clayton and Felecia tell the children their own meeting story. Christina suddenly arrives, Remy leaps up. She rants at him until they remind her it's Thanksgiving. Mel introduces her around and Remy claims she is just a friend. They invite her to sit down to dessert. The family questions her and asks about her MCAT results. Remy tries to stop this but she lashes out at him and then stands up to announce that she is really Remy's wife. His family are shocked into silence. Remy hides behind a napkin and then begins explaining. He and Christina bicker and Mel explains that they have to have a divorce. Clayton stops them and says that this could be a good situation. "Things happen for a reason," he says. "The reason was they were drunk,' Felecia adds. Christina walks off. Remy's parents yell at him to run after her. Leah laughs.

Remy chases Christina down as she crosses the train tracks. She yells at him to stay on his side of the town and tells him that he doesn't know how good he has it. He thinks she is being crazy and making a big deal out of nothing. She claims that nothing is all she has. She doesn't even have a family. Her parents are gone and she was raised by her grandmother but she barely knows who she is anymore. Then she had to meet him and 'the Huxtables'; it just makes her realize how bad she actually has it. He explains that he brought her the pie she left behind and invites her back to his car.

Next on Guiding Light:

Alan assures Grady that no one can pick him out as the kidnapper.

Daisy remembers details involving Grady and goes to see Bill.

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