Lizzie sleeps beside Bill at Cedars until Alan calls and wakes her up. He reminds her that it is Thanksgiving.

At Cross Creek, Jeffrey asks Reva if she has come to her senses. They begin arguing until Buzz arrives. He invites them to Marina's and then helps himself to coffee. They don't seem interested in going. Sensing awkwardness, he leaves. Jeffrey asks Reva again to change her mind. She goes upstairs to change her clothes.

Natalia arrives at Olivia's. She's eager to check and see how much money she is making on her new investment. Olivia tells her the market is closed and ushers her out. Natalia is excited to go and see Cassie's house again and make plans.

Josh arrives at Cassie's and finds Olivia and Natalia there. As Natalia is upstairs looking around, Olivia tells Josh that Natalia has already lost all of her money and she doesn't even know it. She invites him to Thanksgiving and they tease each other about their past.

Mallet finds Marina sitting on the porch. She's not thrilled that they are holding Thanksgiving for the 'stragglers'. He begs her to come inside and help him cook. She brushes him off. He imagines she's angry because he's publicly told her that he loves her twice. Once with a gun pointed at him and the second time while drunk on ouzo. She tells him he can prove he loves her by not lighting the house on fire. They hear something blow up and rush inside. Rushing in, they find Frank and Coop arguing about cornmeal. Marina begins taking over. They're all surprised that the turkey she bought is so small. Coop thanks Daisy for not bringing Grady. Frank echoes the sentiment. Annoyed, she threatens to call him.

The family set the table. The toilet clogs. Marina and Mallet bicker and Frank teases her, suggesting that she would never get married without them around. She insists that she has a private life that doesn't include them. Rick arrives. Marina's startled that he didn't bring anything. Moments later, she discovers that Daisy has thrown away the dinner rolls because they are all hard as rocks. Coop asks for snacks. The cheese is moldy. Buzz arrives and tells her that everyone looks happy. "That's because they think food is coming," she says.

Lizzie returns to the mansion. Billy is there. He tells her that he will go and sit with his son while she is there with her family. She is still angry at him for doubting Bill's innocence. In addition to that, it's Sarah's birthday and she can't even send her a gift. Billy asks her to go to the Coopers' with him. She leaves to change. When they get to the house, she can't even walk through the door. She instantly runs off and Billy follows.

Billy finds Lizzie sitting outside of Company. She's paranoid and is sure everyone thinks Bill is guilty, even his own family. Billy reminds her that he's known Bill a lot longer than her and tells her that he took the blinders off about his son a long time ago. "You've never believed in him," she says, walking away.

Olivia and Natalia are at the Coopers'. Natalia is planning her future Thanksgivings in her new house. Olivia's uncomfortable. Across the room, Rick catches up with Reva. She tells him everything is fine. Meanwhile, Olivia approaches Jeffrey and they discuss Ava. Reva comes over and tells her how well she is doing. Emma drags her mother away. Jeffrey tells Reva that he can't be thankful while she puts her own life at risk.

Natalia's new lawyer calls. He wants to meet with Rafe right now. Natalia tells Olivia how happy she is to have invested and gained all of this money. Olivia flatly tells her that the money is gone. "I'm back to having nothing now?" she asks. She's already spent all of that money in her head. Panicking, she runs off.

Reva has slipped away and runs into Josh at Towers. He's still hoping for a call from their kids. They talk about them and how she doesn't want to take any chances with her children in the future. He asks her to sit down and tells her again that she is a good mother. She thinks their children turned out alright because he was twice the parent she was. Josh tries to point out the positive things about the children he didn't raise and urges her to forgive herself. He tells her that she needs to leave room in her life to screw up, or she will be bored. She needs to be herself.

Natalia goes to visit Rafe at the prison. She tells him that she bet on a long shot and lost their future. Normally she thinks everything through, but, the one time she took a gamble, she lost everything. He tries to reassure her, telling her that she will be okay. The guard leads him away. She wipes her tears away. Olivia arrives and hugs her.

Reva returns to the Coopers' just as Buzz is about to start the toasting. She toasts to life; it takes almost losing it to realize how important it is. Crying, she tells everyone how thankful she is to be able to bring another life into the world. She's always been in love, but never 'lived in love' the way she does now. She offers thanks for her children and grandchildren. "Let's try to make each day Thanksgiving," she finishes. Since there is no food, they decide to call for takeout. Mallet and Marina slip away. He tells her that she is the person he loves. She loves him too and doesn't need him to declare it to anyone. He asks her to marry him. They kiss.

Jeffrey and Reva walk outside. He tells her it was quite a toast. She agrees to do the chemo, but she wants to be the mother to his baby too, so they can grow 'old and ornery' together.

At Cedars, Bill opens his eyes.

Next on Guiding Light:

Lizzie tries to hide what's been happening from Bill.

Frank arrives to arrest Bill.

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