At Cross Creek, Jeffrey is annoyed that Reva went off on her own to think instead of talking to him. She insists that the baby is what is important and she is having it no matter what. They go on a walk. He reminds her that she has known the risks all along, but cancer changes everything. "It doesn't change my mind," she says. She's grateful for every breath, but confident she can beat the cancer and keep the baby. He doesn't think her positive thinking is going to save her or the baby. "I'm not going to lose you. I flat out refuse!" he says. She begins to yell, telling him that he can never understand what she feels because he's not a mother. What he feels can't be the same or he would never consider what he proposes. He stops her and tells her that Lillian suggested they see another doctor.

In his room at The Beacon, Josh is dismayed that Shayne is not returning for Thanksgiving and offers no explanation as to why.

Jeffrey takes Reva to Cedars. She's shocked when Dr. Colin McCabe comes out. After hugging him, he explains that he will try to treat her and the baby but can't promise anything. She gets up to walk out. Jeffrey stops her and makes her sit back down. "Okay doctor, wow me," she challenges. He outlines the treatment options and the risks. She and Jeffrey walk out. She tells him that she feels safe with Dr. McCabe. As they walk down the corridor, they run into Josh. He tells them that Shayne won't be making it home for Thanksgiving.

When Reva and Jeffrey get back to Cross Creek, she tells him that she has to do things right this time. She failed her other children and she can't do that again. They argue and she walks upstairs. He stays downstairs alone.

Mel and Remy arrive at Company to meet with Christina. They hand her a copy of the annulment papers. She jokingly says she's glad that if she was going to marry someone and get it annulled, it was him. He hands her some study guides for the MCATs and spills a drink on an envelope. When Mel picks it up, she notices that it is the annulment papers he was supposed to send in yesterday. Today is the deadline and they'll now be too late for an annulment and have to get a divorce. Christina is annoyed. Remy explains that there must have been a mistake. He offers to rush her to the office so they can take care of this in person. They run off.

Remy and Christina arrive at the office. He searches around and then tells her that Mr. Perkins, the man who can stamp their form, is gone for the day. She's furious. She's done everything right her whole life and then she met him and her life started falling apart. He tries to make a joke. She cries and gets angry. He offers to track down the missing bureaucrat and get this taken care of. They go to the corner store and have to pay the clerk for a tip on where Mr. Perkins is. After leaving his number, Remy's ready to run off searching again. She wants to give up. He tells her that's a good reason they should get divorced; he doesn't want to be married to a quitter.

They track Mr. Perkins down at Towers. He's not happy to have his meal interrupted and is not helpful. Remy tries to control his anger but Christina doesn't. She attacks him and hopes he chokes on his dinner. When she storms away, Remy runs after her. She couldn't stand to see him grovel to a jerk like Mr. Perkins. He's impressed. She says she'll be glad to divorce him.

Blake and her daughter are at the convenience store when they run into Matt and his daughter. Blake flirts with him and then they talk about the V8 food drive. They talk about what they are doing for the holiday and Matt invites them to join them.

At Cedars, Lizzie tells Bill that she will speak at the trial for him. After kissing his head, she leaves for the station. Alan is waiting there and he's worried. He still doesn't understand why she is testifying. She needs to listen to her heart. Alan begs her again not to testify, worrying that battling with Doris will destroy her. Lizzie loves him for trying to stop her pain, but she needs to stand up for someone she loves, just like he taught her to.

After Lizzie goes in to testify to the grand jury, Alan bribes a cop to sneak him in. He hides and listens as Lizzie takes the stand. She talks about how Bill could not have faked his feelings for her and she is confident that he had nothing to do with the crime. Doris tears into her, but Lizzie insists that this is a frame up. Doris suddenly enters the coat into evidence. Lizzie is shocked because she had the evidence suppressed. Doris explains that the decision was reversed and asks Lizzie why she was so desperate to destroy it.

Alan meets Lizzie when she walks out. She worries that she lost it in the courtroom. She thinks she may have even made herself sound guilty. Alan urges her to go home. She wants to return to Bill to explain what's happened. After she leaves, Doris comes out and meets with Alan. He feels bad for what's happened to Lizzie. Doris promises him that Bill will be out of Lizzie's life soon and she will have a high profile conviction. She tells him that she has a bottle of champagne chilling already. He doesn't want to celebrate breaking his granddaughter in two. The jury files back into the courtroom.

Lizzie returns to Bill's bedside at Cedars. She tells him how hard she tried but how everything went wrong. When she turns on the TV, she sees Doris giving a press conference announcing that Bill is being charged and will face up to 20 years in prison. Lizzie breaks into tears.

Next on Guiding Light:

The Cooper family fights through Thanksgiving.

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