Marina takes some files out of her bag when she notices a poker chip. She smiles and goes inside, cornering Frank while he raids her fridge. She begins telling him about her trip to the casino when Mallet runs in and stops her. They try to cover and Marina begins rambling about marriage. Mallet laughs uncomfortably and changes the subject. They discuss Thanksgiving. Frank explains that Company will be open to people who have nowhere else to go. They agree to help out and send Frank off to work with a muffin and some bananas. As soon as he's gone, Mallet tells her that he's afraid she almost told her dad that they eloped. She thinks he's a 'wuss' and walks out. On the lawn, they flip a coin to determine if she can tease him forever. She notices that it is heads on both sides. She wishes that he could be more honest about his feelings. He points out that she has yet to tell him that she loves him in public. She teases him. He kisses her.

Coop gets a text from Beth. She wants to meet him and asks for a delivery. He sends her a message back and walks into Company. Buzz hands him a bag to deliver. He looks inside and sees it is not Beth's order. Nervous, he asks if there are any other orders. There aren't. He runs off to deliver just as Beth calls in. She uses a fake accent and name to order food. Lyn, the waitress, sends Buzz off with the order. Frank arrives. He and Lyn discuss the food drive and how V8 is a whole serving of vegetables.

Beth anxiously waits at The Beacon for Coop. She gets into a negligee and eagerly answers the door. To her shock, it isn't Coop, it's Buzz. He leaps when he sees her. She pulls him in and he tries to look away. She admits that she's not waiting for Alan and asks him to stay and talk for a minute. Bursting into tears, she tells him about her doomed relationships. She tells him how things went wrong with Alan; he looked down on her for going to law school and went off to loo-loo land with Gus. At that point, their relationship was over. Since then, she found lust with someone else and that helped her through a hard time while Lizzie and Alan were gone. Buzz recommends that she not let Alan find out about this and leaves.

As Buzz walks out, Coop looms in the hall. He goes in to see Beth. She packs up her things. He asks her to stay. She warns him that Alan is back with a vengeance and back to what she loved him for. Coop asks them if they are really finished; they've hardly even been having an affair. "How do you end something that doesn't exist?" he asks. Before she can leave, he tells her that they shouldn't waste the room. She tells him that what they have does exist but they can end it. He doesn't see why, but if she needs to, then he accepts that. He hands her the key to the room just in case she decides to come back. She walks out.

Mallet arrives at Company and Frank throws him a potato so he can start peeling. Mallet refuses to wear an apron. Buzz walks in, announcing he needs a drink. He begins pouring and they toast to true love. They get drunk as they cook. Frank tells Mallet he thought he was the guy for his daughter, but it turns out that he's 'not the sharpest tool in the shed'. Mallet defends himself but Frank doubts he 'wants the cow if he's getting the milk for free'. Buzz begins screaming about true love. Mallet stands on the table and begins screaming that he loves Marina and they tried to elope. Marina stands in the doorway. "Oh Mallet..." she groans before noticing that the meal is on fire. After they put the fire out, Marina asks for an explanation. Mallet admits to Frank that he was 'going to buy the cow'. Frank hugs him. Mallet tells Frank he can be his best man and Buzz can be the matron of honor. As Marina teases him, he limps into the bathroom to be sick.

Lizzie gets out of bed and sadly stares at Bill's monogrammed lighter. She picks up the paper as her lawyer calls. He informs her that he's managed to suppress evidence going to the grand jury. She hurries over to Cedars to see Bill but he's off getting tests. She talks to the lighter, vowing not to let anyone frame him. Returning home, she tells Alan her good news. He hopes it works out for her. She apologizes for blaming him before. She tells him that Doris has no case without the coat. Alan warns her that it may not be that simple. Lizzie tells him she has no doubts of Bill's innocence, even if Billy and Vanessa do. He begins worrying that Doris will call her to the stand and try to take advantage of her. He gets a message from city hall saying that Doris is about to give an interview. She runs off.

In her office Doris is furious when she learns that evidence has been suppressed. She throws a press conference, telling the journalists that she is only seeking justice. Lizzie and Alan show up. Lizzie accuses her of trying to railroad Bill and asks her why she won't allow her to testify. Doris sends the reporters away. Lizzie wants answers to her questions. Doris thinks Lizzie's feelings are getting in the way and says she can get an indictment without the coat. Lizzie continues to be defensive but Doris tries to brush her off. Lizzie begs her to let her go on the stand. "Those doors are going to stay closed," Doris says. Lizzie and Alan walk out. She cries and repeats that she knows Bill is innocent and just needs a chance to prove it. Now she has to go home to Bill's empty bed, not knowing if they will ever share it again. She goes home and he returns to Doris' office.

Alan returns to the mansion and tells Lizzie that the grand jury has called her in to testify. She is thrilled, sure she can make everyone see that Bill is innocent.

Next on Guiding Light:

Lizzie is sure she can win over the jury.

Alan begs Lizzie not to testify.

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