Mallet runs into Buzz outside of the TV station. He begins teasing him about his new ad. Buzz is inviting everyone in town to the Thanksgiving feast and won't turn anyone away. "Anyone?" Daisy asks.

In an alley, Ashlee struggles with a mugger while Grady watches. He rushes over and punches the mugger into the ground. The mugger runs off. Ashlee is breathless. Grady shrugs. Mallet runs over with his gun out and orders him to freeze. Grady holds his hands up. Buzz runs to Ashlee. She explains that she was attacked. Daisy starts to tell that Grady would never do that. As Mallet arrests Grady, Ashlee tells him to stop. Someone else attacked her and Grady is the one who saved her.

They take Ashlee over to Company. After Buzz fusses over her, he leaves her with Daisy. She confronts her friend, knowing that she was ready to let Grady take the fall. Ashlee admits it. Daisy accuses her of being just like her mom. "You're just like Harley," Ashlee shoots back. Daisy defends Grady, arguing that he's been suffering in his own personal hell for what he's done. Ashlee apologizes; she just wanted to save her friend. Daisy storms off.

Outside, Mallet gets a statement from Grady. He tells the cop that he has changed since he started dating Daisy. Mallet doesn't believe it. They bicker. Ashlee returns and thanks Grady for helping her.

In Company, Natalia asks Decker about the investment opportunity he was discussing with Olivia. He tells her that the minimal investment is a million dollars. She's sorry she mentioned it. He offers to put her money with his and invest it. Natalia wonders why he would do that. "Think of this as an early Christmas bonus... congratulations. You're a brave woman," he says. He gives her a number to call and walks off. She goes back to Cassie's and looks through the real estate flyer before having a fantasy about living in the house with Rafe while he goes to college.

At home, Olivia explains high yield fund investments to Emma. Decker calls and they discuss business. She passes on investing in his new fund. He jokes that her assistant will soon be richer than she is.

At The Beacon, Natalia and Emma talk about Rafe and throw pillows. Olivia comes in and Natalia explains that she invested with Decker today. As she talks about all of the money she could make, Olivia keeps her lips sealed. Nat admits that she has to do some research into how the stock market works now. "I guess I have you to thank for all of this," she says, smiling. Olivia keeps her mouth shut and then walks out.

Olivia goes to see Decker. He tells her that the fund is now closed. She asks him for more details about it. He repeats how risky it is. Olivia returns home. She checks the market and sees that Natalia's investments have tanked.

Mallet walks back to Company with Grady. He tells Daisy that 'Grady did good' and walks inside. Buzz walks out and thanks Grady. Daisy tells him that she and Grady are together again and he should be allowed back in the restaurant. They walk inside and order a meal. Grady calls Buzz 'Gramps'. Daisy advises him never to do that again.

At Towers, Ashlee tells Doris about what happened to her today. Doris hugs her and is thrilled that she is okay. Then she wonders how she can spin this. How can the 'law and order' mayor's daughter be attacked in broad daylight? It's not good for her image so she decides to show how tough on crime she really is by prosecuting Bill.

Lizzie plays with Roxie at the mansion. She tells her dog all about her faith in Bill and then yells at her phone so the defense lawyer will call back. Suddenly, he does. Alan steps in and listens while she tells the lawyer to have the investigation suppressed as soon as possible. When she gets off the phone, Alan advises her to get some rest. He suggests that part of her, deep down, may believe that Bill is guilty. Why else would she try so hard to destroy evidence? They argue. She's sure he wants Bill to be guilty and accuses him of attempting to plant doubts in her head. She points out that he brought Frank there to search the mansion and is suddenly sure that he is the one framing Bill. He tells her that she isn't thinking straight. She runs off in a frenzy. Beth walks in. He offers her a drink. She admits that if she were in Lizzie's shoes, she might accuse him of what her daughter has. Alan admits that he doesn't like Bill but wouldn't frame him. All he wants for Lizzie is true happiness. He asks Beth to his bedroom. She admits that she is drawn to him and his lust for protecting the family, but warns him that Lizzie could end up being just as vindictive as he is.

Cyrus walks into Towers. He watches Lizzie while she worries. She rushes over and tells him she needs his help. She needs some sort of evidence to prove that Bill is being framed. "I need you to help me think like a criminal," she implores. They sit down and she goes over everything she has. Crying, she tells him that this set-up is evil. He assures her that a Lewis won't go to jail. She reminds him that she's a Spaulding and almost all of them have been to jail. Beth calls and tips her off, telling her that Alan is headed to the police station.

Lizzie storms into the police station looking for Alan. She finds him writing something and accuses him of giving the police more evidence against Bill. When she snatches the paper out of his hands, she sees that he is confessing to her kidnapping. She knows he isn't guilty. He tells her he only cares about her happiness and thought this could protect her. She apologizes for accusing him and leaves to take a call from Bill's lawyer. Beth accuses Alan of going 'Spartacus' on her. "Spartacus was guilty; I'm not," Alan says smugly.

Next on Guiding Light:

Lizzie is determined to discover who is framing Bill.

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