The doctor beeps Jeffrey and Reva to let them know that the results are in. Jeffery admits to Reva that he is scared. She's not scared because she knows that he'll be there for her. They kiss and walk over to Cedars. When they get in the doctor's office, she jokes that the last time she had a scare, she ended up being pregnant, the doctor is dour. He explains that they need to analyze her bone marrow because she may have leukemia. It's early so she shouldn't panic, he advises, suggesting that she needs to put her own health first and terminate the pregnancy. "Go to hell," she says, walking out.

Natalia brings Emma home to Olivia. She sends her daughter off to finish her homework and then points out the flyer for Cassie's house. Olivia doesn't see why they are putting it on the market when Natalia should buy it. "That sounds ridiculous," Nat snaps. She sorts out Olivia's schedule for the next few days. Olivia begins crunching numbers to prove how low Cassie's asking price is and how she can afford it. Natalia's doubtful and tells Olivia to stop acting like the boss of her whole life.

Daisy goes to see Rafe in prison. He claims that he didn't plan to trash Grady. Daisy defends Grady but he's still sure that he can't be up to anything legal with Dinah. They argue about who has made more mistakes and she insists that Grady has changed. He's tired of listening to this and wants to walk away. She stops him, repeating that Grady has changed. He's sure it's a scam and begins laughing when she claims that he's no longer being beaten because of Grady.

Ashlee is shocked when she gets in her car and Grady pops up in the backseat. He's there to let her know how much he 'appreciates' what she said about him on her blog. She leaps out of the car and he follows. She thinks he's a psycho, but she's not afraid. He accuses her of stirring up trouble for her friends and tells her that such behavior will alienate them from her. "Have I changed? Maybe, maybe not...but am I smarter? Definitely," he says, walking off.

Daisy meets with Grady in the park. He hands her a stuffed koala and she laughs. As they chuckle, Ashlee watches from behind a tree. The couple walks over to the convenience store. She complains that Rafe and Ashlee refuse to see that he is capable of doing anything good. He can understand that. She's glad that he's the first person she loved. They hug and smile before walking back into the park. She tells him that they still have problems; she's related to half the town and they don't like him. When she suggests that he go to visit Bill with her, he turns her down.

Natalia accompanies Olivia down to Towers. She's waiting for Decker but he hasn't shown up. Natalia worries. They bicker. Decker arrives and Natalia ducks away. "When are you going to let me steal her from you?" Decker asks. Olivia says he can have her when he convinces her it's a good idea. Meanwhile, Natalia bumps into Frank at the elevators. They begin talking about debt. He spots Olivia sitting with Decker and then they sit down at the bar. He tells her about the house he bought with Eleni and then she walks over to talk to Olivia while she and Decker discuss investments. Decker tells her he hopes her son is doing well and then walks off. Natalia offers to drive Olivia home. "I'm going to take a cab. That way you'll have more time to count your money," Olivia jokes.

Ashlee goes to Company to see her mother. "What do you do when your friend is with the wrong guy?" she asks. Doris needs a few more details and assumes that Ashlee is really talking about herself and Coop. Ashlee insists that she has no problem; there is just a guy she has problems with and she hates him. Doris begins complaining about her problems as mayor and then things turn back to Ashlee's problems. Doris tells her not to get involved in her friend's problems. She married Alan knowing who he was and believing she could fix him. Women put the blinders on, she adds. Ashlee interprets this as meaning that her friend knows her boyfriend is bad but needs someone to tell her. "Tell Daisy I wish her luck," Doris says.

Natalia goes to visit her son. He assures her that things are much better now that he is in a minimum security prison. He tells her that he can finish high school there and get ready for college. She's shocked. He never thought of it before, but now he feels like he has more choices.

At home, Olivia explains the story of Thanksgiving to Emma. Emma asks her about the fights she's been having with Natalia. "Grownups make really big mistakes," Olivia says.

Decker walks into Company and bumps into Natalia while she waits tables. He orders 'the greasiest thing on the menu'. She asks him about the investment deal he was talking to Olivia about and asks if it's not too late to get in.

Jeffrey tracks Reva down. He tells her that he talked to the doctor after she left and there is more she should hear. She's not interested in anything that will jeopardize the baby. "This is our baby Jeffrey!" she shouts, running off again. He chases her down. She repeats that the baby comes first. His phone starts to ring. She tells him to take the call while she takes care of what's important to her. He walks off and answers his phone. He's needed in DC right away. Lillian finds him and tells him that she knows about the diagnosis and advises him to get a second opinion.

Outside, Daisy runs into Reva. She thanks her for the advice she gave her before and hugs her. Reva cries, claiming it's just hormones, and sends her granddaughter off. Daisy goes into Cedars to see Bill. He is having tests so she calls Lizzie to check in.

Ashlee follows Grady around town. When she spots him, she smudges mud on her head, tears her clothes and prepares to fake a mugging. Before she can, a real mugger runs up and mugs her. As they struggle, Grady stops and watches.

Next on Guiding Light:

Mallet discovers Ashlee with Grady. She cries about being mugged.

Mallet arrests Grady while Daisy defends him.

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