At the station, Frank shows Lizzie and Alan the surveillance footage. It's impossible to clearly make out a face. It doesn't prove anything, Lizzie insists. As Alan tells Frank this is waste of time, Lizzie stares at the video. She begins begging Frank to stop the investigation. Alan takes her aside and asks her if she saw something. She claims there is nothing to see and barks at Frank to stop this before he ends up looking like a fool. After she storms off, Alan tells Frank that he should move on and stop investigating Bill. Frank is defensive. They bicker about how they handle their families. Alan offers to let him bring his men over to the mansion to comb for new evidence.

Lizzie returns to the mansion and searches Bill's room. Although she tells herself that Bill must be innocent, she can't shake a strange feeling. Looking under the bed, she finds the jacket. She gasps and tells herself that it doesn't prove anything. Running outside, she douses the jacket in lighter fluid. Before she can light it up, Alan and Frank stop her. As she makes excuses, Alan defends her. Frank takes the jacket, announcing that he now has enough evidence for the grand jury. As he walks off, Alan holds her back. She cries in his arms.

Ashlee interviews Rafe at the prison. She tells him this is important because public sympathy could go a long way to shortening his sentence.

Daisy spots Grady creeping around outside of the mansion and asks him why he's there. He claims that he is there to tell Dinah he's quitting. She thanks him for giving her the key back. "Thank you for taking me back," he says. They kiss. Sitting down at a picnic table, she tells him about Thanksgiving. Harley comes up but she downplays it. Grady tells her about his mother and then they discuss American holidays. When she looks at her laptop, Ashlee's blog comes up. They watch her interview Rafe. He stutters through a discussion of what's happened to him in prison, but doesn't claim to be innocent or want to make excuses for his behavior. Ashlee leads him though the interview to talk about losing his father and Daisy. He talks about how Grady killed someone and got away with it and how he framed him to be locked up. "You must hate Grady Foley very much," she says. He just wants to go home and start over.

Grady defends himself. He reminds Daisy of how much Ashlee hates him. She knows; she just worries about Rafe. He tells her that he'll be okay in the new prison he's been sent to. He got in touch with a few people he knows inside and asked them to make sure Rafe is left alone. Grady still doesn't like Rafe, but he knows this is what she would want. After he leaves, Ashlee arrives. They talk about the interview. Daisy is less than thrilled. Ashlee insists that she only wants to help. Daisy wants to help Rafe too, but not at the expense of Grady. She tells her that one day, everyone will see how much Grady has changed. Daisy wanders off, staring at the key.

Ashlee returns to her car. When she gets in, Grady pops up in the back seat. She gasps.

At Cross Creek, Reva is trying to knit a blanket. Jeffrey is slightly shocked to see this. He wants to take her to get another test. She refuses. "I'm not going to lose you," he says, worried. After taking her needles away, he tells her that not knowing is worse than knowing. She admits that she's scared. So is he, but sitting around won't help anyone. He hugs her and reminds her that they have a choice. She made a choice already, she says. He begs her to see the oncologist. Reva's reluctant; if she has to go back on her meds, it could put the baby at risk. He doesn't see the point of having a baby if she won't survive to be there to raise it. After kissing her, he promises that they will get through this together.

Blake and Lillian have Matt carry all of the gifts for Reva's baby shower into Company. He puts the packages down and wants to run. Blake needs him to stay and help assemble everything. She shouts orders and Matt starts to wish he had another baby. They sit around and begin testing all of the baby toys. Blake teases Matt. He tests the baby monitor with Buzz. Lillian slips into the kitchen with Buzz to make out. Later, he starts clearing up and babbling to people in the restaurant before noticing that Jeffrey and Reva are on the way. They smuggle all of the boxes out and over to Mallet and Marina's.

Reva and Jeffrey meet with the oncologist at Cedars. He wants to run a MRI on her. She's defensive but Jeffrey wants her to stay open to this. She doesn't care what the results are because her baby's life will come first no matter what the tests say. Jeffrey goes into the hall to wait while the tests are run. Soon, she comes out and sits with him so they can wait together. They return to the doctor. He suggests they go out to get some air while the results come in and hands them a pager. They walk but she's impatient so they go into Company and eat ice cream. He jokes that she seems to like moving an awful lot. Laughing, she tells him that she moved out of The Beacon because Josh was across the hall. They finish their ice cream. She's had too much and wants to be sick. Serious again, she tells him that she can beat cancer again. "I live and so does our baby," she vows. The pager buzzes. The results are in.

Next on Guiding Light:

Jeffrey admits that he's scared.

Reva tells the doctor that her last cancer scare turned out to be a pregnancy. The news he has is far more grim.

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