The ringing phone wakes Remy. By the time he picks it up, there's no one on the line. He rolls out of bed and trips over the poker chips on the floor before stumbling into the bathroom. After brushing his teeth, he pulls back the shower curtain and finds Christina sleeping in the tub. "This can't be good," she groans. They walk into the bedroom. He wraps himself in a fake fur. She feels like she is dying and has no idea where she is. They piece together the previous evening and begin collecting their clothes. There's a knock at the door. She answers. A bellhop walks in with balloons and champagne. He congratulates the newlyweds and hands them the free photo of their marriage. They're shocked. Christina gags. Remy asks if it's a scam. "It's a marriage!" the bellhop says, explaining that he was a witness and it was a lovely ceremony. Remy is livid and throws him out of the room. Christina never wants to drink again. "I think a hangover is the least of our problems," Remy says, running into the bathroom to be sick.

Grady walks home and plays with his key until Cyrus snatches it from his hands. Grady demands it back and thanks him for talking to Daisy. Cyrus explains that there is surveillance video of the van being stolen. Grady isn't worried as long as Alan is looking out for him. Cyrus is still worried but Grady doesn't care what he thinks. He leaves, heading over to Daisy's. After pushing the door in, he walks around the house looking for her. He slips the key in beside Daisy's purse and leaves.

Alan is ranting at Frank for the fact that it took so long to get the surveillance tape. Frank is surprised that Alan seems to be on Bill's side. "I'm on Elizabeth's side," Alan says.

Cyrus arrives at the station looking for Frank. He pretends to work for forensics and checks to make sure that they received the tape. The cop on duty tells them they just did. When he turns his back, Cyrus swipes it and walks out.

At Cedars, Billy and Vanessa wake up Lizzie while she sleeps beside Bill. They tell her she should go home and promise to call if there is a change. She tells them that the cops suspect Bill was behind the kidnapping. She assures them that she doesn't believe it. Frank arrives. Vanessa and Lizzie aren't happy to see him. Billy keeps everyone calm. Frank takes Billy and Vanessa away to be questioned while Lizzie returns to Bill's side and cries. Alan peers in and watches before ducking away.

Frank takes Vanessa and Billy to Company to talk. They aren't happy but Frank insists that the evidence against Bill is substantial. Vanessa defends her son but says that he felt guilty, though only because he couldn't protect Lizzie. Frank assumes there's more. Billy ends the questioning and they walk out.

Cyrus walks into the mansion and tells Alan that he borrowed a movie from the cops. He won't let his brother go to prison. They watch the footage and Cyrus says 'nice coat', suggesting that if they go into Bill's room, they could find one that is identical to it. He assumes that they must have already planted the duplicate to frame Bill. "You're asking way too many questions," Grady says as he pops up. The three of them walk outside to talk. Alan suggests that Cyrus return the tape. Cyrus doesn't want them to frame Bill. They bicker. Alan reminds them that if Bill doesn't wake up, they have no problems. If he does, he's a Lewis, so he won't do any time. Cyrus continues worrying that his brother has taken too much of a risk. After Cyrus leaves, Grady puts his feet on the table. Alan knocks them off and repeats that their association is over as soon as this deal is done. "You think you're better than me?" Grady asks. "I think most people are better than you," Alan admits. When he brings up Daisy, Grady becomes defensive. He points out that Alan's family obviously doesn't care for him much either. Why else would he be working so hard to keep Lizzie in line?

Cyrus returns to the station and drops the video on Frank's desk.

At Cedars, Lizzie asks Frank if he's finished torturing Billy and Vanessa and asks him to go after the real kidnapper. She points out that the kidnapper's build was different than Bill's. He hopes she's right. When she walks away, she overhears Vanessa telling Billy that they may have to sue the cops for libel. She defends her son in spite of the evidence. Billy seems far less convinced that their son is innocent. He brings up the things that his son has done, especially to Lizzie. He wouldn't have been the first Lewis to be inches from everything he wanted before doing something stupid to screw it all up for himself. Lizzie finally interrupts them and tells them not to think these things. Billy says they are just trying to be honest. Lizzie doesn't care about the evidence; she has faith in Bill. Alan arrives. He tells Lizzie they need to head off to see the tape. They rush off.

Remy and Christina return to Springfield and hurry to the courthouse to get un-married. She's furious that this happened and she doesn't even know his middle name. "It's 'Tucson'," he explains. She doesn't care. They bicker until Mel walks by and starts laughing when she hears Christina say that they're married. They go into the courtroom and tell Mel the story. Christina is insistent that the marriage was never consummated. Mel says an annulment takes time. Christina stumbles away, leaving him to sort it out. Mel tells his brother that Christina could actually be good for him; they already argue like a married couple. He forbids her to tell their parents about this and walks out. She laughs.

Remy goes to see Christina at the gym. She's not happy that they are still married. He laughs while she complains about what a slob he is. He admits that they do sound like an old married couple. She walks off to the sauna to sweat it out. He laughs more.

Cyrus goes home. Grady sits on the porch. His brother tells him he won't regret that he's saved him again. "I want to live a better life... for Daisy," Grady promises. Cyrus wishes he'd do it for himself. They hug.

Next on Guiding Light:

Lizzie says the tape will prove Bill is innocent.

Lizzie searches Bill's room, telling herself that there can't be any proof that he's guilty.

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