Mallet and Marina bicker about Dinah. He wants to take her to a casino to relax. She thinks that Dinah will continue to jump up like a jack-in-the-box. He asks her if he has to marry her to convince her that he cares. Awkward pause. He suggests they get married on a whim and they immediately go over to the courthouse to do it. She seems worried. "If this is about Dinah, you don't have anything to prove to me," she says. He wants to marry her so he can wake up beside her, bad breath and everything. She wants to marry him so she can go to bed every night with her personal hero. "I think I might love you," she confesses, but any gifts they get from Dinah have to go in the trash. They agree and kiss. He knocks on the Justice of the Peace's door. They soon notice the note on the door that says he's away due to an emergency. Mallet tries calling all of the judges in town but they have no luck. She assumes that's fate. When she hands him a brochure for Mt. Arrowhead Casino, he spots a 24 hour wedding chapel and decides that's the place to go. They kiss, get beer and toast. She worries about packing and getting a witness. He tells her to stay calm, takes a picture of her with his phone and announces they can write their vows in the car.

Remy goes to see Christina at the gym. She tells him it will cost him 90 dollars an hour for her services. That's not why he's there. He feels terrible that her score on the MCATs was so bad and urges her not to give up. "I'll just work harder and sleep less. I've had to work for everything in my life... unlike some people," she snipes before walking away. He works out for awhile. She returns. He argues with her and tells her that her attitude sucks. She thinks that he's a 'golden child' and gets everything handed to him. "You just make things too hard," he says. He can handle pressure instead of putting everything on his back. As he walks out, Mel watches from the doorway. When she walks in, she tells Christina that lots of people have to take the test more than once. Christina has already signed up to write it again and hopes one day she can do an internship with her. Mel says it takes more than grades to be a good doctor, it takes compassion and suggests that she have some for her brother. She tells her about the baby he lost, Ava leaving and Tammy dying. Christina didn't know about any of that. Mel suggests that she do her homework next time and walks out. Christina sighs.

An angry Remy meets with his gambling contact in the alley outside Company. He freaks out and starts yelling about his street cred. His contact walks way. Remy calls to get some more shifts at work. Cristina walks by. He's ready to walk away but she stops him and apologizes for judging him. She offers her sympathies for everything he's been through and admits that she tries too hard. "Can you teach me how to handle the pressure?" she asks. Mallet and Marina run out and announce that they are getting married. "That's a catastrophe!" he laughs. They ask him to come with them and be their witness. Excited, he agrees and asks Christina to come with him. Laughing, they all run off.

Once they get to the Mt. Arrowhead, Christina helps Marina get ready in the bathroom. They down champagne to calm their nerves. Marina's dress is new, her bra is old and Christina gives her a blue change purse. Marina admits that she never imagined she would be getting married like this. They giggle nervously and keep drinking. Meanwhile, Mallet and Remy drink champagne to calm their nerves. The women come out. They all drink together until the witnesses walk off to wait for them in the chapel. The bride and groom kiss and toast, eager to get it done in an hour so they can have a steak dinner, free photo and some free motor oil.

Moments later, Mallet and Marina stand alone. She admits that she only wants him, but she doesn't need to get married to prove it. He tells her that he loves her, though he's been afraid to admit it. She loves him too. They kiss. "Let's go home. We can get married anytime. We can do it for the right reasons," she says. They kiss again and leave.

Remy and Christina return to the room and stumble around before drunkenly running off to continue gambling.

Mel runs into Jeffrey in the convenience store. He is buying flowers for Reva and insists he hasn't done anything wrong. She asks him about his job in D.C. He's vague.

Reva is exhausted. Josh arrives outside and calls in to her. When he walks in, she faints in his arms. He gets her up and gets her some ice water. She insists that she is fine. He worries more and they argue until he screams. After she teases him, they laugh. He calls Rick to tell him about Reva's episode. Rick wants to send an ambulance but Josh offers to drive her over himself. Reva doesn't want Jeffrey to find out about this because he will make her move back to The Beacon. As she goes upstairs to get her bag, Josh calls Jeffrey and asks him to meet them at Cedars. Reva comes down, repeating that this is all a waste of time.

Reva gets checked over by Rick. She lets Josh look at the ultrasound. Rick leaves to look through the tests and Reva jokes with Josh until Jeffrey arrives with flowers. Josh forces a smile while he watches them hug. Jeffrey gives her a toy dinosaur and she shows him the latest picture of their child. Josh backs out the door while they cuddle and giggle. Rick returns and tells them that nothing unexpected came up about the baby. When he walks out to ready the release papers, Jeffrey follows him. He asks him why he is being so vague. "She needs to see an oncologist," Rick says. Jeffrey returns to his wife. He tells her that the baby is fine but... "That's all that matters," she says, walking out. He sighs.

Sad, Josh walks by Company. He gets a call from Marah. She's worried that Shayne seems to be acting strange. He told her that he wouldn't be returning for Thanksgiving. Josh starts to worry. He calls around, trying to track down his son but he's nowhere to be found.

Next on Guiding Light:

Remy and Christina wake up with hangovers and little memory of the previous night.

"Congratulations newlyweds!" the bellhop toasts to Remy and Christina.

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