Natalia is shocked that Decker and the Xiaos have arrived a day early. He thought she got his message earlier. Before she can say 'no', Olivia covers and pretends everything is fine. They begin making small talk and Nat and Olivia slip into the kitchen. They have no food, just pans. Olivia tells her to make martinis quick. Olivia sits with her guests. Emma runs down. Olivia tries to get her to show off her spelling talents while Natalia searches for food. Buzz calls and she tells him that she needs food. He admits that it's his fault they are there a night early and he's already had the food sent over. It's sitting in a cooler. As she starts to prepare the food, Olivia does her best to kill time with the guests. Natalia suddenly comes out with martinis in glass jars. She explains that these are a family tradition and talks about how Olivia always insists on keeping everything simple and traditional. The guests are impressed and toast to her. After dinner, the Xiaos thank Olivia and leave. Decker shakes her hand and tells her how impressed he is. Once he's gone, the women sit down to relax and Olivia tells her that she was poor once too. Natalia slips into the kitchen to call Buzz and thank him.

Natalia and Olivia return to The Beacon. She tells Olivia that Buzz is the one who changed the dinner to tonight. "Remind me to smack him," Olivia says. They put Emma to bed and say goodnight. Natalia leaves and heads back to Cassie's. Olivia calls, knowing she would go there. She reminds her that the house is for sale. Natalia doesn't want to talk about it.

Vanessa arrives at Marina's with a package. She drops it on the table and begins complaining that Alan has duck related decorations all over the mansion. They discuss Bill and Vanessa prompts her to open the gift she brought and explains it's from Dinah. Marina backs off and decides she should wait for Mallet. Vanessa pushes her to open it. She does, pulling out the gift, grimacing and reading the note. Laughing, Vanessa says that there was a time when she thought the box would have been ticking. She explains that Dinah has left town and she wouldn't be surprised if it was for good. Marina suggests a fresh start would be good for her. Vanessa leaves. Marina picks up the gift and, accidentally, smashes it.

Mallet arrives at Company. Buzz asks after his granddaughter. They discuss the kidnapping and Bill's possible involvement. Both of them suspect that Bill must have been framed. Mallet admits that he has no proof to back Bill up though. Buzz starts to wonder; Bill is a pretty ruthless guy after all. Mallet remembers that Dinah was there during the drop for the kidnappers and decides to call her. When he tries, he discovers that her phone has been disconnected.

Josh and Reva bump into each other in the hallway of The Beacon. She thinks he's been hanging out to see her. He insists that he was there first and she moved in next to him. "I'm the one who is pregnant Joshua! Why are you so hormonal?" she asks. Annoyed, she presses the elevator button and they bicker. Reva makes excuses for why she is there and teases Josh about Jeffrey's late night habits. He doesn't want to hear about them and tells her that they are not running into each other like this through some act of faith. Simultaneously, they each announce that they are going to see Bill.

Josh and Reva run into Buzz outside of Bill's room. He asks her how she's doing and offers to attend to all of her needs. After he awkwardly babbles, he runs off. Reva goes in to see Bill alone. When she comes out, Josh is still waiting. She tells him everything she said to Bill and thanks him for letting her see him first. Josh says that he agrees with Jeffrey: Sick men and pregnant women shouldn't be left alone. He teases her about Jeffrey leaving her behind. She's defensive and tells him that her world doesn't revolve around him. He offers to avoid her while Jeffrey is away. She blows up and decides that she will move back home. He smiles as she storms off.

Reva returns home and talks to Jeffrey on the phone. They discuss his meeting with the president-elect and he asks her how The Beacon is. She admits that she moved back into the house. He's worried. She claims she can take care of herself. When she gets off the phone, she's exhausted and lays down.

Josh is on the phone with Marah. They discuss Shayne; neither of them have heard from him for awhile and worry if he is alright. When he gets off the phone, he stares over at the picture of Reva on his bedside table. When he walks out, a maid tells him that Reva left her necklace behind. She hands it to him. He tells her to bring it to the front desk.

Mallet arrives at home and notices the gift that Dinah sent. Marina thinks it's ugly. Mallet asks her how it got there. Marina explains that it was Dinah's way of saying goodbye. He runs off.

Buzz goes to see Marina at the station. She complains about Dinah's gift. Buzz jokes that she should break it. She already did and now she's worried that Mallet has run off after Dinah.

Mallet sits with Vanessa in Company. He needs to track down Dinah to talk about the kidnapping. Vanessa doesn't know where her daughter is and tells Mallet to stop trying to rescue her. If he wants to help her, he needs to let her go.

Marina returns home. Mallet asks her why she didn't tell him about breaking Dinah's gift. He assures her that he only went to see Dinah about the case and then suggests they go away together.

Next on Guiding Light:

Josh goes to check on Reva and finds her collapsed on her couch.

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