At the station, Cyrus snoops around about the kidnapping case. He tells Frank that he is impressed that they finally have crime they aren't accusing him of. After Cyrus drifts off, he listens around the corner to a cop explaining to Frank that only Bill and Lizzie's prints were found in the van.

At Company, Natalia is finishing her shift and taking calls from The Beacon. Buzz tells her that she doesn't have to keep working for him if she is too busy and worries that Olivia is taking advantage of her. Natalia insists that is not the case.

At The Beacon, Emma tells Olivia about her day. Olivia is obviously exhausted but tries to be interested. She calls Natalia and tells her that she needs her. Soon, Natalia arrives. Emma worries about her mother. Natalia sends her off to get some water and threatens to call an ambulance for Olivia. She doesn't. Olivia tells her that's because she realizes that they need each other. She explains that Natalia needs to feel virtuous and needs someone to mother; that's why she is really there. Suddenly, Decker calls to announce that he is at Towers with the Xiaos, the heads of Galaxy in Macao, and they are eager to meet Olivia. When Natalia explains this to Olivia, she insists that they go through with this. Grabbing the phone from Nat, she tells Decker that she would love to attend the meeting. Natalia shakes her head in disbelief. Getting off the phone, Olivia claims that she used to be 'impossible' but now she's 'breezy'. She announces that they will be using Cassie's house and Nat can cater the meeting.

At Cedars, Lizzie bumps into Grady and tells him that they are not friends and he doesn't have a chance with her. Grady claims he is only there to apply for a job as an EMT and apologizes. She apologizes for flying off at him and tells him that she is just upset because people are starting to think that Bill kidnapped her. She says that she has a plan to prove he's innocent. He asks her about it. She's going to search for the hole she was in. He suggests that she take someone with her just in case the kidnapper is still lurking around. "There's no one that I trust," she says.

As she goes off to search for the place she was held, Grady tags along behind her. Lizzie finds the hole and runs around for clues. He kicks the dirt around to get rid of footprints. She can't find any evidence. "I thought I was going to die in here," she says. The fact that the kidnapper kept her alive may only be more evidence against Bill, she worries. He suggests the kidnapper may not have been such a bad guy. She's annoyed and kicks herself for never getting a glimpse of her captor's face. He tries to put his coat on her but she rejects it. She says that the kidnapper doesn't have a heart; he's a monster.

After upsetting Daisy, Ashlee chases her down and tells her that she is just worried that Grady will hurt her. Daisy says she'll be fine and tells her to leave Grady alone. She reminds her that she shot a man and is in no position to judge. Ashlee still feels bad for shooting Alan and knows that she was lucky he survived, just like Grady was unlucky that Tammy died. They continue to argue about what's best for Daisy until she storms off. Ashlee makes a call to find out how late visiting hours run at the prison.

Daisy meets with Cyrus in front of the police station. He asks her if she really thinks she is the person who could save his brother. Not 'save', but help, she clarifies. Cyrus asks her if she is serious about getting involved with Grady again. She says that she is in for the long haul. He takes her back to Harley's and reminds her that Rafe took her there and Grady called the cops to have him arrested. She's confused; she thought he wanted her to be with his brother, so why is he reminding her of all the bad things he's done? Next, he drags her to where Tammy died and goes over what happened again. He tells her that Grady is responsible for this. She claims it was an accident. He tells her not to sugarcoat it; the only accident was that Tammy died instead of Jonathan. This is difficult for her. Next, he drags her to the church. "I thought we were doing the ghost of Christmas past thing?" she asks, confused. He tells her that this is where her family goes at Christmas: Will she be willing to go in there with Grady? She can't say she will be. He warns her that people will always look down on her for being involved with Grady. Neither of them can change his past; is she ready to accept that? "I am," she says. They walk off together to his house with Grady. She asks him what Grady did there. "Nothing. You passed," he says. He walks away and Grady arrives. He offers her the key again so they can start from scratch. They sit down and she tells him the story of "A Christmas Carol" and how Cyrus had to make sure that she was sure about him. They can't predict the future or forget the past – all they have is right now. They kiss.

Lizzie goes back to Cedars to see Bill. When she begs him to wake up, his machines begin to ring. She calls for a doctor. A doctor comes in and explains that Bill is just having spikes in his electrical field and they're meaningless. Frank walks in and asks if there is any change. She tells him that she found the hole she was kept in. He tells her that the van was stolen and the theft was caught by a surveillance camera. She's sure that this evidence will clear Bill.

Ashlee goes to visit Rafe in prison. She asks him to let her interview him for her video blog so he can tell everyone what a raw deal he got. He doesn't feel that way about it and reminds her that he shot someone. She knows; she shot someone too, but she wants him to talk about how he ended up in there and Grady's role in it. This may be the best way to help Daisy, she argues. He agrees and shakes on it.

Natalia goes to Company to pick up some supplies and food. Frank and Buzz tease her about who she might be having diner with. She tells them it's Olivia... and some people from Galaxy. "Just be yourself. Who wouldn't be charmed by that?" Frank smiles at her.

Natalia arrives at Cassie's with Olivia. They laugh and Olivia thanks her for everything. She's clearly not feeling well though. Decker suddenly arrives with the Xiaos. They're ready for dinner right now... a day earlier than announced. The two women stare at each other and force smiles.

Next on Guiding Light:

Now that they're neighbors, Josh and Reva have plenty of time to spar.

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