At the mansion, Lizzie gasps as she leafs through the magazine featuring cut out letters. Alan walks in and says that Frank is still searching upstairs. He asks her what she's looking at. She shows him the magazine she found in Bill's desk. "There's something I can do with this," he says. Frank comes in. He's found nothing. Alan says that's not surprising. Frank is about to walk away when Lizzie stops him. She says that someone must have cut up Bill's magazine to set him up. After she hands it to Frank, he's annoyed that they didn't give this to him before getting their fingerprints on it. As he looks through it, Alan tells her that she will be a great leader for Spaulding. Frank tells them that the magazine is a perfect match for the ransom notes. He bags it and announces that he is going to the crime scene. Lizzie runs after him. Alan grins.

In the park, Daisy admits to Grady that she's been trying to stay away from him but can't. Although she can't forget the past, she still wants to start over with him. He tells her that he can be fearless and strong with her. They kiss. She tells him that she can't save him. He doesn't want to be saved; he just wants someone who he 'fits' with. She thinks the chip on his shoulder has gotten smaller since they were together. He needs to leave to take care of some work and promises her he's not doing anything illegal. After he kisses her and leaves, Ashlee sits beside her. "Why don't I get you a gun? Then you can shoot yourself. It would be a lot faster," she smirks. Daisy storms away. Ashlee follows. She suggests that she'd be better off with a dog than with Grady and assumes that he is just using her. She reminds her about Rafe. Daisy hasn't forgotten, but she loves Grady. Ashlee rolls her eyes. Daisy has tried to stay away from Grady and deny her feelings, but she can't. "Can you just be my friend?" Daisy asks. Ashlee is sarcastic. Daisy asks her for some space so she can find out if he has changed or is just pretending. Ashlee hopes she knows what she's doing.

In a room at The Beacon, Coop gropes Beth as she tries to finish her essay. She can't resist for long and they start making out. Afterwards, they recollect how their secret relationship began. It was back when Alan was having his visions. She was afraid that he was losing it, she wouldn't be able to handle law school and would never be independent. After seeing Coop's ad for tutoring, they met. He could instantly see himself in her and they decided they could make each other happy. Her phone rings. It's Alan. He tells her that Lizzie has gone to see the crime scene and needs her. She's angry that he's let her do this. After she hangs up, Coop asks her what's wrong. She won't explain. She gets up and dresses.

Back at the mansion, Alan is surprised when he sees Grady lounging on his couch. Grady is smug. Alan points out that a letter and a magazine won't be enough to convince the cops about Bill. Grady says they need to feed them a little at a time. Alan's sure that Lizzie will continue defending Bill. Grady says he can make her doubt him. Alan's already sent Beth to try and turn Lizzie against Bill. "It may take one kind of love to tear down another," he says. They smoke cigars and Alan tells Grady that women like it when men take charge. Grady says that Daisy and Dinah aren't like that. He explains Dinah's role in the kidnapping. Alan is shocked and worried that Dinah will turn him in. "She won't be a problem," Grady promises. Alan tells him she better not be because he's not going to save his skin.

Frank and Lizzie arrive at the crime scene. She insists that Bill couldn't have been involved. Frank isn't convinced; Bill could have been the second kidnapper. His fingerprints were found at the crime scene, on the van and Mallet never saw anyone else. Beth arrives and demands to know what is going on. Frank tries to explain the facts. Lizzie continues to protest but she has to admit that she never even saw Bill fight with the kidnapper. Lizzie admits that Bill is a jerk but he would never intentionally hurt her. Beth reminds her that Bill can be a lot worse than she thinks. Lizzie argues that her games with Bill were just flirting. Beth thinks he may have changed the rules. Suddenly, Lizzie remembers Bill's appeal on the radio while the kidnapper was with her. Frank asks her what time it was. She has no idea. Beth explains that it was taped and played through the day so it doesn't prove anything.

As Coop edits at Company, he flashes back to running into Beth. He took one of her papers and began correcting her grammar. She ranted at him for this. He apologized. She offered to buy him a coffee so he could tell her what else was wrong. They went off together. He snaps out of his memories. Frank sits with him and tells him how hard Lizzie's family is taking things. Coop says it must be hard for her. "You still care about her?" Frank asks. Coop needs a clarification. "Lizzie," Frank says. Coop covers and says he cares about the whole family... except for Alan.

Beth returns to the mansion. Alan kisses her. She tells him that sending her to see Lizzie was the right thing. He's never liked Bill, but to think he was behind this... "Oh please! This is the best thing that could ever happen to you," she says. He tells her that she would never want a good guy; she likes them bad. Beth worries that he could turn nice again. "No, I won't," he promises, asking her up to bed. She says she's tired. She gets a text from Coop and hides it. Alan tells her that he will never be the forgiving type again. "That is good news for you and bad news for anyone else," he says.

Daisy is shouting to the sky that she is in love when Lizzie interrupts her. They catch up on Bill. Daisy tells her that seeing her and Bill together taught her that 'fairytale love' can exist in the real world and it's the only thing that matters. Lizzie thanks her and cries. They hug.

Lizzie goes to Bill's room at Cedars and begs him to wake up and get rid of her doubts.

Grady goes to Dinah's office and looks around. He hacks into her computer when Ashlee walks in on him. He claims he is trying to buy a present for Daisy online. "I can't believe that Daisy said she loves you!" she blurts out, throwing a fit and storming out. He runs after her and asks her when she said that. He tells her that anyone who gets between them is looking for trouble. She takes that as a threat. Daisy spots them arguing. Grady runs off.

Next on Guiding Light:

Decker shows up a day early with the Xiaos from Macao. Natalia tries to cover for her, but Olivia insists on going ahead with the meeting.

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