At Company, Buzz thanks Coop for filling in for the waitress who is off today. He cleans dishes and takes the baklava out of the oven. He complains about all of the work he's being asked to do. As he takes the trash out, he bumps into Beth. They share an awkward moment as she passes. Sitting at the bar, she catches up with Buzz about Lizzie and Bill. She's sure that when Bill wakes up everything will be alright. She sits in the corner to study. Ashlee arrives. Buzz runs over to hug her. They catch up and he asks her if she's been avoiding the place because of Coop. She claims she hasn't and explains that she's started dating someone else. Coop happens to be standing behind her when she says this. He sits down and she tells how she got to know her new beau and apologizes for not saying anything before. She asks him if he's dating anyone. Beth calls him over for ketchup. Afterwards, Coop tells Ashlee he is keeping himself busy. Seeing that Beth is writing a paper, she suggests that he help her out. He refuses. She walks him over to Beth and introduces him to her as her new mentor. Coop sits down with Beth and helps her out with her paper. She thanks him, calling him a genius. When he walks off, Ashlee and Buzz tease him, suggesting that Beth was flirting with him. He says they're being ridiculous and walks out. After he's gone, Ashlee worries if she upset Coop and asks Buzz if he's seeing anyone. "You're a tough act to follow," Buzz says.

Beth and Coop arrive at The Beacon and slip into a room. They start to make out.

In the park, Cyrus tries calling his brother when Daisy finds him. He claims that he was just catching up with Cassie. She points out that women tend to leave town after he hooks up with them. He's noticed. She has some 'official police business' to discuss. She needs to know what Grady is up to. Admitting that this isn't really police business, she explains that she is just worried about him and wants to help. Cyrus tells her that he and his brother were thinking of leaving town for a job and Dinah offered them money. The deal fell through and they stayed. He thinks that Buzz was wise to advise her to stay away from Grady. "What is it that scares you the most about my brother? That he's in a dark place or that he may be coming out of it?" he asks. She can't answer, but she realizes that he didn't exactly agree with Buzz.

Alan calls Grady and barks at him for not picking up after the first ring. Grady tells him he has a plan. Alan is not reassured and wants to call it off. Grady claims he's learned from his mistakes and the plan is already in motion. He's sent Frank a tip. Alan threatens to turn him in if this plan backfires. They discuss their strategy.

Alan goes to Cedars and interrupts Lizzie while she sleeps at Bill's side. He asks her to come home and rest. She refuses to leave Bill's side. He sits down and tells her that Decker called him to say that the press conference went over well and the stocks are up. She's sure that's because of the work Bill did while she was gone. He tells her the time to capture the kidnappers is slipping away. She doesn't care; she's only concerned about Bill. He reminds her that Bill is in a coma because of them and claims that he wants them behind bars for that. After he explains that he is going down to the station, she agrees to go with him.

At the station, a cop hands Frank the latest tip. He's annoyed and assumes it's another fake tip from a weirdo. Lizzie and Alan arrive. Frank doesn't have much to tell them. Alan complains that Frank was using ten times the resources when Marina was kidnapped. They argue. Frank admits that they have tips but they're all from idiots. Lizzie asks to look at them. When he hands her one, she gasps. The tip says that Bill did it. Lizzie is outraged. Alan plays up the outrage and begins to rant. He asks why Bill would do it and lists all of the ways he would have benefited, like how he took over her shares in the company and made himself a hero to shareholders. Frank starts to think and then states that this is the only motive he's come across so far. Lizzie spots the ransom notes from the kidnapper. Frank explains that most kidnapping are committed by someone the victim trusts. Lizzie is so confident that Bill can't be guilty and asks Frank to come to the house and search it.

Cyrus and Grady are shooting hoops at the gym. Cyrus is still trying to figure out a way out of the mess his brother is in. Grady says he already has a plan. He explains that he and Bill are about to swap places and he will make him look as guilty as possible. Cyrus seems disgusted and skeptical. Grady wishes he would give him some credit and tells him that he has help. When it becomes clear that Alan is involved, Cyrus is still skeptical. He reminds him about Dinah's involvement. Grady reminds him that Dinah would go down if he does. "She rolled over on me once," Cyrus points out, dragging his brother off to track her down.

Cyrus and Grady go to Dinah's room at The Beacon. There's no answer so they break in. There's no sign of her. They go to the station to look for her. There's a note saying that she's gone. Grady is relieved and thinks his problems are solved. Cyrus warns him that Daisy won't forgive him if she finds out what he did this time.

Grady finds Daisy in the park. He reminds her that she kissed him yesterday. She repeats it was a goodbye kiss. He doubts it. She kisses him.

Next on Guiding Light:

Grady gloats to Alan that their plan is going well.

Frank lays out the case so far: They found the magazines used for the ransom notes in Bill's desk and Mallet never saw a kidnapper, only Bill.

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