Remy arrives at Company, fresh from finishing the M-CATs and tries to keep his family off his back while they eagerly await results. Christina brings Buzz the receipt for his charity donation. Remy walks by and they recognize each other. She's still worrying about how she did on her test. He admits that he's a little nervous, more for his family than himself. She notices that a man in the corner is waving at him. Remy feigns ignorance and hurriedly drags her away. They sit on the stairs and talk about how eager their parents are for the results and worry about how well they did. Cramming for this test has been her life. He admits that he barely studied and doubts he did well. When he doesn't seem to care, she's disgusted by his attitude and walks away.

When Remy goes to the gym to work out, he runs into Christina again (she works there). He asks her what was wrong. She was disturbed by how arrogant he seemed. He teases her and tells her he wants to keep his options open. She thinks he has no determination or goals; she can't afford to play things loose. He jokes around, but she is serious and tells him about what a great doctor she could be. He's impressed that she has so much ambition and focus. She soon learns that his father is the Dean and he grew up in the rich part of town. Mel walks in. Remy introduces them. They discuss the M-CATs and Remy asks Christina to catch their scores together. She agrees, smiles and walks off. Mel teases him and tells him he could do better.

At Company, Mel is on the phone telling her mother about Remy and Christina.

At his apartment, Remy and Christina sit by their computers and wait for the test results. He's shocked when his results come in: 37 out of 45. When he turns to ask her what she got, she's somber and tells him she got 24. He thinks she's joking but she's not. Upset, she walks away. Later, Mel arrives, eager to hear the news. "I did lousy," he tells her.

At Towers, Reva wishes that Jeffrey could stay for a meal but he has to run off for work. Once he's gone, she turns and spots Blake having a meal with Josh. They invite her to sit down and explain that they have been talking about putting an addition on her house. Reva says that Blake is the only person left in town who can make as much trouble as she can. They talk about Cassie leaving and then about how great Reva looks. Blake tells her that she is brave. Reva admits that she's scared but hopes she gets it right this time. Blake wants to set up a baby shower. Josh leaves to get a drink. Blake tells Reva not to worry about Josh and asks her if Jeffrey is really the father. "Blake!" Reva says, shocked. Reva insists that she's trying to keep everything 'normal' this time and leaves. On the way out, she talks to Josh. He wishes they had done things the 'normal' way when they had children. She worries that he has no one to take care of anymore. Even if Cassie, RJ and the church were still in his life, he would still worry about her. "I'm fine," she assures him.

Josh admits to Blake that he doesn't think that Jeffrey will be a good father. "Who would you recommend?" she asks, pointedly. She suggests that he needs some 'alone time' and a hobby so that he can get to know himself. He laughs. She points out that he's still wearing his wedding ring. He never even realized it. She still has hers on too. "It feels good to be connected to someone," she explains. He's spent his life taking care of other people, so now he needs someone to take care of him, she suggests, offering to be his 'life coach'. He likes that idea and sadly takes off his wedding ring.

When Jeffrey arrives in his office, two men from D.C. are waiting for him. "Mr. O'Neill, your government needs you," they say. Later, once the men are gone, Reva arrives. He tells her he just had a job interview. The new administration is interested in working with him. She gets excited but he says he won't take the job; there's too much travel involved and she's enough excitement for him. She asks him if he would take it if it wasn't for the baby. He admits that it would have been a perfect fit. She thinks he should take it then. He continues to refuse. Reva doesn't think he should make that kind of sacrifice for their child. Jeffrey doesn't want to miss the chance to be a father from the beginning. She thinks it would be selfish of her to keep him from working this job. He doesn't want to be a parent by phone. She continues telling him to take the job. Relenting, he agrees to go to D.C. for the second interview.

Jeffrey takes Reva to The Beacon so she will have people to look after her while he's away. She jokes about having the bellboys come up to satisfy her 'every desire'. After he leaves, she walks into the hallway and is surprised to find Josh walking out of the room across the hall.

Olivia takes Natalia back to her house and explains that the governor needs her property to put in an exit ramp to the freeway. Natalia is irate. Olivia says that the governor will give her the asking price and send Rafe to a far nicer prison. "This is Gus' house," Natalia sadly says. They go inside and walk around. Natalia begins to sweep. Olivia reminds her that she never even lived in the house and suggests this could be fate. Natalia talks about everything she wanted for her son, but she can't disagree with Olivia.

Olivia goes to see Buzz and explains the deal that Natalia was offered. She understands why she is so upset, but she can't see why she is so ensnared in the past. Being bound to that house will take years off of her life, she suggests. "So you just want her to think like you do?" Buzz asks. Olivia has looked for a way to honor Gus too and Rick told her the best way to do that was to look after herself.

When Natalia arrives at the prison, the guard forbids her to see Rafe. He explains that he has a staph infection and will have to be approved as healthy again before he can take visitors.

Olivia returns to Natalia's house. She tries calling the governor and making a new deal. He won't budge. Natalia walks in and says that she will take the deal. She lists all of the things that she wants in exchange and wishes she could be more like Olivia sometimes. Olivia makes the call and puts the deal together. They walk out and Natalia says goodbye to the house. Olivia hands her the calendar marking the days of Rafe's sentence and they walk away together.

Next on Guiding Light:

Alan tells Grady it will take more than a letter to frame Bill.

Lizzie sees the letter pinning the kidnapping on Bill.

Frank is convinced that Bill is the only person who benefited from the kidnapping and that's as much of a motive as he can find.

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