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Olivia runs into Natalia outside of her house. She can't understand why there is nothing inside but a calendar when Natalia can barely afford to pay her rent. Natalia won't move in until Rafe returns. Olivia suggests the house is just a shrine to Gus and tells her that she needs to get on with her life. Natalia is sick of Olivia complaining; her heart was ripped out when Gus died too. Not bothering to argue, Olivia walks off to meet with the governor.

Olivia meets with the governor at Towers to discuss prison reform. She hands him Rafe's case and explains some of the details. She reminds him that even the man he shot didn't want him arrested. The governor has already dug into this and needs something in return if he is going to listen to her request. He knows that she has something he needs.

Natalia returns to the boarding house and begins tidying up. Frustrated, she holds a photo to her heart. As she cleans up, Olivia comes in and tells her that she got help from the governor. He's agreed to move Rafe to a better prison... but she has to give him the house.

Marina runs into her father at the station. She begins talking about problems with the house and her growing pains with Mallet, namely, Dinah. She knows that Mallet is a good guy but... "I blame you for making me so self-reliant," she says. Dinah is needy, she isn't. Now she is being forced to tolerate needy Dinah and giving Mallet. Frank tells her she's being immature. She reminds him that Dinah cost him his job. Frank's not stewing over it anymore. He tells her that Dinah's made bad decisions, like letting Mallet go, but now he's with her. The only person Dinah has now is Bill and he's in a coma. He's sure that she'll see less of Dinah soon. "I hate being a grown-up," she pouts.

Dinah bumps into Mallet in front of his house. She tells him this will be the last time. She's come to thank him and say goodbye. It's time for her to start relying on herself so she's going away. He tells her that he'll always be part of her life. She wants a whole life, not part of one so she can't be in his anymore. She's going to Europe to get a specialist for her brother. She helps him fix a heater and tells him about trying to fix her father's. When she's done with it, she claps. She needed something to fix today. They find a loose screw. Marina arrives with sandwiches. As she and Mallet sweet talk, Dinah is uncomfortable. Marina goes inside. Mallet thanks Dinah for trying to help. "I won't be a problem anymore," she promises, walking away.

Later, Marina sits with Mallet on the doorstep and tells him she just wants to be happy. She's sure that Dinah just showed up like she always does. "I want to live with you so I'm just going to have to live with that," she says.

Dinah walks down the road and climbs into the backseat of a car. She cries as they drive off.

At the mansion, Grady suggests to Alan that they pin the kidnapping on Bill. It would be easy to frame him while he's in the hospital. They have motive and method. He excitedly lays out the case but Alan seems unconvinced. Grady promises him that by the time he's finished with Bill, Alan will be all that Lizzie has left. Alan asks what's in it for him. Grady wants some ransom money. "Did you come up with this plan all on your own?" Alan smirks. Grady reminds him of the last time they worked together and how they nearly got away with murder. "Maybe I'll make it two for two," Alan says as he pulls a gun on him. He ushers him into the next room. "Is this the room that you kill people in?" Grady asks. Alan threatens to bring him to the police. He's outraged that Grady kidnapped Lizzie. He throws him a blindfold and forces him to sit down. After Alan ties him up, he returns to his office and picks up the phone to call the police. Before he can get through, Beth walks in and throws a tantrum at him for how he's been dealing with things. He tells her that Lizzie's vigil by Bill's bedside is a waste of time. She's disappointed to hear that; she thought that he would be capable of understanding that kind of love. She demands that he let Lizzie have her hero. They can hear Grady trying to escape. Beth doesn't even want to know what all the noise is. "Opportunity knocking," Alan mumbles as Beth walks out. He grabs his gun and returns to Grady, offering to go in on the deal if Grady can assure he gets Lizzie back for good. Grady promises. Alan unties him.

Next on Guiding Light:

The governor wants Natalia's house so he can build a highway ramp.

Olivia tells Natalia that you don't get something for nothing.

Natalia discovers that Rafe has been taken to the care ward.

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