At Company, Buzz encourages Alan to be happy that he got Lizzie back. Alan's more worried that she has been losing opportunities to assert herself and isn't coming across as a businesswoman but more like a lovelorn teenager. Bill may have saved her life, but he's botched so much else that she is really alive in spite of Bill. Buzz suggests that Alan is just upset because he's no longer the most important man in Lizzie's life.

Billy tracks Dinah down in the mansion. He says the family is worried that she's being distant. They all need to be circling the wagons right now to lend Bill their support. Dinah doesn't see how it can help. Billy tells her that she stepped up for Bill so the family is trying to step up for her. He admits that the only thing keeping him alive right now is seeing Bill through this and getting his hands on the person who did it to him. Alan soon walks in, outraged that there is a Lewis family get-together on his patio... and they're drinking his best wine!

After Alan ends the party, Billy tells him he's a 'miserable cur'. Alan doesn't feel miserable and thinks that Billy is just upset to have been taken down a peg in front of Vanessa. He wants Billy out. Billy doubts that Lizzie will allow that. They continue taunting each other. Alan just wants Lizzie to get over her 'gratitude' to Bill and see that the truth is that Bill is untrustworthy and opportunistic. Billy warns him that he is making a big mistake if he's underestimating his son. He saved Lizzie and proved how much he loves her. Alan says he'll make sure this doesn't last. "I don't think someone as insignificant as you can actually pull them apart." Billy taunts.

Cyrus startles Lizzie in the hall at The Beacon. He asks her about what she's been through. They still have no idea who was behind her kidnapping so she's still jumpy, she explains. He listens as she goes on about how she used to try and talk to the kidnapper to get some sympathy but nothing seemed to happen. They chat a little more and she tells him that Grady has been stopping by to check on Bill. She wishes he'd send flowers instead because he gives her the creeps.

At Cedars, Grady is ready to put a pillow on Bill's face when he hears some family members walk by. He ducks until they're gone, shuts the blinds and picks the pillow back up. "I don't have a choice... this is just self-defense," he says. As he raises the pillow, however, he can't do it. After throwing the pillow away, he walks out. Daisy runs into him and asks him what he's doing there. "Nothing I guess," he mumbles. She tells him that she was the one who found them after the crash and talks about how devoted Bill and Lizzie are to each other. "I wish that..." she starts before trailing off and walking away. He limps after her. She admits that she wishes they could be like Bill and Lizzie, but they're not – he always shuts her out. She's about to walk away again, but then turns and kisses him. Pulling away, she tells him it was a goodbye kiss and storms off.

Cyrus accompanies Lizzie to Cedars. She takes him in to see Bill. He turns down the chance to listen to her reading to Bill. After he shuffles out, he talks to Bill about the problems with the declining price of stocks. She wishes that she could have heard what she said about him in the press conference. As she tells him how important he is to her and how she thought of him while she was being held captive, Dinah stands in the doorway and listens. Lizzie just wants to bring Bill home like he brought her home. She notices that Dinah is there. Dinah tells her that she never noticed the people visiting her when she was in the hospital. Lizzie invites her to sit with her. Dinah turns her down. Lizzie wonders why she's been staying away and tells her that, even if they've never gotten along, that doesn't matter now. She talks about Cassie leaving and admits that she is at least partially responsible for everything that's happened to her. Still, she hopes that Cassie can have a fresh start. That's something Dinah has never been good at. Lizzie thinks she should try again. She leaves the siblings alone. Dinah doesn't know what to say... she says that the specialists in what's wrong with him are all overseas. She plans to go away and find one. Breaking into tears, she admits that she can't look at him like this anymore. She wishes that she could go back and change things... but she can't, so she will just go. After kissing him goodbye, she walks out.

Cyrus goes home and finds Grady throwing things at the house. He's angry that nothing he does leaves a mark except when he screws up. His brother asks him what he was doing at the hospital. Grady is quiet. Cyrus reminds him that Lizzie has no idea who was behind this. Grady is still worried about Bill. Cyrus warns him to stay away and suggests that whatever mess he's in, he can still get out of. Grady doubts it. They get beer and Cyrus attempts to offer advice. He's sure his brother could make better choices if he actually thought things through. There must be a way to get him out of trouble instead of into more. Grady asks his brother to show him how. When Cyrus goes inside to get another beer, Grady limps off. Cyrus tries calling him without luck.

At Company, Buzz spots Daisy in her 'ask me what's wrong pose' and asks her what's wrong. She tries to talk but she can't; she's sick of talking about herself and asks him about Lillian. Daisy can't wait until she is old and has fewer problems and less drama. As Buzz leaves to get her some food, Chip shows up. He used to have classes with her. They catch up and he asks her out, promising 'no drama'. After Chip leaves, Buzz asks Daisy if she gave him her 'digits'. She wonders if this was a set up; boys randomly asking her out is too random to be for real. Buzz tells her it's sad she thinks that way.

Grady barges into the mansion to see Alan. Hilda apologizes but Alan sends her away. Grady's been thinking. "That's a first," Alan snipes. Grady says he has a way to solve their mutual problem.

Next on Guiding Light:

"Let's frame Bill," Grady suggests to Alan. As Alan listens to Grady ramble about the last time that they got away with murder, Alan fondles his gun and says, "Maybe we can make it two for two..."

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