Mallet tells Dinah that there has been some progress in the investigation and there should be an arrest soon. "That can't be," she grumbles. He's confused by the response. She leaves to go and see her brother.

At Cedars, Lizzie is reading "Wuthering Heights" to Bill. He's still unconscious. As she reads, Alan come in, telling her she's been cooped up long enough and has places to be. He drags her out to talk business. He tells her that Spaulding is on the critical list and needs her back at the helm. She needs to assure the investors that the company is still strong. She's waited a long time to run the company, but even longer to love someone like Bill, she explains, returning to his side. Alan tells her she's making a big mistake.

After closing the deal for the house, Marina is waiting with champagne and worried that Mallet didn't follow her straight back to the station from the lawyer's. He admits that he went to see Dinah. "Today... on one of the biggest days of a couple's lives?" she asks. He suggests that she is overreacting. She thinks she's showing restraint. She storms upstairs, threatening to make him sleep in the tub from now on.

When Marina gets home, she finds a note from the movers. They missed them and will have to call for re-delivery of their possessions. Marina is not happy. They missed the moment where they would drive to their house together, drink champagne and toast to their new life. She blames Dinah. He says it's not her fault. "It never is, not with you," she mumbles. He tells her that they can't turn their backs on someone who needs help. He needs her to explain the ground rules to him and asks for a list of occasions when it's okay to help Dinah. If she was stuck in a swamp with alligators, she says. Crying on the shoulder and any other sort of touching is also off limits, she adds. He tries to kiss her. She's repulsed and walks out, bumping into a six pack toting Coop on the way.

Dinah and Grady meet on a tennis court. She fills him in on what Mallet said. He suggests they run. She's done that before and won't again. He points out that Bill is the only one who can nail them and it would be better if he never woke up. "He's my brother," she reminds him. The guilt is killing her. He tells her to suck it up. "Confession is really not good for the soul," he says, warning her that he will not go to jail for anyone.

At the mansion, Vanessa tells Billy that Maureen wants to visit Bill. She worries that it could be too much for her. He takes out an old picture of them that he dug up. They laugh and remember as they look at it. He tells her that their son was hitting the bottle hard before he had the accident. She worries about Dinah and says that she may need to do more than keep an eye on her.

Dinah meets with Rick at Company, desperate for a way to help her brother. He promises that they are doing everything they can. She asks them to try harder. "Bill doesn't like to sleep too much," she says. He advises her to sit with him, pray and talk to him. She doubts her prayers count for much now. When Dinah walks out, she bumps into Marina. She asks after Bill but Dinah just walks off. Buzz comes out. "She's worried about her brother... but I still want to kill her... I'm going to Hell," she says. "Hell? You need a sandwich to go?" Buzz asks. She follows him into the kitchen and complains about Mallet, wishing he would understand how much Dinah bothers her. After telling him that she doesn't want to eat, she pours half a bottle of ketchup on a plate of fries and continues to complain. Buzz suggests that Mallet may not be ready for a relationship. She claims otherwise, sure that he has a good heart and has been good to her like no other man she's had. She thanks him for all of his kind words and walks out.

Back at the house, Coop helps Mallet unpack. Mallet wishes women were more rational and says they have to have a 'man' talk. Coop thinks he should keep family out of this. Mallet wonders what he should do. Coop has no advice; Ashlee left him because he actually liked who she was after all. Mallet can admit that having his ex around must bother Marina. He talks about how good her heart is. After lengthy rambling, he decides that he has to fix this and walks out.

Mallet rushes outside. Marina is already there. He tells her she was right about everything and offers to change. She doesn't want him to change; he's a great guy and she's okay with everything he does. She feels lucky to have him. They kiss and then talk about everything they will do with their new house. He whips out some champagne and promises to always take out the trash and clean the drains. She promises to watch... and get Chinese take-out for dinner. They drink and toast to themselves.

Alan meets with Decker at Towers. Decker is angry that Lizzie hasn't shown up. The investors are angry and restless and that's making him furious. Alan talks her up, claiming that she can wave a wand and make things fine. Decker refuses to take a financial hit just because Lizzie is having personal problems. Alan promises to fix things.

At Cedars, Lizzie looks up and sees Grady in Bill's doorway. She asks why he's there. He's come to meet a hot nurse, he claims. "My Grandmother's taken," she snipes. He asks about Bill and if he saw the kidnappers. She's sure that he can take the police to them as soon as he wakes up. When he keeps asking things, she becomes angry and rants at him until he backs away.

Later, Alan returns to Cedars and finds Lizzie giving a press conference. She tells the reporters how great Bill is, how he saved her and how he will save the company. She asks them all to pray for Bill's recovery and claims that without him, they would all be lost. As she walks off, Alan tells her that talking like that isn't going to make the investors feel secure. She storms past him.

Dinah goes home and is shocked when the family jumps out and shouts surprise. They want to thank her for everything she's done for Bill and are throwing her a party. Hilda brings out ice cream, Vanessa brings out champagne and Maureen tells Dinah that she's the best sister in the world. Dinah doesn't know what to say.

Alan meets with Decker at Towers. He's surprised when Decker tells him that Lizzie said all of the right things during the press conference. Lizzie and Bill are a PR department's dream, he gushes. Alan cringes.

At Cedars, Rick asks Lizzie to get some ice cream with him, just like they used to when Phillip was gone on business trips. She cries. He promises that Bill will be fine. After they walk out, Grady walks in. "Hey buddy! You don't look very comfortable," he says, picking up a pillow.

Next on Guiding Light:

Billy tells Dinah that the only thing getting him through this tough time is the thought of getting revenge on the people who did this.

Picking up a pillow, Grady explains to Bill why he needs to do what he is about to do.

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