At Cross Creek, Reva can't accept that her sister is moving away. Cassie feels like she's been in a rut. Reva thinks she just needs a vacation. Cassie wants a fresh start. Reva weeps. Cassie reminds her that they aren't exactly close and haven't been for a long time. Cassie hugs her and tells her to be happy. Cassie leaves, sure about what she should do. Reva calls Jeffrey and tells him that her sister has gone over the edge.

Dinah walks into Cedars. She finds her mother watching over Bill and asks her to give them a moment alone. Pulling up a chair, she apologizes. She used to imagine what it would have been like if they had grown up together. She confesses that she wanted to bring him to his knees because he chose Lizzie over her. "I did this to you," she cries. Vanessa and Daisy interrupt. Dinah wants to leave. Vanessa wants to remember the nice times they've had. Dinah plods away.

Cassie returns home and finds Josh holding a model of the planets that he made with RJ. She tells him that she is going to make things right for RJ and explains that she is leaving. He finds this sudden. "I've been slowly leaving this town since the night Tammy died," she says. He tells her she has a support system there, even if it's not a good one. Jeffrey arrives. She assumes Reva sent him. Cassie's mind is already made up. She asks them to leave so she can talk to RJ. They file out.

Josh and Jeffrey go to see Reva at Company. She's furious that a lawyer and a clergyman couldn't come up with an argument to keep Cassie around. They just want a drink. She demands that they use emotional blackmail. Josh is sure that Cassie has good reasons for going. Reva spots Cyrus walking through the door and runs over to tear into him. Reva asks Cyrus why he would hit on someone so vulnerable. He assures her that Cassie is over him. She continues to rant at him and blame him for driving her out of town. "I want you to leave my family alone and keep your brother on a very short leash," she demands.

Cassie and RJ sit on the steps and she explains things. He thinks they would be leaving Tammy behind. She says that Tammy will always be in their hearts. She's asked a lot of him over the years, but thinks it's worth one more try. They do their secret handshake and he asks her where they are moving. Sitting on the couch, she pulls out the globe and explains that they will be moving to Hawaii. They hug. When she looks up, she sees Reva staring at her. She tries to convince them to stay. RJ goes upstairs to get a photo album. Reva complains about the sun in Hawaii and suggests they write out pro and con columns. Cassie picks up a tool belt and asks Reva to keep an eye on RJ while she takes care of something.

Cassie brings Cyrus his tool belt. She remembered what made him a good thief – he always looked things over top to bottom before leaving a job. It made her realize that he left his tools at the job so that he would be caught and she would dump him. He admits it and explains that there would always be someone between them: Tammy. He feels bad that she is moving away. She insists that it's not about him. He gave her a wake up call and she's grateful for it. She gives him a kiss. They share a lingering smile before she walks out.

Cassie tracks down Josh at the church. Sitting in the pew with him, they talk about their marriage. He tells her that no one deserves happiness as much as she does. "I figure I'm due," she says, tears in her eyes. As she wipes them away, he tells her that he loves her and she will always be one of the most important people in his life. She hugs him and thanks him for everything he's given her. He offers to keep an eye on Tammy's grave for her while she's away.

Lizzie goes to the mansion to pick up some books to read to Bill. Alan tells her to stick around for a meeting. Decker walks out and comments on Bill's talent for landing in media scandals. Alan suggests they re-think Bill's position in the company. Lizzie suggests they 'stuff it'. Decker is offended. Alan tries to get her to apologize. She doesn't. Alan tells Decker that they should talk when she is 'more rested'. After Decker leaves, Lizzie notices the tracking device on Roxie. She's impressed that Bill's been taking care of her.

Lizzie goes through paper clippings of her kidnapping. Alan sits with her so they can talk. She repeats that Bill saved her. He points out that he almost killed her in the process. Right now, she is where she needs to be, running the company, and he warns her not to blow it. While Bill is being taken care of by doctors, she needs to take care of business. As they argue, Dinah stands in the hall and eavesdrops. Lizzie spots her and rushes over to catch up. This situation has taught her what a good and loyal sister she has been, Lizzie says. They talk about Bill. Lizzie is eager to get back to him and leaves.

Alan complains to Dinah about how badly everything has gone. She doesn't like to hear him talking about her brother that way. He tells her not to be soft; he needs her to convince Lizzie that she can't count on Bill. She tells him to fix his problems with Lizzie on his own and walks out.

Back at Cassie's, Reva complains to Jeffrey. He still thinks Hawaii sounds like a good time. Cassie returns. Jeffrey wishes her good luck. "Traitor!" Reva growls. Cassie thanks him. He leaves so the sisters can talk. Cassie wonders if her sister's reluctance to let her leave is really out of concern for her. "It's about both of us... and mama," Reva says. She made a promise to their mother to look after her. Cassie thinks they're both two selfish for one town and reminds her that she got there first. She needs to learn to live in the present and move on with her life. Reva threatens to call her every day. "We can keep fighting long distance," Cassie laughs, sadly. "I know we had a late start, but we are sisters," she sobs. They embrace again.

Lizzie goes to Cedars to see Bill. She tells him how lost she and Dinah feel and begs him to open his eyes. Alan walks in and watches them together.

Dinah sneaks under the police tape to search the van. She looks down at the ground, picking up a shard of bloody glass before collapsing in tears.

Cassie brings flowers to Tammy's grave. "This is not goodbye, it will never be goodbye," she says. She tells her how much she loves her and then places a photo of the two of them by the flowers before walking away.

Next on Guiding Light:

Mallet has news on the investigation for Dinah.

Grady suggests to Dinah that they run and thinks they'd be better off if Bill never woke up.

Grady goes to Cedars to see Bill.

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