Natalia and Olivia arrive at Company. Natalia is laying into her foe picking a fight with the prison warden. She tells her to stop hiding her weakness from her daughter. Olivia agrees to do that when Natalia admits that Rafe being in prison is killing her. They return to Olivia's and Natalia lays into her again for her outburst and accuses her of only making things worse. Olivia doesn't think that she's making any progress on her own. Natalia argues that she's making plenty of progress. Olivia says it will take more than praying and says that sometimes you need to fight. They bicker. Natalia asks her if she'd let her get involved in Emma's life like this. Sarcastically, Olivia offers her the chance to go to the school and rail at Emma's teacher. Natalia explains that she is not rich and privileged and can't throw her weight around; she has to work within the system, even if that means begging.

Later, Olivia meets with her assistant and asks him to set up a meeting with the governor for her. When she goes to Towers to meet with the governor, she calls Natalia and asks her to hurry over. Olivia meets the governor and they talk about economics and prison reform in front of a group of journalists. As Olivia makes a press statement in which she corners the governor about prison issues, Natalia arrives and watches. When she finishes, Olivia walks over to Natalia and promises that she will make change happen. She's feeling weak so Natalia takes her by the arm and helps her away.

At Towers, Josh overhears Reva on the phone with Jeffrey. She wants to help him go after the kidnapper and tells him that her new middle name is 'danger'. Josh asks her if she brings her prenatal vitamins on stakeouts with her. She thinks he's being overprotective. He agrees to drop it if she assures him that she isn't running after the kidnappers. They worry about Bill and how Billy is taking this. Reva can't sit around and let the kidnapper get away with this. Josh doesn't understand what is wrong with Jeffrey that he can allow her to run around like this. Reva goes to the bathroom for ten minutes. When she comes out, Josh is still there. They continue arguing about Jeffrey. He's annoyed that Jeffrey is allowing her to take risks. She can't stay at home watching birthing videos, she yells, explaining that she looked for a job so that she can keep living a spontaneous life. "At the expense of your child," Josh says, suggesting that Jeffrey doesn't know how to handle her and her 'explosions'. "You're having a mid life crisis," she says. He accuses her of trying to relive her twenties. She suggests he's stalking her and promises to find him a woman. As she goes through the list of possible dates, he becomes annoyed and stops her. Blake walks by. Josh tells her to run. Reva wants to set her up. Blake asks if he's good looking. Reva lists his qualities and Blake refuses to believe that such a man exists. "It's the real deal," Reva says, sitting Blake down. "You two enjoy yourselves," she laughs, walking away. Blake and Josh laugh awkwardly.

At Cassie's, Marina confronts Cyrus about the robbery at the mansion. Cassie defends him and insists that she was with him all day. Marina calls Mallet, concerned that Cassie is putting up so much of a fight. Meanwhile, across the room, Cassie asks Cyrus if he's actually innocent this time. "Absolutely," he promises.

Cassie takes RJ outside to play with his rocket. She suggests that he go and play with his friend while Marina is there. When she goes back inside, she finds that Mallet is now there. She continues to be defensive. Marina continues questioning Cassie while Mallet questions Cyrus. RJ walks in with his rocket and complains that it is broken. Marina is startled that Cyrus gave someone a gift. Mallet checks the toy over and soon discovers that the missing necklace is hidden where the rocket's batteries should be. RJ is sent upstairs. Marina tells them to get a sitter because they are taking them both to the station. Cyrus insists they just take him. Cassie doesn't want any excuses, but she angrily demands to know why he planted the jewels in RJ's toy.

At the station, Mallet thinks that Marina seems a little too happy to have put Cyrus in a cell again. She just hopes that Cassie has had a wake up call. She walks into the interrogation room where Cassie waits. Marina explains that she is an accomplice to Cyrus' crime and threatens to bring RJ in for questioning. Annoyed, Cassie gives her statement. When she walks out, she spots Cyrus in cuffs and lays into him for dragging her son into this mess. He reminds her that she's always known what kind of man he is. He can't forget who his brother is or that they are blood, he explains. "Stay away from me and my son," she says, walking out. Once she's gone, Cyrus gives a full confession before Mallet reminds him of the three strikes law. They now have grounds to send him back to the land down under. Cyrus has information on various robberies and can give him names and dates of those responsible. He'd need a deal before he says anything though. Marina returns and taunts him, telling him that Cassie has finally had a wake up call.

Blake follows Josh over to Cassie's to look after RJ. They talk about his problems with Reva and she teases him. She wouldn't be the first person to compete with Reva for his affections, and she doubts she'll be the last, so she decides to pass on the chance. RJ comes downstairs and they play Monopoly.

Cassie goes to see her sister at Cross Creek. She tells her that she has been a fool and lost control of her life. She explains what a mistake letting Cyrus into her life has been and complains about everything he's done. Worse than anything, Cyrus seemed to enjoy all of this. She admits that even she has been enjoying it; it's been fun and it let her feel something other than grief. Reva tells her not to be hard on herself. Cassie needs to be hard on herself for her son's sake; she still feels the hole in her heart from losing Tammy. As long as she's here in Springfield, she can't get away from it. She has to leave, she announces. Reva cries. They embrace.

Next on Guiding Light:

Cassie tells RJ that they are leaving. He thinks that means leaving Tammy behind.

Reva lashes out at Cyrus for what he's done.

Cassie accuses Cyrus of wanting to get caught.

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