Bill wanders around The Beacon singing to himself when Jonathan leaps out and throws him against the wall. He threatens him, demanding that he stay away from Lizzie. Bill shoves him back against the wall. "I don't like you and I don't trust what you did to Lizzie," he sneers. Jonathan states that he will "screw over" anyone who gets between him and his baby. They go into Jonathan's room and he repeats that, to him, Lizzie is just Sarah's mother and nothing else.

Natalia arrives at the Bauer cabin after hearing Olivia's message for Gus. Realizing that it was all a ruse, she compliments her rival on her makeup. "I'm sorry that your heart is failing, but you are not going to ruin this day for me," Natalia says firmly. Olivia accuses her of living in the past and then almost collapses on the floor, gasping for breath. Natalia promises that she will continue helping to take care of her and encourages her to have some faith. "I'm more of a threat than I realized," Olivia comments at this. Why else would Natalia be chasing after her on her wedding day? Natalia offers to drive Olivia back to town but she gets turned down. She tells Natalia again that Gus doesn't really love her, that's why she's there fighting to keep her away. Gus is like her lucky charm and he makes her feel safe, Olivia explains. She clearly intends to stop the wedding. Natalia gathers up Olivia's pills and pushes them, and Olivia, into the bathroom before locking her in.

Lizzie arrives at the church while Gus finishes dressing. She helps him tie his tie and explains that she and Jonathan will be staying. Does Gus think this will work? He offers to help her out with whatever she needs and asks her to come to the wedding. Suddenly, Alan calls and explains that he will be home tonight. Gus turns to a worried Lizzie and says: "Guess who is coming home for dinner?" Alan asks Gus if he is missing anything. Gus explains that he's getting married in an hour...he thought maybe they could go to the island and spend their honeymoon with him. "Have you been drinking?" Alan asks. "Why don't you call me as soon as your divorce is final," he adds before hanging up.

Lizzie runs to Jonathan's room and locks the windows, saying that Alan is coming. "He's not a bat," Jonathan points out. He tells her that Tammy would want them to stand and fight. Suddenly, changing tactics, he tries to set up a plan for their escape and tells her that he will meet her and the baby after he runs an errand. She will get to be around the baby all the time soon, he says mysteriously, before walking away.

As Alan packs on the island, Alexandra asks him when he is going to let go of Beth. He reminds her that he is in love with her and he's told her many times, offering her everything. "Sometimes a woman just wants a tender world," Alex comments. Beth's left him and Natalia is getting married; now there is no one left for him, he says sadly. Alex kisses him and reminds him that she still loves him. "Why does everyone leave me?" he asks. That's because he chases them all away, she points out. She tries to convince him to stay there with her but he won't.

After Alex walks away, Bill walks through the door. He tells Alan that he can get him everything he wants, including his great-granddaughter. Alan tries to get rid of him, but Bill says that he is his "genie in a bottle". He knows that Alan rewards loyalty and he would be glad to help him out. He tells him that Jonathan faked his death and is alive and with Lizzie and the baby as they speak. "I will have a second chance now," Alan realizes. He's taken the blame for the baby's death when Jonathan is the one who deserves the blame for all the suffering. Bill offers to give him Jonathan if he can keep Lizzie and Lizzie can keep the baby. He offers Alan his hand to shake on it. They negotiate and Bill promises him that he can see Sarah whenever he wants, but he'll owe him. They shake and Alan announces that he is getting on a plane to see the baby and then to pay Jonathan a call. Bill leaves and Alan finishes his preparations. Before he can leave, Beth arrives. He's surprised to see her but tells her that he knows Jonathan is alive and has to go. "I've left Rick!" she blurts out, stopping him in his tracks.

Natalia arrives at the church and laughs with Josh before he walks away to find Gus. Rafe walks in and asks his mother what went wrong. She explains that she locked Olivia in the cabin. They high five and she rushes off to get dressed. Once she is in her dress, he walks her down the aisle to Gus. He tells her he wishes that their parents could be alive to see this. They join hands and Josh begins the ceremony, skipping over most of the formalities to get to the vows. After they say their "I dos", Gus tries to read a vow of his own. It's too illegible so he just starts talking about how much he loves her and feels like they've gotten together thanks to his late father calling in a favor with God. He promises her that things will only get better. "You are the only one I've ever wanted," she says. Finally, she has everything that she's ever wanted. "Me too. Everything," he says. They exchange rings and pray before Gus kisses his bride. Lizzie, Daisy and Rafe all smile. Bill walks in as they throw flower petals at the bride and groom.

Trapped in the bathroom Olivia tries to smash the door open but is too weak. She collapses on the floor and dreams of marrying Gus after taking Natalia's heart. This fantasy is interrupted when her phone begins ringing. It's the hospital saying her heart has arrived but she only has an hour. She flies into a panic and smashes at the door without luck.

Jonathan jumps Remy when he walks out of his room. Remy throws him against the wall. "You're not an angel," he says before asking what happened. Jonathan quickly explains and they bond on Tammy. Jonathan asks for an unregistered gun. "Alan?" Remy asks. "Alan," Jonathan confirms. Remy says it's not a good idea. He's never liked him, but Tammy loved him, so, for her, he'll try to get the gun. Jonathan goes to see the ghost of Tammy. He tells her that he has waited too long. It's time for Alan to die.

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