At home, Josh and Cassie try to work out what to do next. Jeffrey arrives and instantly reminds them that Alonzo is Will's biological father and has the advantage in the case. Cassie explains that Edmund is willing to make a statement on her behalf. Jeffrey explains that Edmund isn't in prison anymore, he's in a mental hospital. He's not happy to learn that Cassie has already talked to Edmund. She just wants to know if her demented ex-husband is getting out soon. Jeffrey informs them that Alonzo is determined not to give Will up and has already gotten Edmund on his witness list and arranged for the hearing to be held at the clinic where Edmund is being held. Later, Josh goes looking for RJ and Cassie tells Jeffrey that she will do whatever it takes to get Will back. He agrees to help her, but tells her that she should leave Josh at home when they go to see Edmund. He doubts that Ed will be very helpful if he finds out that Josh and Cassie are now a couple. She calls Will and tells him that they'll all be reunited soon. When he hangs up, we see that Edmund has been telling him what to say the whole time. Josh finds RJ and they go out for ice cream. He asks him if he is okay; it's not like him to run off like he did today. RJ insists that he's fine. Josh tells him that just because his mother is trying to get Will back, doesn't mean that things will change between them. It's cool to have a brother, he explains: It's like getting a best friend you will have forever no matter what happens.

At the clinic, Dinah tries to charm her young doctor, playing with his tie and then threatening him when he admits that she's 'sexy.' As he runs off, she grabs his matches. Throwing paper into the trash bin, she sets it under the smoke detector. Before she can light it up, Matt arrives. She runs into his arms and begins begging him to stick around but, suddenly, Vanessa walks in as well. She tells her daughter that if she keeps fighting them, she will only make things worse. Dinah tries to get Matt to side with her but he won't. It soon becomes clear that he and Vanessa are back together. Dinah bangs on the door and accuses her mother of blackmailing him into getting back with her. Vanessa reaches out to her daughter, but Dinah doesn't want to be 'fixed'. The orderly arrives and Dinah demands that they be taken out. Once they're gone, she tries to have a nap and then starts playing with the matches again. She sets the trash on fire and waits for the alarm to go off. It's taking a long time so she starts to fan the flames. When that doesn't work, she tries banging on the door. Finally, the alarm goes off and an orderly runs in. She promptly runs out the open door. When she makes her way down the hall, she's shocked to bump into Edmund.

On Main Street, Alexandra anxiously talks on the phone while Mallet and Marina watch her. The ex-detective's suspicions are still up about her boyfriend's wife. Alex hurries home and begins searching through her desk to grab her passport. Before she can leave, Mallet walks in and asks her where she's going. He explains that Marina is desperate to see her behind bars for her part in the kidnapping but he's a more reasonable person and he just wants to hear the truth from her. 'I'll give you a lift to the airport if you tell me where Cyrus and Harley are,' he offers. She's reluctant, but before she can think it over, Marina runs in and demands answers. Alex tells them that Cyrus is on the run and suggests that he may have gone after Dinah. She taunts the skeptical Marina by telling her that she just refuses to believe that Cyrus would abandon her too. Marina grabs Alex's passport as she and Mallet walk out. They go down to CO2. She's desperate to do something and wanders off with him following behind. They decide to chase down to the hint that Alex gave them. Mallet goes off to check the airport while Marina goes to her room. Frank is there waiting for her. He wants to take care of his little girl and tries to take her out for a meal. She just wants to go to sleep, she says. Frank tells her that it will take a lot to get over Cyrus; it's just too bad it took her so long to see what Cyrus really is. Eventually, Frank leaves and she runs out to find Mallet and head for the airport.

Harley wakes up beneath the rubble of the church. She starts to call out for Cyrus, who is practically laying on top of her. Gradually, he wakes up when she pretends to be Marina. They start to talk, hoping that Griggs is buried even deeper than they are. She tries calling out for help but he can scarcely breathe. She can see that he's seriously hurt and tries to keep him awake. As she comforts him, he asks her not to lie to him. They talk about Halloween. Do they have Halloween in Australia? 'Yeah, we all dress up as Americans,' he jokes. They can't laugh though; it hurts too much. Harley rests her head on his chest and starts to worry about Daisy. When they hear a jackhammer in the distance, they wonder if someone is looking for them. She doesn't want to die like this. They start to kiss.

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