At police headquarters, Marina stares at her badge and gun before dropping them on the table. Mallet apologizes; he did his best to stop this from happening. Marina's not sorry, she insists, and, just because she no longer has a badge, she's not giving up her search for Cyrus. Frank walks in and tells her that he will fight her dismissal with everything he has. He asks her where Harley is. She tells him that her aunt is out looking for Cyrus. Frank's angry and tries to figure out what is going on and where everyone is vanishing to. Marina wants to go looking for her aunt but her father won't let her go; she can handle the phones if she has to do something. As he stomps off, she starts beating herself up for asking Harley to go after Cyrus. Mallet tells her that all they can do is try and back her aunt up now. When she reads the description of an injured man found at Cedars, it becomes clear to both of them that it must be Griggs.

Sitting in the abandoned church, waiting for it to be demolished, Cyrus gets bored and asks Harley to play rock, paper, scissors while the warning sirens start to ring before the implosion begins. Meanwhile, at Cedars, a bloody Griggs drifts into the ward and collapses. As he's rushed in to be looked after, Alexandra arrives and spots him from a distance. When the nurses leave his side, she creeps over. He assures her that he has more lives than a cat. She begs him to tell her what happened to Cyrus. 'They're gone,' he says, explaining that they were in the church when it was demolished. 'Not such a bad thing for you huh?' he laughs. She walks out and finds Marina and Mallet waiting for her. Marina grabs her and demands to know what Griggs said. She claims that she didn't talk to him. Marina runs in and starts yelling at Griggs but he's already fallen unconscious. The doctor comes in and tells her to get away from him: He's in a coma. Marina walks out and goes after Alex again. Her rival is crying; she's sick of Marina looking for her husband, as if she had no feelings for him herself. After she walks out, Marina slumps in a chair and starts to cry, sure that Cyrus and her aunt must be dead. Meanwhile, Alex goes over to the demolished church and begins to look through the wreckage before leaving a rose. After she leaves, a hand can be seen moving in the rubble.

At the mansion, a saddened Alan confronts Natalia about her plans to move out. He doesn't want her to go. She tells him that Gus' room is next to her room and it's awkward. He reminds her that it's a big house and she could even go and live in the guest house; it's right across from his suite. Gus walks in and tells them that he's having the staff move her out to the pool house so she'll be more comfortable...and it's right across from his suite if she needs him. Alan leaves to attend Emma's birthday. Later, Gus and Natalia go over to the church after it's been demolished. She says it's a pity they had to destroy it when it was so nice. Gus feels like he's surrounded by ghosts. Frank calls looking for Harley but won't explain anything. They leave and go over to Emma's party for awhile before.

Ava is popping balloons at Emma's birthday party. Olivia's disappointed to see that her elder daughter didn't bring a date. Beth and Rick arrive with gifts and James. A gift arrives from a courier. When Olivia receives it, she's shocked to see that it's from Phillip. Olivia sends the children off with Ava and asks the courier where the package came from. It came through regular delivery, she's told. Anxiously, she starts asking Rick what's going on. Beth tries to reassure her that it's nothing. Rick says that Phillip won't show up as long as there are charges against him. Olivia is still worried that he might come back after the kids like last time. Alan comes down the hall with a gift for his granddaughter. Olivia warns him that Emma has been asking about her father. Alan doesn't know why she would be doing that all of a sudden. Beth tells him that Phillip sent a gift. Alan repeats that he has no idea what happened. Olivia asks him if she can count on him for protection. Of course she can, he says, but he needs her help with something too. After the party ends, Alan explains to Olivia that he wants her to seduce Gus and keep him away from Natalia. He let his son have a chance with her but he blew it; now it's his turn. She's not sure that she's Gus' type. 'Olivia, you're everyone's type if you want to be,' he says. When he walks out, he sends Ava out to find an antique cross. She asks him if he's trying to ward off vampires. 'No, because they are afraid of me,' he smiles.

Natalia and Gus return to the mansion. She tells him that they made a mistake when they slept together. He understands that she wants to set the right example for her kid. 'I worry about what's right for all of us,' she says. Later, Olivia arrives and tells Gus that she is freaking out over Phillip's gift. She sobs and he hugs her for comfort. Meanwhile, Alan finds Natalia and gives her a cross. He lies and tells her that it belonged to Gus' mother but he wants to share it with her now.

Rick and Beth take James downtown. She asks her husband if he's heard from Phillip. Rick defensively says that he hasn't. He's obviously disturbed by all of this. He doesn't know how to react, but he wonders why she is reacting so calmly. How would she feel if he actually came back? She hopes that Phillip is better but, even if he came back, it wouldn't change things between them. She kisses him.

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