Lizzie and Billy are walking down the hallway of the clinic. She is nagging him about calling Bill again. He hasn't been returning his father's calls since he was fired. Billy doesn't want to talk about it anymore. They go into Dinah's room for a visit. She thinks that they're there to help her get out. They're only there for a visit, they insist, much to her disappointment. Dinah explains that everyone is flipping out just because she is back to her old self; there's nothing wrong with her: This is who she is. She begs them to get her out, but Billy won't. Lizzie offers to stay and have an espresso with her. When they're alone, Lizzie reminds Dinah that everyone in her family has tried to have her committed, unfortunately it was never to a place this nice. Dinah takes out the note she found and asks her who could have written it. Lizzie doesn't know. 'So you're sticking to this whole bad girl thing eh?' Lizzie asks. She used to be a bad girl too, but now she doesn't know who she is. Dinah starts telling her stories about Bill. She's sure that he would get her out. After leaving, Lizzie calls Bill and leaves a message, telling him that Dinah needs him. Meanwhile, Edmund drifts around outside of Dinah's room, leaving her a gardenia.

Cassie is on the phone arguing with Alonzo. She insists that the politics in San Cristobel are changing so Will doesn't have much of a future as royalty. Josh tries talking to him but he just hangs up. Cassie realizes they may need to play dirty. They start a list of people they can go to for references and Edmund quickly comes up, though she is reluctant to even mention his name. She never wanted to have to see him again. Josh insists that she won't have to see him and promises her everything will be okay. She goes down to CO2 where she runs into Beth. She wants to talk about what Cassie blurted out the other day, 'about Alan and my baby.' Cassie has a worried look but tries to calm all of Beth's fears and insists that everything is fine and she's just being paranoid.

Meanwhile, left behind, Josh manages to get a call though to Edmund. He explains the situation to dangerous Mr Winslow. He wishes that Josh would do him of the courtesy of a little 'chit chat' before asking for favors. Nonetheless, he agrees to help, offering to testify on Cassie's behalf, but only on one condition... After the conversation, Josh goes down and finds Beth and Cassie. He tells them that he got in touch with Edmund. Beth jumps out of her chair at the sound of his name and tells them that they're crazy. If they let him back into their lives for a second, he will be everywhere before they know it. Josh explains that Edmund is only willing to help if Cassie will see him. He's disturbed when Cassie is willing to do that. They return to his office and she calls Edmund. He tells her that he harbors no ill will toward her; he owes her and will help her get her son back.

At Cedars, Mallet is helping Marina up. Before they can leave her room, she is served a subpoena. Internal Affairs are investigating her for her involvement in Cyrus' charity scam. She doesn't want to deal with that right now, she just wants to help Cyrus. They proceed over to the station where Doris and an Internal Affairs agent are waiting. Frank is outraged that they are investigating his daughter. He storms out to deal with the press. As her union rep, Mallet is able to stay and advise her during questioning. Doris starts to drill the young detective but Marina doesn't know what she's asking. She admits that she had suspicions about Cyrus but never reported any of them. Marina becomes angry and says this is a waste of her time. This only annoys Doris who continues to lay into her as she throws details at her. Mallet reminds her that Marina was the victim in this, but Doris finds that hard to swallow. Marina argues that she tried to convince Cyrus to give the money back and he promised he would. It sounds to Doris like Marina shouldn't be running around with a badge. After a little conference with the IA agent, Doris informs Marina that they are taking her badge and gun: Her career is over. Frank is furious and she can't believe what's just happened.

In the abandoned church, Cyrus starts to try and smash the door to the cell open while workers prepare the building for demolition below. Harley sits in the corner and pouts. Griggs was the only way out and now he's probably dead; he's at the bottom of a hole anyway... How could Cyrus drag her and Marina into this? She sent her kids away for him, she had to abandon Daisy when she needed her the most... He doesn't like her putting all of that on him. They start to argue but she doesn't want to talk to him anymore. 'I'm not the one who is dazzled by you,' she says. Cyrus tells her it's her own fault that she's here. She's the one playing hero; she left behind her family and her home for this. This makes her outraged: 'If we live through this, I'm going to kill you!' Before she can smack him, he hears the demolition crew starting up below. The captives start screaming and making noise but no one seems to hear them. Harley starts to pray. She can't believe this is happening. Cyrus slumps against the wall and they get themselves ready to die. He tells her about when his mother died and he had to take care of his family; he know what it is to have someone depend on him, someone he had to sacrifice for. She admits that she was wrong about him and crawls across the floor, taking his hands in hers. She starts to cry as the warning sirens ring out. He tries to distract her by playing rock, paper, scissors until the explosion starts.

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