Mallet goes to the clinic to visit Dinah. The doctor warns him that she's resisted all therapy and he 'might want to wear a helmet' if he goes in to see her. He walks into her room where she plays with a flame before hugging him. She shows him a map of the isalnd and tells him that she feels like she's on vacation. She tries to convince him that she is all better now and he should take her home. Her bag is packed and she's ready to go. Mallet tells her 'no'. 'I can't be here,' she tells him, shaking: 'You want me back...don't you?' She kisses him and he admits that he misses her, but he knows that she needs to stay there and get better. 'You have no idea how much I care,' he assures her. He wishes that she could just be herself. Dinah argues that she is being herself, that's why he and Vanessa have such a problem with her. She demands that he leave. Once he's gone, she calls Matt and tells him she needs help. Matt's been trying to give her 'space', particularly since she ruined Maureen's chance to get into prep school. It becomes clear that he's been spending time with Vanessa again. Dinah accuses him of being a 'traitor' and hangs up. After that, she talks to her doctor, flirting with him. He's not impressed and walks away. After she plods around the ward, bored and frustrated, she finds a little note slipped under her door. Eagerly, she picks it up and reads it.

Daisy is visiting Marina at Cedars. Marina asks her if she's talked to her mother. Daisy says Harley is too busy to talk to her. She leaves her some music to make her feel better and walks out. Alex arrives with flowers and asks if they've found Cyrus. Marina isn't playing friendly; she knows that Alex was involved in the kidnapping all along. Alex isn't ashamed of what she's done; you only get one chance with a man like Cyrus, she says. Besides, Marina has already taken from her, she doesn't feel guilty for taking back. Now, she just wishes that she hadn't asked Griggs to 'go easy' on her. Marina sits up and tells her rival that Cyrus hasn't done anything wrong. Alex laughs; Cyrus robbed her and betrayed Griggs, that's why Griggs is after him. She leaves Marina, suggesting to the naive detective that Harley and Cyrus have already 'hooked up'. Later, Mallet arrives, catching Marina as she tries to sneak out. In a bid to cheer her up, they start arm wrestling. Then they play some games to pass the time. He offers to see what he can do to help Harley and Cyrus as long as she stays in bed.

Daisy goes down to CO2 and starts the Springfield High Student Council meeting. The other students aren't being helpful. They keep ignoring her and she becomes frustrated, finally walking out. The council decide that they will have to have a new election. Suddenly, Rafe jumps in after listening and tells them to leave Daisy alone; she's ben through a lot and they should cut her some slack. Daisy hears him say this and follows him home. He sits at his computer with a drink and she follows him in, asking him why he stood up for her. 'It wasn't about you,' he claims, trying to get rid of her. He can't look at her. She wishes she'd told him everything, but she doesn't believe that he's stopped loving her. Feelings like that don't just go away. He tells her that his mother is coming back so she should go. Everything is different now between them; they can't go back to how things were. It's painful for her when he treats her so cold; she's hurt and her mother seems to have abandoned her. 'I miss you...someone who gets me,' she explains. 'I don't get you. I thought I did,' he says, walking out. Daisy goes down to CO2 and calls the school. She pretends to be Harley and tells them that Daisy is ill and will be away from school for awhile.

Cyrus wakes Harley up at the abandoned church where they are being held captive. Griggs walks in and demands the next set of account numbers from Cyrus. He will only give one account number at a time (to buy some extra time for himself and Harley). Griggs leaves to check the number and Harley excitedly tells him how brilliant this plan was. He's not so convinced; only the first two numbers he gave Griggs were real. The one he just gave was made up so they won't be able to keep this up much longer. They start to argue and she gets mean because she's hungry. He lets her climb onto his shoulders to climb up to the window and scream. They fall over before she manages to do it. After they laugh it off, he begins examining her wounded wrist. They talk about the scrapes they've gotten into in the past while he massages her wrist. They laugh and tell jokes to pass the time until Griggs returns. He's angry that he's been given bogus numbers. 'We all know what's going on here. Anyone care to venture what comes next?' he asks. As he and Cyrus argue, Griggs starts to have an asthma attack and can hardly breathe. Harley pulls out his inhaler, explaining that she picked it up when he accidentally dropped it. While he struggles to breathe, Harley's phone starts to ring. She refuses to hand over the inhaler unless he lets them out. Cyrus smashes the inhaler and Griggs collapses. Harley tells him that was a bad move; this building is slated for demolition this week and only Griggs had the keys to let them out. Cyrus notices a paper and picks it up: The building is slated to be blown up today.

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