Josh and Cassie hurry off to the fertility clinic. He's notice that she's been looking at the pictures of her kids that she keeps in her purse. She reminds him that, even if she can't have another child, she still has RJ. The doctor calls them in and tells them that there is a slim chance that Cassie might have a baby, but it would require surgery to remove the scar tissue from her uterus. Even if the surgery was successful, there is a lot working against her getting pregnant. 'We've got a lot working for us too,' Josh says, holding her hand. After she's sent in to surgery the next day, Josh walks down the corridor and finds Reva drifting around. She starts to show him pictures of Marah in Paris. After looking through them, he awkwardly tells Reva about Cassie getting her surgery. 'Doesn't always work,' she pointedly tells him. She accuses him of giving up his life so that she can have a baby. This is just like him going to prison for her, she argues. 'It's called marriage,' he explains: It's about putting other people's needs ahead of your own. Reva thinks that he may be trying to act like a saint, but he's just a sap. He tells her that having kids was the best part of his life and walks away.

On the operating table, Cassie dreams about playing with her children. Suddenly, Tammy freaks out and runs away with the boys when she sees Alan. Cassie wakes up, calling out. Beth is by her side as she opens her eyes. Trying to calm her down, she tells Cassie that if things work out, their youngest children could grow up as really close friends. Cassie keeps mumbling about Alan and tells Beth that she won't let him take away her baby. Beth is shocked when it becomes clear that Cassie knows Alan is really the father. Cassie passes out as Beth tries to get her to explain. Meanwhile, in the corridor, Rick asks Josh if he's looking forward to having a baby. Josh admits that he didn't want one at first but now he's looking forward to it. Rick thanks him again for keeping things quiet. Suddenly, Beth walks out, noticeably disturbed. She tells Rick that Cassie said the baby was Alan's. Rick tells her it's just the drugs talking, but Beth finds this odd and asks Josh if she's said anything like this to him. Josh tells her that she must have been dreaming. Rick tells her to relax and go have some pancakes. She leaves and he thanks Josh for lying, remind him what's at stake.

When Cassie wakes up again, she finds RJ sitting by her side. He asks her what's wrong. She tells him that she's trying to have another baby. He'd rather have a dog... Besides, isn't he enough? Doesn't she love him? She assures him that she does, but she wants a big family. He walks out and sends Josh back in. Sitting down, he reminds her that Beth was there and she told him that Alan is the baby's father. Cassie can't remember that and feels awful. Josh admits that he didn't tell Beth the truth; he covered for both of them. Cassie is upset that he keeps compromising himself for her.

Josh takes Cassie home and starts to study. She thinks that he must feel guilty, but he tells her that he believes in her. They go back to the clinic and the doctor tells them that the procedure went well but there is still a lot of work before they can have a baby. He hands them some books to look at. They walk downtown and she tells Josh that she wants out of this. She can't ask him to sacrifice anymore; she needs to put him first for once. He tells her that she always comes first. She drops the books in the trash and tells him that the church should come first; they don't need to try and have another child. 'I've made up my mind. I'm going to try and get Will back,' she tells him. She thought that it would be best for him to grow up as a prince, but he seems to be depressed. Alonzo leaves him alone much of the time and she suspects he's using Will to keep himself on the throne. Josh reminds her that she signed away all legal rights to the boy and if they try to fight for him, that will be enormous work. He agrees to help her though; it's been a long time since he got to fight with royalty, he laughs.

They set things in motion. He returns to his office and tries to call in a favor he never thought he'd have to. Later, he starts writing his speech for the congregation when Reva walks in. She asks him if he's learning to practice what he preaches. After a few jokes, he tells her that he and Cassie have decided not to have a child and are going to try and get Will back instead. He tells her that he needs someone willing to plead for Cassie, that's why he's been trying to get in touch with Jeffrey. Reva tells him that she doesn't know where Jeffrey is so Cassie will just have to wait. She's sure that he'll help though: He helped put the custody arrangement together, so he can help take it apart. Looking around, she tells Josh that he really does belong in the minister's office. 'Are you okay with that?' he asks. 'Of course I am,' she smiles. They hug and he tells her he's only ever wanted her to be happy. Meanwhile, on Main Street, Cassie calls Will, who seems depressed and doesn't have any friends except for one, but he has to travel far away to see him. Telling him that she loves him, she promises to come see him soon. RJ almost runs her over with his bike and asks her who she's talking to. She explains that she was talking to his brother and isn't going to have a baby; she wants to get Will back instead. Wouldn't he like to play with his brother like old times? RJ would rather have a dog; 'old times' as he remembers them, weren't very good.

Josh tracks Cassie down at the docks. He finds her fishing and asks her if she talked to Will. He tells her that he tried to get in touch with Jeffrey and he'll be back soon. 'I feel really right about this,' she smiles. Now she feels like she has hope in her life again. Meanwhile, Will plays outside of Edmund's cell. He tells Edmund that Cassie called and wants to come and visit him. 'I can't wait to see her again,' Edmund smiles.

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