Reva comes home to find Daisy crying in her bed. She tells her granddaughter that she needs to stop grieving and get out of there. Daisy is upset that Rafe has already moved on with another girl. 'Get on with your life,' her grandmother advises. Daisy doesn't think she has a life anymore. Reva tell her that's just 'too damn bad'; she needs to get up and get herself together. After getting dressed, they go to see Rafe at the mansion. He's not there. Natalia is and she's not happy to see them. Daisy still wants to talk to Rafe, but Natalia doesn't want her near him. Reva sends Daisy out and turns to Natalia. 'You have no right to talk to her like that and, from now on, anything you have to say to her, you can say to me.' Reva says that Daisy got into trouble because of Rafe and she had to handle it by herself. Natalia isn't going to forgive her, or Reva for keeping her secret and not trying to stop her. Reva insists that this was Daisy's decision and she made it to protect Rafe because she loves him. She picks up a vase and throws it, telling Natalia that she is crazy when people threaten her family. Her granddaughter was a sweet, virginal girl before Rafe came to town with his adulterous mother. 'Before you came to town, Gus and Harley were happily married and now they're talking to lawyers,' Reva points out. That isn't what Natalia planned. She admits that she knows that Daisy didn't want what's happened, but everyone has to be responsible for their own actions.

Frank and Buzz arrive at Cedars to question Marina. She's not in the mood to talk and seems extremely traumatized. As she shakes, she tells her father how lucky she is to be his daughter...Frank almost tears up and he promises her anything. 'Can you find Cyrus?' she asks. 'No,' he answers flatly. She tries to get out of the room but he won't allow it. She begs him to save Cyrus. Frank isn't being helpful; she was going to run away without even leaving him a note. Cyrus has changed her. 'That's easier for you to believe than the truth...that I fell in love with someone that you don't like!' she shouts. This isn't Cyrus' fault and he doesn't deserve to be left for dead when he's proved that he loves her enough to take her place.

In the waiting room, Gus walks in on Harley as Buzz leaves to get food for Marina. Gus tells her that he's not there just to see Marina. 'I heard that you needed me,' he says. 'Who said that?' the puzzled Harley asks. 'Daisy,' he says. They share some bad hospital coffee and he asks her if she'd like to have dinner with him and talk about the kids. She doesn't see what good it would do, but agrees to call him later. She says that it was good to see him and sends him off. Meanwhile, Marina tries to get out again but Frank stops her as Harley comes in. 'Someday you'll understand,' he tells his daughter. She seems less convinced. Harley leads her brother out. 'Cyrus is dead isn't he?' Marina asks her aunt. He sacrificed himself for them and now they are his only chance. Cyrus saved her life twice and yet everyone thinks he's a criminal. 'I know who he is,' Harley admits. She wishes that she could help him, but she doesn't know what to do. She walks out and calls Gus to say she can't have dinner with him. Frank corners her and asks her how she could have hidden Cyrus behind his back. She tells him that he's lucky he got his daughter back alive and walks away from him and calls for a list of abandoned buildings. Later, Buzz returns to visit his granddaughter, bringing her food and telling her about the vigil they held for her.

Reva goes down to Main Street where Buzz runs into her. He agrees with Natalia: Somebody really should have told Harley what was going on. They start to argue. She accuses everyone of smacking her around when she's been the only one to be there for Daisy. Wandering over to the bench, she sits down and calls Jeffrey, tearfully leaving him a message about how much she misses him and wants him to come home to her. She goes home and drags Daisy out of bed, telling her that she has to go back to school tomorrow. Daisy is scared that everyone will think she is a a girl with little value. 'Get used to it, you're a Shayne,' Reva tells her. Daisy misses her mother. She doesn't even understand why. Reva loves that she's trusted her with all of this, but she needs to go to her mother now. Meanwhile, Gus returns to the mansion and tells Natalia that he just saw Harley and realized that she doesn't need him anymore. When he is with Rafe and her, he actually feels like he has 'a value'. He wants them to stop tip-toeing around things and try to be a family. Gus wants to start dating her, at least. 'You're still married,' she points out. 'I'm very separated,' he tells her. She tells him that what they did was a sin and she has to start living right because, when she doesn't, something bad happens. She won't be with him while he's married and won't be with anyone else until she is married to them.

Griggs has his gun on Cyrus and asks him if he has any last words. Before he can pull the trigger, Cyrus starts reciting numbers. He explains that he has bank account numbers from Spaulding memorized. If Griggs wants them, he better not put a bullet in his brain. Griggs pulls the trigger. He hasn't killed Cyrus though, just warned him. This better not be a game, he threatens, or he'll have to shoot off the Australian's kneecaps. Taking out a pad, he asks for the numbers and begins writing them down. When Cyrus grabs at him, Griggs gives him a crack on the head with the butt of the gun before leaving to check the numbers. Cyrus starts to daydream about a scantily clad Marina. She reminds him that she chose him over everything else in her life. He starts to imagine Harley is there and tells her that he lied to Griggs about the numbers; they're all fakes and he'll soon be back to kill him. Suddenly, Harley appears for real and starts untying him. Immediately, Griggs returns, with his gun out.

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