Alan goes to see Rafe in the cells. He already assumes that this is Harley's doing. Reluctantly, Rafe explains hat Daisy got pregnant and then had an abortion without telling him. 'No wonder you're so upset,' Alan says. After taking care of Rafe's release, Alan tells the young man that he understands the pain of losing a baby but points out that, at least now, he's not stuck with the Coopers for the rest of his life. He hopes Rafe's learned his lesson: 'You cannot trust Daisy,' he says.

Gus arrives at the mansion and asks the maid where Natalia is. Settling in, he asks her if anything happened while he was gone. Daisy rushes in, searching for Natalia and Rafe. Gus asks her what's going on. He clearly has no idea what's been happening. She sits down and he tells her that, whatever it is, they can work it out as a family. She slowly starts to explain that she got pregnant... Gus tells her that 'these things happen' but...then she explains that she didn't want to cause any trouble and disrupt everyone's she got an abortion. After a slight pause, he says, 'I'm sorry I wasn't there for you.' Quietly, he asks her how everyone else has taken the news. They haven't taken it well, especially Harley, who has been too busy to pay much attention to her. She explains that she did it without even talking to Rafe. Now he knows what she did and he hates her. Daisy suddenly remembers that Rafe is in jail. Gus offers to take care of it and tells her that she should be with her mother right now; they need each other. 'Maybe she needs you,' she suggests. When Gus calls the station, Alan grabs the phone and tells his son that he's taken care of everything and a lot has happened since he left town. Gus asks to talk to Rafe but Alan refuses: He's had him released and sent him out to find 'the prettiest girl in town' so that he can forget his problems.

Rafe goes down to Main Street and Lola quickly picks him up to take him clubbing. Daisy stands by watching sadly as they start to walk away. She stops them and begs Rafe to stay and talk to her. He refuses and they leave. Meanwhile, Natalia walks into the church when Father Ray appears, startling her. She sits down to pray and then lights a candle. Gus arrives and tells her that he's heard the news. He tells her that things will be okay. She doesn't think so; she left her son in jail because she doesn't even know what to do with him. 'I don't even know what's going on in this life,' she cries. They sit down and he explains that Alan's gotten Rafe out. She still doesn't know what to do or say. Six months ago her life was completely different. He tells her that she has him now and they can figure it out; she doesn't need to hide out in church anymore. She's not hiding out: She likes it, she likes rules and knowing what's right and wrong. Gus admits that he likes a mess; that's what he misses about living in Harley's house, but he promises Natalia that they can figure things out together. They return to the house and Rafe soon returns too. Gus tells his son that all of this is not Daisy's fault: He needs to take some responsibility for what's happened as well. He should try not to be angry. Gus let his anger take over him when he was young and he ran out on Natalia before he even knew she was pregnant. That's been one of the biggest mistakes in his life. 'Neither one of us got to raise our kids,' Rafe says, walking away.

Frank confronts Cyrus and Alex on Main Street, accusing him of being involved in the kidnapping. Cyrus reminds him that he's been searching for Marina ever since she disappeared. If he was guilty of anything, he already could have escaped and been a thousand miles away by now. 'Like it or not Frank, I'm the best chance you've got of finding your daughter.' Alex begins defending her husband excitedly. Cyrus hugs her close, threatening to take her down if she does anything to put Marina in more danger. One of Frank's men takes Cyrus away and Frank tells Alex that he still has questions for her. They go over to the station where Alan still lurks. He pulls his sister aside and asks her what's going on. She reminds him that he's her accomplice: He's known what's been going on all along and if she goes down, so does he. It sounds to Alan like they better take care of Mr. Griggs. Later, Frank starts to question Alex while Alan defends her, asking the chief why he let Cyrus out on the loose after he robbed Alex and hasn't arrested his own sister when she was harboring a criminal. 'I don't know which of you Cooper siblings is worse,' Alan says. Frank soon gets a call telling him that Harley has gone missing. 'You must be proud,' Alan taunts: Now Frank can add being a failed cop to the rest of his failures. How can he hope to control this town when he can't even control his own family? After Frank angrily walks out, Alan and Alex go into the hall. He tells his sister that this mess she's gotten herself into has been the biggest folly of her life. 'Worse than you and that Doris Wolfe?' she shoots back.

Harley's arrives at the docks to meet Griggs and exchange the final payment for Marina. He suspects that she's double crossed him when he hears sirens. He searches her while she asks him if he is a cop killer. She demands to see Marina while he plays with his gun. Finally he fetches the detective and brings her out. Harley is relieved to see her, relatively unharmed. Marina asks if this is all a dream. Once Harley hands over the case to Griggs, she tries to walk away with her niece when Cyrus appears. Harley isn't happy that he followed her after she forbid it. Marina embraces him, but he reveals that he's been handcuffed. A cop comes down the stair with his gun drawn. 'Happy birthday to me,' Griggs smirks. Griggs and Cyrus leave to talk while the cop holds the detectives at gunpoint. Harley can't believe that one of the other cops sold them out like this and has been working with Griggs all along. Soon, Cyrus reappears, uncuffed. He hugs Marina as Griggs and the cop move into the shadows. 'I'm so sorry for this,' Cyrus tells Marina. Harley takes her away, leaving him to his fate. Marina is taken back to headquarters and reunited with her father. Harley tells Frank that Griggs got away, taking Cyrus captive thanks to the cop he had on his payroll. Frank is just relieved that he has his daughter back. While they fetch Marina some coffee, Alex signs her statement at Alan's prompting. She then goes to Marina and starts to lash out at her. How could she leave Cyrus with Griggs like this? It's about revenge now, not money. Meanwhile, Griggs tells Cyrus that, from now on, 'you belong to me.'

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