On the docks, Ashlee wanders around talking to herself as she searches for Marina. When she hears something, she tells herself that it's just a big rat. In fact, it's Griggs pushing Marina around for grabbing his phone. Catching on that Ashlee is looking for them, he creeps up behind her and clubs her on the head. She collapses, unconscious, while the gagged Marina gasps. Griggs un-gags her and asks her who Ashlee is: Is this who she called? Marina tells him that she is just a volunteer and begs him not to hurt her; she didn't see anything and they can take her purse and make it look like a mugging. Griggs is starting to wonder if this is worth the bother.

Harley goes over to Company and mopes around, telling Buzz that she's been calling Daisy but hasn't been getting any calls back. Buzz tells her that Daisy's there, right upstairs. Harley would like to see her, but she needs to get Marina back first. 'Sometimes when you try to do too much, nothing gets done,' he tells her. She goes upstairs but Daisy won't answer the door. Coming back down, Buzz asks her if she's made any progress. She admits that she has her suspicions of where Marina is, but she can't tell Frank because he'll overreact. She already has plans about what to do. Buzz asks her if she's really thinking things through; this is his granddaughter's safety they're talking about. Harley's already let her own daughter down, she won't let Marina down too, she vows.

Shirtless Coop walks out of the shower and around his room to look for Ashlee. After getting dressed, he goes down to Company and starts drinking. Buzz joins him and starts to talk about the vigil. It was supposed to bring people peace and hope, but it didn't. Coop wonders where Ashlee has disappeared to. He likes her because she's so positive and upbeat, but all of a sudden, she is blowing him off whenever they start to get close. Later, when Buzz is alone, Doris arrives and asks Buzz if they can set up a debate. He doesn't care about debates at the moment. She promises him that whenever they catch who kidnapped Marina, her office will come down hard on him. They begin discussing the Coop-Ashlee situation. Doris is sure that he'll run back to Ava, Buzz isn't convinced. Doris doesn't understand why everyone in this town feels so free to criticize her mothering techniques. Buzz appreciates her concern for her daughter but doesn't understand why she's so sure that Coop would hurt her.

At headquarters, a cop tells Frank about the call that Ashlee received. The cop is sure that it was just another fake tip, but Frank takes it more seriously. Going down to the docks to check it out, he discovers Ashlee's unconscious body. He wakes her up and she cries as she tells him why she came down there. Her purse is gone so Frank assumes she was mugged. She realizes that she missed her date with Coop and wants to rush off, but Frank tells her she has to wait for an ambulance. He takes her to the hospital to get checked out. She knows that she was stupid to do what she did. 'Stupid and brave,' Frank smiles, pulling something off her hoodie. He goes into the corridor, bags the item and calls the lab. After getting a call about Ashlee's attack, Doris rushes to the hospital, arriving with a teddy bear for her daughter. Ashlee has already run off. Meanwhile, a drunken Coop goes back to his room. As he stumbles around the door, Ava appears and helps him in. She gives him water and tries to sober him up. He starts drinking again and talking about how he doesn't want to talk about what's happening with Marina...and, even worse, Ashlee didn't show up for their date. 'I'm here right now,' Ava points out. They drink and start making out. Once he's on top of her, Ashlee walks in. Her jaw drops and she ducks out. Coop jumps off and tells Ava he shouldn't be doing this.

At Harley's, Cyrus searches around on the internet for information while Alex looks around the house for a drink. She can't understand why her brother isn't out looking for her; she's been missing from the hospital for days and no one's noticed. Cyrus doesn't seem to care. Rising up from his seat, he threatens to kill her if anything happens to Marina. She reminds him that he'll be going back to jail soon anyway but, she has something more immediate on her mind: 'Please, can we order a pizza?' They keep arguing. She tells him that Frank will be determined to put him away no matter how things pan out; only she can keep him out of jail. She doesn't want to go back to jail anymore than he does so they need to work out a plan. He doesn't want to make a deal with her, particularly when staying married to her is included in it, and he doesn't want to live without Marina in his life. Alex isn't convinced that the detective will want him anymore once this is over. Harley returns and Cyrus tells her that Alex has been trying to make a deal with him to lay all of the blame on Griggs in order to keep them out of prison. Angry, Harley demands that Alex call Griggs right now and demand proof that Marina is still alive.

Griggs pulls Marina along the waterfront. He asks her why she didn't try to call Cyrus. Maybe she realized that men like Cyrus get bored easily? She tells him that Cyrus is smarter than him and then screams, 'Fire!' Griggs gags her again and then Alex calls him. He's not pleased to hear from her. She demands some proof, in person, that Marina is alive. He knows exactly what's going on and asks to talk to Cyrus. Griggs is disappointed by how stupid Cyrus is being--- as if Alex cares that Marina is alive--- and starts to laugh. Cyrus offers to let him escape as long as he gets Marina back. Griggs isn't impressed— Cyrus has no credibility and he won't be making any deals with him. Harley gets on the phone. 'Who is this? Cagney or Lacey?' Griggs jokes. Harley insists that he can trust her, she doesn't want revenge, she just wants her niece back. Griggs is bored and wants this to end. He makes a deal to meet with her, offering to call her back with a meeting place later. Cyrus doesn't want her risking her life like this, but she insists that she will end this alone. After she walks out, Cyrus starts to look for a weapon so he can follow her. Worried, Alex calls the police and tips them off about where Cyrus is. When he heads for the door, Alex tries to stop him once more. 'If I never see you again, my death won't be a total loss,' he tells her. Once he opens the door, Frank is already there waiting for him. Meanwhile, Harley has made her way down to the docks. Griggs comes out of the live bait shop and welcomes her. 'Welcome to my den...said the spider to the fly,' he smiles.

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