Olivia and Buzz meet up at Company. She tells him that she's organized a vigil for Marina outside the hospital. He's surprised, but she reminds him that she's always cared about his family. Meanwhile, Josh and Cassie are in his room at The Beacon. She's already started organizing his schedule. He's impressed by her enthusiasm but he wonders if this isn't just something she's doing 'in the place of having a baby.' Later, Buzz calls and asks him to come and say some words at the vigil. Turning back to what he said before, she tells him she is not just filling up time: She wants to be a good preacher's wife. After everything he's done for her, she can live with his decision not to have another child.

Ava runs into Coop on Main Street as he puts up posters for missing Marina. He's frustrated but she tells him to have faith, just like he always used to tell her. Maybe if she'd had more faith, she admits, they would still be a couple. 'I'm not alone,' he reminds her. She could have anyone that she wants; she has to stop coming after him. Ava admits that she was wrong when she broke up with him and now she feels like she's turning into her mother. Olivia just happens to be standing about two feet away and hears her say this. Coop walks away. Olivia is sure that her daughter just said that to play her little girl lost routine and get Coop to come to the rescue again. She asks her if her plan is working. It doesn't seem to be.

Ashlee is at the police station answering phones for the Marina hotline when Daisy walks in. She's there looking for her family but they're all out. Daisy sits down to help with the phones, but she's obviously too upset. Ashlee guesses this is about more than Marina. Daisy just wishes she could get away for awhile. Ashlee doesn't follow this...but Daisy finds it too hard to explain at first. Finally, she explains that she had an abortion. Ashlee wishes she'd told her so that she could have gone with her. Daisy didn't expect this to all to be so emotional; now Rafe and Natalia hate her. 'What about Harley?' Ashlee asks. She's ashamed, Daisy says, bursting into tears and wishing her life could go back to how it was.

Daisy goes downtown and sits on the bench alone. Cassie and Josh walk by and spot her. She sends Josh on to the vigil. Outside of Cedars, Olivia tells a reporter at the vigil that she'll give him all the tears he wants as long as he leaves the family alone. People start showing up and Ashlee slips away to try calling Daisy. Olivia starts the vigil, saying a few words before passing things over Buzz. He thanks everyone for coming and then Josh starts a prayer, asking God to keep an eye on Marina and let her known that she is missed and loved. 'Help us to know that we are never alone.' Afterwards, Coop tells Ashlee that the vigil and the whole search for Marina is pointless. 'I think Marina is dead,' he says. Ashlee tells him that they still have to believe she's okay. He can't though: He feels deep down like Marina is dead and he can't pretend anymore. She tells him that he doesn't have to share his doubts with his family, he can share them with her and put on a brave face for them. He hugs her and she calms him down, telling him that they can talk all night and giving him a kiss. When she goes back to the police station, the phone rings. Ashlee's shocked to hear Marina's voice on the other end. Ashlee starts screaming to the cops and telling them that they need to call Frank and check this out. The cop is skeptical: It's probably just another prank call, he insists and he tells her to put it in the log book. Instead, she goes down to the docks to look around and hears a noise: It's Griggs and Marina.

After watching Daisy rock back and forth, she sits with her. Daisy jumps up and wants to run off, but Cassie can see that she needs someone to talk to. Daisy can't believe that whole town seems to know she had an abortion. Cassie didn't know. She takes Daisy back to the office. Later Josh shows up and she takes him aside. He guesses that this must be about what Reva told him. He's reluctant to tell Cassie what it is though but they agree to say it at the same time. He's surprised to learn that she had an abortion. She tells him how terrified Daisy is right now and while no one knows what his church's stance on abortion is... Josh goes in to talk to her. He offers to get her chocolate like he used to for Marah when she was upset. 'Why are you being so nice to me?' Daisy aks. 'Because we're parents,' Cassie explains. Daisy asks her what she would have done if Tammy had done this. She admits that Tammy did a lot of questionable things, but, if she'd had an abortion, she probably would have reacted the way that Harley has. Harley must just feel like she's failed her, Cassie explains. Knowing that she's gone through all of this alone must have broken her heart. Buzz arrives and she apologizes to him. 'You don't have to apologize to me,' he says, embracing her. He takes Daisy home and Josh tells Cassie how impressed he was about what she did for Daisy. The whole thing is such a shame, she says. 'You know what else would be a shame? A couple who could provide a baby with everything it needs and wouldn't do it,' he tells her. It would be a shame if they didn't have a baby. She's overjoyed by his change of heart and they laugh and hug.

At the mansion, Rafe tries to get out but Natalia tries to talk to him, reminding him that he can't start skipping school and ignoring his responsibilities. Ignoring her, he puts on his headphones and walks out. She calls Remy, although she knows she shouldn't. She tells him that she's worried about Rafe acting out. After explaining the situation, she admits she's afraid of the consequences. He tells her he's probably not the best guy to help; he's not Catholic and doesn't have faith in much of anything anymore. Picking up a poster for Marina, he offers to help but only if she'll help him with something: He needs her to pray. While she does, Remy goes down to the docks and finds Rafe nursing a beer as he stares into the water. Rafe doesn't want a babysitter. 'Maybe if you'd had one your girl wouldn't have gotten knocked up,' Remy tells him. If he loves his mother, he should act like it and not be acting out like this. As they start to argue heatedly, a cop appears. Remy grabs the beer and tries to tell the cop that it's his, but Rafe grabs it back and taunts him. The cop grabs him and takes him off. Remy calls Natalia, interrupting her prayers, and tells her to stop babying her son: She can't fix what's wrong: the kids have to do that themselves. Meanwhile, Daisy arrives at the jail (Remy tipped her off) to see Rafe. He doesn't want to talk to her. She tries to explain that she thought she was doing what was best for both of them. 'I don't want to see you at all,' he tells her.

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