At police headquarters, Mallet morosely spins his wedding ring on the desk. Meanwhile, Dinah listens to the messages left by Mallet and her mother on her answering machine. After touching where her wedding ring once was nestled, she calls Matt and tells him she wants to play. It's not a good time for him, but she doesn't care and hurries over to CO2 where she greets him with a kiss as Mallet looks on. He makes an excuse, telling her that he's supposed to spend some time with Maureen but she's writing an important test at school. Dinah leaves. As soon as she's gone, a cop arrives and takes him over to the station where Mallet is already waiting for him. Matt starts to taunt him, accusing Mallet of resorting to 'high school' style tactics by bringing him down there to intimidate him. Instead, Mallet tells him that he wants him to take care of Dinah; she's making a huge mistake and he hates it, but Matt still has to do what's right and look out for her. Matt tells him that he won't supervise her; that's why she left him, he points out. 'I'm not her keeper...she doesn't need one,' he says before walking out.

Vanessa follows Lizzie down the hall of The Beacon to Billy's room. She tells them that they should go to Josh and Cassie's 'thing' together and invites Vanessa in before running away and leaving them alone. Billy asks her if she's heard from Bill...he hasn't since he fired him. 'We're really doing well by our kids,' she laughs, sullenly. He thinks that their son may be going through a 'patch' and took on too much, too soon. She takes off her sunglasses and tells him that she may have made a mistake thinking that she could walk away from Matt so easily. 'Life goes on...' she continues, now talking about Maureen, who is currently writing an entrance exam to get into a private school. She flips back to talking about Matt and starts to cry; what he has done has made her so angry... She doesn't even know what she's feeling anymore. It's hard for her to make any decision right now. Billy thought that Matt had taken himself completely out of the picture, but she is far less certain. She hugs him and leaves.

Vanessa rushes over to the police station to get Mallet. She tells him that Dinah nabbed Maureen from school. Over at Company, Dinah calls Matt after bringing Maureen inside. He's shocked to see them together. He sends Maureen to get them drinks and tells Dinah she shouldn't have pulled Maureen out of her exam. Mallet arrives and tells Dinah that her mother is looking for her. Matt tells her that she should talk to her. Dinah says 'no': She and Matt are going to spend the day with Maureen, she insists. Matt thinks he should take Maureen back to school, but this only makes Dinah more agitated. Mallet takes her over to the station to see her mother. Vanessa tells her that Maureen needed to take that test to get into prep school and she won't have another chance. Calling out the doctor, Vanessa tells her daughter that the doctor will be taking her away so that she can get the help that she needs. Mallet momentarily tries to talk her out of this, but Vanessa insists that Dinah's problems are getting worse. Dinah offers to go home under Mallet's supervision, but Vanessa won't allow it. Dinah grabs his gun and starts to wave it around until he pulls it out of her hands. She starts to apologize and holds onto him. He pushes her back and tells her that she has to go with the doctor and get help. 'I am never coming back to you! Ever! I hate you both!' she screams, as the doctor and a guard take her away. Mallet and Vanessa both look crushed.

At Company, Cassie reassures Josh that she's canceling her appointment at the fertility clinic. He feels bad for disappointing her. She changes the subject and thanks him for starting a scholarship in Tammy's name. While she leaves to work on her speech, Beth and Rick fend off a reporter before going into Company. Rick imagines that she misses living at the big house where they had publicists to deal with journalists. Cassie returns and joins them, picking up one of the dolls that Beth bought. Staring down at it, she misses buying things like that.

Lizzie goes downtown with her dog, Roxie. Her mom and Rick find her talking to the dog. Beth tells her that a reporter may come questioning her about a story he's doing about her walking away from Spaulding. Coldly, Lizzie tells her mother that she doesn't buy that she 'just walked away' either. Elsewhere, the scholarship recipient greets Cassie as she arrives for the ceremony. The girl reminds Cassie of Tammy for a moment. Once that passes, Cassie gets up before the crowd and starts her speech while Josh looks on proudly. After her speech, she hugs the girl and walks over to Josh. Inspired by Cassie's speech about her daughter, Lizzie walks over to her mother and apologizes for what she said before. She knows how hard it is to walk away from Alan. Beth tells her that she is finally free of Alan, but even she doesn't seem entirely convinced. Lizzie asks her what would happen if the baby was really Alan's? 'It's not and that's all that matters!' Beth snaps. Meanwhile, Rick walks over to Josh and tells him how much he's looking forward to being a dad. Josh is glad he's excited. Rick tells him that most guys their age are done with babies and ...Josh stops him and asks if Cassie put him up to saying that. Cassie walks in on the conversation and tells Josh that she hasn't been launching plans to convince him by sneaky means. Sighing, she tells him there is something she needs to show him. Taking him back to their suite, she shows him all of the fertility literature she's been reading. She thought marriage was supposed to be about compromise. He doesn't know what that could be, but 'it starts with this sort of conversation.'

As Rick and Beth head over to Company, he grabs the reporter who has been following them. He threatens him before pushing him away. Beth catches him in the act and tells him that he's starting to remind her of Alan. Meanwhile, Lizzie returns to Billy's room. He sits alone and sad. She wonders if he's drunk again, but he's just miserable. He thanks her for bringing Vanessa over but things didn't work out. She starts to talk all about her dog and how she wanted to get her into show business. Finally, she realized that Roxie wasn't made for that. Billy's not following her line of though, so she explains that Bill may really need him; he can't just blow him off, he has to be attentive.

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