Cyrus plays with his wedding ring and tries to convince Harley that Alex couldn't be involved in Marina's kidnapping. She throws an ice pack at him and tells him to put it on his, obviously bruised, ego: 'You've been outplayed!' she tells him. When she shows him the phone records linking Griggs to Alex, he tries making excuses for her. She reminds him that Alex is not an innocent person; she's been a drug dealer and spent time in prison. Harley leaves, trying to call Daisy on her way to the mansion. She doesn't have any luck getting in touch with her daughter but starts looking around for Rafe. She finds Natalia instead. They start to bicker until Harley saunters out. Once Natalia is gone, Harley returns, sneaking into the office.

At Cedars, Alex is talking to Griggs, who is just as threatening as ever. Soon, Cyrus arrives, disguised as a doctor. He grabs her bag and takes her hand, offering to escort her home. When he turns away, she hides Marina's bracelet (the one that Griggs sent her). He takes her home and serves her dinner while Harley hides out nearby and eavesdrops. Alex tells him that she's been worried about him while he's been on the run. He admits that he's tired of hiding out with 'soccer moms who think they're right about everything.' She laughs and walks out for a moment to answer the phone while Harley and Cyrus start to bicker. 'Just get her to talk,' she commands. He hurries her back into hiding before Alex returns. He pours his wife some wine and she tells him that she sent out 'feelers' for Marina everywhere. She starts to drink, but, with all the blood thinners she's on, she's quickly getting drunk. He starts asking her about when she saw Griggs at the benefit, trying to slip her up. She tries to be smooth and cover herself. He takes her arm and discovers that she is wearing Marina's bracelet. 'Where'd you get this?' he demands. She tries to make an excuse but he's not buying it. He demands to know where Marina is and Harley pops up to echo his commands. Cyrus can't believe that she would do this to an innocent person. Alex starts lashing out at him for running around on her and plotting to embarrass her in front of the whole town. Flustered, she tells him that things could still work out between them. 'Are you insane?' he shouts, throwing his hands up. Harley pleads for information on where Marina could be but Alex has to admit she doesn't know, but she can lead them to Griggs. She tells Cyrus again that she only wanted to help him. He promises her that the second they get Marina back, he won't be have anything to with this marriage anymore.

Vanessa and Mallet go to Company and discuss what to do with Dinah next. He informs her that she's moved out and is on her own now. Suddenly, Dinah and Matt arrive and sit at the bar nearby. Vanessa and Mallet try to ignore them and talk about treatment options. He can't ignore them though. Meanwhile, Dinah tells Matt that she can't imagine going back to Mallet...he wouldn't even let her drive. Vanessa strolls over, clearing her throat and pulling her daughter outside. She demands to know what she is up to. 'You are acting out big time... the way you used to do when you were younger,' Vanessa points out. Dinah doesn't do anything the way she used to do, she says. Mallet stopped her from being who she really is. Vanessa assumes that she's just out for revenge now. Dinah doesn't deny it. She goes back inside and accuses Mallet of trying to turn everyone against her. 'Everyone can take of themselves and I can take care of myself,' she asserts, handing him her wedding ring and leaving with her keys and Matt following behind. When Dinah gets home, Vanessa appears and tells her daughter that some of what she said made sense. She admits that she may have made a mistake in the way she pushed her divorce. She asks Dinah to tell Matt that she wants to talk to him. Once she walks out, Dinah slams the door after her and then calls room service to deliver pancakes to Vanessa every hour on the hour and charges them to Mallet.

Daisy arrives at Cedars for her appointment. Harley was supposed to be there with her but she's stuck at work. She's already thought everything through and has made her decision. The nurse brings her in and starts to prep her. Alone, Daisy looks at a picture of Rafe on her phone and then calls him. When he answers, she finds it hard to talk but keeps him on the line while she waits for the doctor. He enthusiastically tells her about the future he plans for them, about graduation day and their trip to Europe.

At The Beacon, Reva knocks on Dylan's door. He answers, swigging a beer and letting her in. She surmises that he's talked to Daisy. He did, but it all came out wrong; all that he could tell her was that he was disappointed and she threw her life away. He wanted to help her and give her support, but the simple fact that she's pregnant is already a sign that he's a failure. Reva tells him again that they have to makes sure Daisy knows she's not alone. They try calling Daisy and Harley without luck. She offers to leave and do damage control. Hurrying over to Cedars, she searches for her granddaughter. The nurse lets her in to see Daisy. She's just woken up: 'It's over,' she cries to Reva. Pulling up a chair, Reva wishes that she'd told her what she was going to do; she shouldn't have gone through this alone. Daisy insists that this is what made sense and she's not sorry: She really thought this through and made the decision based on what was best for everyone. Reva strokes her hair. She can't tell her what was best; it's her body. Daisy insists that it's best that she took care of things this way, without telling everyone, even if that made it harder. Reva hugs her as she cries.

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