Harley and Cyrus walk into her house trying to figure out something they can trade for Marina. She's out of ideas and decides to feed them. He's heard about her cooking and tries to get away but she stops him and gets him to eat. She chats with Zach on the phone (he's still keeping their secret) and then she gets ready to go. He helps her put her coat on and tells her that he understands why Marina looked up to her. Suddenly, he spots Frank outside. She tries to chase him out the back door but it's stuck. She goes out the front and tries to keep Frank out but he walks in. Luckily, Cyrus is nowhere to be seen. Frank tells her that he thinks Cyrus is with Griggs and they're laughing at him. Harley reminds him that Cyrus loves his daughter. 'How do you feel about him?' he asks. She tells him that he is not a threat, just a thief. Frank apologizes for making her deal with all of this while her marriage is falling apart. Her phone starts ringing and Frank leaves. It's Daisy on the phone, telling her mother that she has a gynecologists appointment. Harley offers to go with her.

At Cedars, Alex hops into her bed and receives a package: A cheap piece of jewelery. 'Looks like something only Marina Cooper would wear.' Realizing what this must mean, she tries to get onto her scooter and over to a pay phone. She can't make it though, but Cyrus suddenly runs in, closing all the blinds. She's glad to see that he's okay. Marina didn't do anything to deserve this, he tells her. 'Maybe not...' she says. He helps her into her scooter and holds her hand, offering to keep in touch and thanking her for everything. 'You're a gem,' he says, kissing her cheek before running off. She drives out into the corridor and starts making a call. Griggs picks up and she tells him his money is on the way. He's happy to hear it, but before she can check on Marina's well-being, he's already hung up. Later, Harley arrives and asks Alex if she's heard from Cyrus. The two women taunt each before Harley walks off. She goes down the hall and, after starting at the pay phone, get an idea. She calls the station to get them to do a trace on the pay phones in the hospital. Meanwhile, Cyrus has returned to Harley and looks at a picture of Marina. He calls Griggs and threatens to kill him if he hurts her. Later, after he does a little carpentry work around the house, Harley returns. She tells him about the pay phones in Cedars. She had them traced and a bunch of calls to Griggs have turned up. She is sure that it's Alex who has been calling him. 'I think she hired him to kidnap Marina.'

At CO2, Rafe is frustrated as he tries to get through his math homework. Before he can throw his calculator away, Dylan grabs his arm. He accuses Rafe of messing up Daisy's life and questions him confrontationally. Rafe clearly doesn't know the news. He tries to tell Dylan that he is being responsible and no one gives Daisy enough credit. 'Do not tell me how to raise my daughter!' Dyan angrily says. If anything happens to his daughter, he will do whatever he has to in order to protect her, he threatens before leaving.

Daisy goes to see Natalia for a talk. She's not there to ask about seeing Rafe again, she assures her. She cares about him and doesn't want to damage his future. Natalia wishes she didn't have to be so tough on her son and keep him from someone he loves, but she's a mother and that's what mothers do. Daisy knows she gave a lot up for him...did she ever think of giving him up? No, he's the closest thing she's ever done to doing something right. She just wants what's best for him, and her for that matter. 'Go to college like me and your mom never did,' she advises. Daisy asks her what she would have done differently if she'd had a chance. She wouldn't do anything differently because it would mean that she wouldn't have Rafe, but she still wonders sometimes... She gets back to work, leaving Daisy in the hall. Rafe sneaks up on her for a cuddle but she keeps her distance. He tells her that he just saw Dylan and he wasn't in a good mood. She asks him if he's ever thought about what his mother gave up and if he's ever wanted to have kids. Before getting much of an answer, she hurries away. He tracks down his mother and gives her a little present. She throws him an apple and asks him what's up between he and Daisy. He says that she's been distant lately. She wonders if she's changed her focus and is more concerned about school now. He thinks that she should be, but he doesn't see why she can't do that and be with him. He tells his mother that he wants to take Daisy to Europe with him; they have eight months to prove how responsible they are. She pushes him out the door and tells him she has to get back to work.

Dinah paces around Main Street. Talking on the phone, she tells the police that she can help them get Cyrus. They're not receptive to the offer. Daisy appears and they start to talk. Dinah remembers when Daisy was born, she was there, and it changed everyone's life. She always wanted a little girl like her... Later, Daisy sits alone when Dylan appears, looming over her before sitting down. She knows that he knows. 'I'm so sorry dad,' she says. He can't speak. He just starts pacing until he screams. He can't believe that this is happening. Sometimes it seems like she wants to mess up her life. This is going to break her mother's heart. 'I didn't want this...I never thought this could happen to me,' she admits. 'It did. Now we have to live with it,' he shakes his head before leaving. She continues over to Cedars and sits in the waiting room. She begins talking to the young woman sitting beside her; she's giving her baby up for adoption. When Daisy's called up, the nurse tells her that Harley got called off to work and won't be able to join her. Daisy goes in alone.

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