On Main Street, Matt finds Dinah carting her boxes along. He assumes that sleeping with him managed to ruin her marriage to Mallet. He almost left town after the fight they had with Vanessa. 'You're the reason I came back,' he tells her. She tells him that Mallet has already forgiven her. She loves Mallet, but she's leaving him: She's too much for him... and anyone else. 'So you don't want to choose?' he asks her. That's not what it's about. Right now, she needs to be on her own. She goes back to her home to finish packing. Mallet walks in and takes a drink. He's rough shape and has barely slept since she left. He's also feeling bad for Marina. Dinah tries to tell him that he's not responsible. 'Go home...wherever that is now,' he says. She tells him that he can't take care of the entire world; he's a mess and needs to ease up on himself. His phone starts ringing and Dinah tries to right down the numbers for him as he says them to her. She writes them down wrong and gets upset. She's overwhelmed when she's with him. He confuses her. He admits that she's hurt him, but he wants her to come back anyway: He wants to fix things. Dinah can't do that; she is not what she was. She leaves, pulling off her wedding ring as she walks down to Matt's room. She doesn't want to be alone, she admits to him. 'Going back to Mallet?' he asks. 'No,' she says. She's a different person now and she wants to be there with him. Dinah begins kissing Matt.

Rafe arrives at The Beacon with a lunch for his mother. She wonders what he really wants. Gus suddenly appears with a lunch for her. She takes the meals, but tells Rafe that he still can't see Daisy and informs Gus that she is no longer seeing Remy. Gus hands his son a package from Alan. It contains a note from Alan offering him a trip to Spain as a graduation present. Rafe is happy, but his parents say they'll have to talk about this. Gus assumes that Alan is only trying to buy the boy's love. As a gesture, Rafe offers to reject the offer. Natalia leaves the men to sort it out on their own. Gus doesn't want to see his son throw this opportunity away just to be around to look out for his mother. She might need him, but she has other men in her life that can look out for her. 'You're seventeen years old... the only person you've gotta take care of is you,' Gus advises. Later, as Gus hangs around waiting on the balcony, Natalia comes out for her lunch break. He starts to probe about her breakup with Remy. They quickly start arguing heatedly. She just wants to get over him and can't take anymore of these mixed signals he sends. He grabs her and starts to kiss her passionately. She breaks away and walks off, just as Rafe returns. He accuses his father of using his mother. Gus insists that he wouldn't do that and he won't drop her for Harley.

Daisy sits outside of Company and tries to be polite to Mallet as he walks by. As soon as he's gone, she's sick in the corner. Reva appears and Daisy worries if she's already started to show. Her grandmother plays with her hair and tells her that she should tell Dylan and Harley the news now. Daisy knows it's time. After Reva walks away, Daisy calls her mother and tells her that they need to talk. Daisy heads over to Cedars for her appointment first. The doctor asks her what help she needs. Daisy still doesn't know what to do. The doctor can only provide information, not make suggestions. Daisy just doesn't know what to think or what to do. 'A pregnancy changes your life, but it doesn't have to ruin it,' the doctor advises. Whatever she chooses, she can get through it. Daisy agrees to come back later in the week for another chat.

Josh starts moving into the reverend's office. Cassie wonders if he's nervous about facing his parishioners. She checks his appointments: It looks like he's already got one with Reva. After Cassie leaves, her sister soon arrives, hoping she and Josh can keep this professional. She anxiously fiddles around; she's not the one in trouble though, it's Daisy: She's pregnant. Josh takes that in for a minute. She starts to pace around the room and tells him about when she became pregnant with Marah. She still misses all of the time that she lost with her children. She can't understand what Daisy is thinking now, or what she should do for her. 'It's a good thing she has you in her life,' Josh says. Reva thanks him, but it's time for her to go. 'Diaper duty' is a lot to consider, she tells him. 'I'm not ready for that,' Josh lets slip, shaking his head. Reva's ears perk up: She didn't know he was considering it. He tells her that he's starting to feel older and he doesn't want to be a new dad again. Anyway, back to Daisy: She needs to know that everyone will be there for her and love her, he advises.

Daisy goes down to Main Street where she has a chat with Emma's nanny at the newsstand. Olivia arrives with her daughter and sends her home with the nanny. She stands by Cassie and they watch the little girl walking away. Cassie misses that so much. 'So you want a baby huh?' Olivia asks. Cassie smiles. That's what she wants. Olivia says that it's good as long as she wants a child to add to the family, not to hold it together. Cassie is almost offended by what she is suggesting. If it was her, Olivia explains, she'd just not take her birth control, but Cassie should do this honestly. Daisy stands by watching them. She picks up a baby doll from a table just as Rafe arrives. They sit down and kiss. He holds the doll and admits that he never had toys as a kid. Then he shows her the tickets for Spain. He traded in a first class ticket for two in coach so they can go together. She tells him that it sounds great. He can't hide how excited he is, but she's becoming more uncomfortable and looks for an excuse to get away.

Reva arrives at Cedars and finds Dylan badgering a nurse for the reason why Daisy's name was on an appointment sheet. Taking him aside, Reva breaks the news to him. He's floored by the news, especially when his daughter was getting her life back on track. Reva tells him that they need to be supportive. She has choices and she can't handle having a baby now, he insists. All the while, Daisy has gone over to The Beacon to talk to Natalia about her problem. Meanwhile, Cassie returns to Josh. She tells him that there is a void in her and she needs to fill it by having a child with him. She knows how he feels about it, but that doesn't make how she feels wrong. She begs him to think about it.

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