Cyrus stares out at the New York skyline and admits that he hates being there. Harley hates being stuck there too, away from her kids. He wants to go out and beat the pavement in search of Marina, even if he has to knock on every door. Harley's busy analyzing the recording of Griggs' call. He wants to go down to the docks and search for clues they might have missed. After he leaves, Harley continues listening. Down by the water, Cyrus skips a rock before hearing Marina's voice. He turns to her and she tells him that he is right about everything and she loves France. He realizes that this is all in his imagination. Harley rushes over to him and explains that she's finally figured out where Marina is: Springfield. She managed to isolate the bells on the tape and realized they were the Springfield bells. Cyrus is skeptical, but she is certain. They jump into her car and he soon falls asleep. He begins dreaming of holding Marina again. 'There are consequences to loving you,' she tells him. He doesn't understand. She kisses him and he asks her where she is. 'I'm gone,' she says. Cyrus wakes up again.

Cyrus and Harley arrive at Company. Before they can go in, he spots the wanted posters that Frank has had posted for him. He asks her if this is all a setup; it looks like Frank is still trying to send him away. Before he can run off, she takes him to The Beacon. They go into Marina's room and she tells him to stay there while she talks Frank around. When she walks out, she stops at the door as his phone rings. She hurries back in to listen to the call. It's the hospital telling him about Alex. He had no idea of what was going on. Harley admits that she knew all along but never told him. She tells him to stay put.

At Cedars, Alex wakes up after being unconscious for a week. She demands a phone and kicks the nurse out. As she tries calling Griggs, Cyrus enters the hall. She explains to Griggs that she's been unconscious. He knows that already; he talked to Alan, who was not very helpful. All the extra work she's put him through is going to cost more money, he tells her. He refuses to answer her when she asks if Marina is still alive. Cyrus enters the room, interrupting the call as he hands his wife a bundle of flowers. She hangs up the phone and asks him what's happened. He shows her the wanted poster. She assumes he's there to get money to go on the run. He's only there to check on her; he feels responsible. 'For the blood clot? Even you couldn't cause that Cyrus Foley,' she says. He pulls up a chair and asks her if they're 'okay'. 'Life is very short,' she says. There's no reason they shouldn't stand by each other. She takes his hand.

Harley arrives at headquarters. Frank runs to her and embraces her, asking her if there has been a break. She explains that she couldn't call him before but that Cyrus didn't run. He's been going crazy with worry. She tells him that he needs to pull the wanted posters for Cyrus, he's still the best chance they have to get Marina back. Frank still wants to see Cyrus rot. She doesn't tell him where Cyrus is, instead she lies and says that they split up when they got back to town and now he's gone. Going back to Cyrus at The Beacon, she explains that she covered for him. She feels bad about lying to her brother and keeping him in the dark about everything. When she walks out the door, she's startled to run into Gus in the hallway. She explains everything that's happened, telling him that Cyrus has gone on the run. He wonders why she was in Marina's room and walks in. Luckily, Cyrus has already hidden. Gus tries to give Harley some support, awkwardly hugging her and telling her about the kids. She can't do this comforting routine though; she knows that she can't rely on it in the future and tells him to go back to his family.

Harley returns home where the kids run into her arms. She smiles, happy to see that they missed her so much, even Daisy. She offers to get caught up with her about everything but Daisy tells her they'll have to do that later. Frank arrives. She hugs him and invites him to dinner. Spotting Cyrus outside, she makes an excuse and sends everyone to Company so that she can slip away and talk to him. He's already stolen her car and gone. Unfortunately, it runs out of gas down the street. As he spots a cop putting up a wanted poster, he ducks into a photo booth to hide. While he gets some advice from an imaginary Marina, Harley tracks him down and he pulls her into the booth. She feels awful about deceiving the brother who raised her, but she hatches a plan. After she gets the car gassed up, they head back to The Beacon. Suddenly, Zach comes to the door; he's been following them and recognizes Cyrus from the wanted posters. He asks her if she's arresting Cyrus and she tries to explain that he's not a bad guy; it's just 'pretend' to catch a bad guy. She's very impressed by his tracking skills and assures him that she is not going anywhere.

Harley takes Zach back to Company and sends him inside to Buzz. Cyrus comes out of the shadows and asks her what's next. Moments later, she arrives at the station with a bump on her head claiming that Cyrus knocked her out and ran. Frank wishes that she'd told him the truth earlier. She only wanted to believe that Cyrus really loved Marina and wanted to rescue her. He reminds her that Cyrus has conned a lot of people, she shouldn't feel bad. When she returns home, she finds Gus waiting outside her door. She doesn't want to talk to him, but he wants to help. 'We're not "us" anymore,' she points out. He still wants to help and offers to go over ideas about the case or to take care of the kids. He wishes that things could be normal for everyone. Things aren't normal anymore and the kids need to get used to him being gone; the best thing is for him to walk away, she insists. After he leaves, she goes inside and lays down on the couch. Cyrus comes down the stairs and apologizes for everything he's put her through. She assures him that Frank is convinced that he is gone; now, at least Frank can focus on Marina instead of him. They order a pizza and start to go through a list.

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