Cassie, Billy, Mel and Josh debate who is going to take full responsibility for the building collapse. Josh doesn't want his brother to take the fall and Cassie thinks that she should take the blame. As they loudly argue, Lizzie interrupts with a whistle. She read the contract and none of them are actually to blame. Bill is the one behind the whole setup. Mel says it might not matter anyway: She shows them a letter from one of the families that lost their home in the disaster. It thanks Lewis for all of their help taking care of medical expenses and finding them a new place to live. As Mel and Lizzie walk away to finish the PR campaign, Josh tells his brother that he's off the hook for this: He's not going to be running the company anymore; he needs to sober up. Billy argues for a chance to step up and do things right; there is no cure for alcoholism, he says, so a leave of absence won't help. After recalling their childhood, Josh gives in and lets his brother have another chance. Meanwhile, Cassie goes into Company where she finds Lizzie watching the Lewis brothers arguing. 'Aren't they adorable,' she smiles. She thought there were no good guys left until she met them. The whole family has been such an inspiration for her, particularly the way that Cassie pulled herself back together after losing Tammy. She admits that sometimes she thinks of having another baby and wonders if it's wrong to try and replace Sarah.

Josh takes Cassie back to the office. He's just so happy that he will be a minister soon. Right now the bestseller lists are full of books questioning religion and he's happy that the questions are being asked and hopes that people can seek out answers with him. As he looks through the mail, he discovers a note for Cassie from the fertility clinic. He doesn't understand so she explains that she made the appointment before they talked about it: She just wanted to find out if she could get pregnant again. He loves kids, but he doesn't think this is a good time. She tells him he has more gas in the tank than he realizes. He knows that, even though she's fifteen years younger than him, he can handle her, but his whole mind is focussed on the church and the new family that it brings. She says that she'll cancel the appointment, but when she is about to throw the not away, she puts it in her purse instead. Meanwhile, Lizzie and Billy discuss his son. It seems like Bill has been blowing off all of his responsibilities and making a lot of mistakes down in Venezuela. He tries calling him, but the young woman that answers the phone hangs up on him. He suspects that she must be hiding something and calls again. This time he tells the woman to tell Bill that he is fired.

At Company, Natalia shows Gus an article about Rafe's charity work in the paper. He's impressed that she got him to wear a tie for the photo. Alan walks in to tell her that Remy is outside. He finds the article about Rafe and can't hide how proud he is. Gus is just worried that Natalia is running off with Remy. His father reminds him that she's a grown woman and can do what she wants. Alan tells Natalia that Gus is just being protective of her because he's lost Harley. After raising his grandson so well, she needs to have some fun in her life. She leaves and Gus accuses his father of plotting to seduce Natalia. 'Are you establishing your territory with her?' Alan asks, warning Gus that Remy is the least of his problems: Now, Gus has to fight Alan too.

Natalia and Remy go out on the town. As they kiss on Main Street, Remy's bookie appears and begins threatening him for all the money he owes. Natalia offers her antique watch (it belonged to her mother) to help pay the debt. Remy tells her no and they start to argue until the bookie is about to draw his knife. Before he can, Gus runs up to rescue them, grabbing the knife, wrenching the man's arm and telling the guy to get lost. Remy tells Gus that he could have handled it and that he should stop with his obsession with Natalia: It's only hurting her. Gus reminds her that he only ever left her to protect her; Remy need to walk away; all he does is put her in danger. She refuses to leave Remy. When Gus is gone, Remy admits that Gus is right: If she stays with him, she will get hurt. She can't believe that he's dumping her after months of chasing her. Meanwhile, Alan goes over to Cedars and finds the bookie. It turns out that Alan paid him off for his little show with Remy. He hopes that this will make Natalia convinced that Remy is a loser. The bookie is sure it worked, but Gus is another matter. 'I'll take care of him,' Alan smiles.

Reva arrives at Cedars after getting a fake message from Jeffrey to meet her there. She tells him that she has a pact with Alan and she can't break it. 'He didn't save your life, he owns it,' Jeffrey states. She has a choice: She can still go to the police. That's not going to happen: Alan would find out that Jonathan is still alive if this whole thing turned into a police investigation. She would sooner die than give up her children. Suddenly, Alan appears and Jeffrey instantly begins taunting him. While Reva won't give Alan up for murder, Jeffrey would be glad to. Alan offers to help out Ava but Jeffrey doesn't like that gesture. Next, he brings up Jeffrey's sordid and criminal past; if he'd been in Alan's place, would he have done things any different? After leaving Jeffrey with a threat, he walks off with Reva. She thinks that they should just tell the truth, but Alan doesn't have enough power or money to shield either of them if this comes out. He reminds her to keep Jeffrey silent, joking that, at least Josh would keep his mouth shut for her. Jeffrey follows them: He made a call about the sheriff. He called in a favor with some contacts in California and put out the suggestion that the sheriff was killed by people he owed a debt to. Alan thanks him, though Jeffrey only did this for Reva. Jeffrey just wants to take Reva home and asks Alan to stay away from her. He can make this go away, but he can make it come back just as easy, he threatens. As Alan walks away, Reva laughs and hugs Jeffrey. She asks him to take her home to Waldo. Before he does, he reminds her that he is not Josh: He won't chase after her again. She's got it. They kiss.

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