Daisy arrives at Cedars when Ashlee surprises her and wonders what her friend is doing there. As Daisy bumbles though an excuse, Ashlee finally stops her to explain that Coop has asked her to 'go away' with him to a cabin with a shared bedroom. She really wants to make him happy but... Daisy warns her that it's a big move to make. Ashlee agrees and decides that the best thing is to do nothing but try and keep everything just the same. As she hurries away, the hospital counselor comes out to talk to Daisy. Nervously, Daisy sets up an appointment. Afterwards, she goes down to Main Street and watches a woman talking to her baby. She starts to cry until Buzz interrupts. He assumes that she's just sad about Marina and Harley. They sit down and she tells him that she never used to care about what any adult thought about her, but now it feels like it matters. She just wants everyone to be proud of her. Buzz is proud of her already; he just hopes she'll be proud of him: He and Coop have launched an attack campaign against Doris and he's still not sure it's a good idea to play dirty.

On Main Street, Doris finishes a press statement before Ava hurries up to her. Doris worries to Ava that Ashlee is going to run off with Coop and ruin her life. Ava is disturbed to see just how worried Doris is and accuses her of ruining the life of anyone who gets close to Ashlee. Doris thinks its an awfully Olivia-like move for Ava to exploit this situation to try and get Coop back. Ava argues that she's only worried about Coop; he's a good guy and he doesn't need to be destroyed. Besides, it wouldn't be politically good for Doris to do something nasty to her main competitor's son. She offers to help break Ashlee and Coop up. Slightly rolling her eyes, Doris reluctantly agrees, but warns her that, if she fails, they'll have to do things her way.

Coop walks in on his father at Company, outraged by what Doris has been saying about Marina. Coop begins explaining that Doris has destroyed the lives of all the guys that Ashlee has been involved with. He needs to protect her from her mother. Buzz tells him that cooler heads need to be involved in this mess and offers to talk to Doris on his behalf. After Coop storms off, Ashlee comes to sit with him at CO2 and tells him she can't go away with him. He apologizes; he's a mess and just wanted to run away with the most beautiful woman he knows. She gives him a hug. Later, Ava stops him as he fetches a milkshake for Ashlee. She makes no secret that she thinks him getting more involved with Ashlee is a bad idea. 'I know you like to play the hero but she can't be saved. Give it up,' she warns him.

Meanwhile, Doris arrives at Company for a coffee and Buzz flips the open sign to closed so they can have a little chat. He knows that she's been promising everyone in town that she will protect them from him, but 'who's going to protect you from me?' he asks her. He brings up Jack Summers and how Doris destroyed his life when she found out he was getting close to her daughter. Doris still insists that she is only protecting her daughter; she knows what it's like to be taken advantage of and have no one to look after you. 'What happened to you?' Buzz asks. He's not going to get an answer though and Doris repeats that she's doen ti all for family. Even worse than putting an innocent man behind bars, he goes on to argue, is that she let her daughter believe that this was all her fault. Ashlee walks in on the conversation (after eavesdropping for awhile) and Buzz steps out. She wishes that her mother would stop lying to her and hurting people just to keep her isolated from everyone. Doris reminds her that she's always been afraid of people hurting them; she shot Alan for that very reason after all. Ashlee insists that was different. Doris repeats again that she's only ever done everything she has in order to protect her. Coop walks in and Ashlee bursts into tears before running away. Doris warns him to watch his step. He walks out to Ashlee, who tells him that she feels confused. He kisses her and tells her that he needs her. Doris look on, arching an eyebrow.

At police headquarters, a distraught Frank starts blaming himself for everything that's gone wrong in his daughter's life. Mallet calms him down, but Frank is worried about what Cyrus is going to do next. He's sure that something has gone seriously wrong with the plan: Harley's cell phone has gone dead and Cyrus' ankle bracelet signal has been cut. They go to Mallet's room and Frank begins searching through all of Marina's files for clues. He doesn't find any, but he reveals that he's had a wanted poster drawn up for Cyrus just in case this happened.

In New York, Cyrus and Harley creep down to the dock and onto a boat. She point her gun while he pops the hatch. When they look inside, they find a man bound and gagged in the hull. After pulling the gag from his mouth, he explains that he was knocked out after Marina tried to give him a note. Cyrus angrily jumps around the boat before they go back to their room. He starts to tear the furniture apart until she begs him not to totally lose it. They can try again, she promises. Suddenly, their phone starts ringing: It's Griggs. He tells them that Marina is okay and taunts them with the fact that he was close by watching the whole time they searched the boat. Calmly, Cyrus tries to talk a deal out of Griggs, who obviously enjoys sarcastically taunting him. Cyrus offers himself in Marina's place. Griggs tells him to get rid of Harley first. When she refuses, he renews his threats. Afterwards, she gets him a glass of water and tells them that they should call Frank. 'I should be where she is,' he says. 'No argument there,' she tells him. His rage boiling over, he smashes the glass in his hand. Calming him down, she reminds him to stay focussed: Right now, Griggs is just playing with them.

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