Daisy and Rafe are in the hallway at school. She can't hide her awkwardness and keeps telling him that things have changed. 'If things get difficult, I'll be there to help you', he insists. All of a sudden, Harley calls and they share an awkward pause, but Daisy doesn't tell her mother the news. Harley tells her that she's impressed by how responsible she's been lately and...Daisy tries again, but her mother doesn't make it easy to get a word in. Once Harley hangs up, Daisy tells Rafe she has to go and abruptly walks off.

Outside of Company, Reva is drinking and wishing that things were over between she and Alan. She's sick of him bugging her telephone. 'This isn't working between us...and I can't take it anymore!' She threatens to call the police and accuses him of trying to frame her. Alan tries to convince her that they are in this together and they just need to trust each other. Telling him she needs another drink, she goes inside and watches him walk off. As soon as he's gone, she follows. She chases him down to the police station where she accuses him of trying to rat her out. As she starts calling for Frank, he begins nervously laughing until Daisy shows up, desperate to talk to her grandmother. Before they can have a heart to heart, Rafe arrives. Alan tries to keep his grandson away from the Reva-Daisy discussion and takes him to the other end of the station. Reva tells her granddaughter that she can count on her for whatever she needs. Meanwhile, Alan reminds Rafe that the Coopers are out to hurt them. Rafe doesn't care about the family politics, he only cares about Daisy. Moving away from his grandfather, he rushes over to Daisy to check on her. As he walks her back to school, Alan angrily returns to Reva. They realize that they need to protect each other in order to protect their loved ones: There would be too much fallout if they were exposed now. 'If this were a wedding, there would be vows,' she says, 'I now pronounce us mutually dependent,' Alan smirks.

Rafe and Daisy go down to Main Street. He tells her what Alan said about her dragging him down. She wonders if Alan might be right. Rafe doesn't understand why she would think that. Although she keeps her distance, he can clearly see that something is seriously wrong. She kisses him and hurries away, leaving him to ruminate at the coffee bar. Alan tracks him down and apologizes. He admits that he has a bad habit of trying to control the people he loves. He doesn't want to make that mistake again. Rafe agrees to give him another chance and Alan thanks him. Meanwhile, Daisy has gone to Cedars and arrives at the door of the family planning unit.

Reva is called over to Dylan's room at The Beacon. She's shocked to find that Jeffrey is waiting for her in the room rather than her son. He's figured out that she went to Tourmaline to see Jonathan. He asks her to do him a favor and just fill in the blanks. 'Alan Spaulding saved my life,' she says. She explains that Jonathan went to California and got involved with a girl. Her father, the local sheriff, didn't like it and called Alan. When Alan taunted Reva about this, she hurried to the little town to check it out. Meanwhile, finding that the father was beating his daughter, Jonathan beat him with a shovel and thought he killed him. It turned out that he wasn't and, when Reva arrives to cover things up, the sheriff tried to kill her. Luckily, Alan arrived just in time and shot the sheriff dead. They buried him in the woods and ran. After hearing the complete story, Jeffery understands, but insists that she has to turn Alan in.

At CO2, Buzz tells Frank that Eleni called and offered to help out with Marina. Frank doesn't want her around; there's nothing she could do anyway. Everything hinges on what Cyrus does right now, a fact that irks Frank enormously. They're just waiting for something to go wrong. Suddenly, Doris arrives in one of her walking press conferences. She suggests to reporters that Marina may be a collaborator in her own kidnapping and that Harley was just sent after her to cover things up. Buzz holds Frank back and jumps in on Doris' anti-Cooper rant. He tells her that this is not a family matter and she can't exploit this for the sake of the election. Frank becomes furious and tells the reporters to turn off the cameras. When they won't, he starts to fight with them until his father pushes him back, reminding him to 'think' and not fall into Doris' trap. A cop arrives with news for Frank and he calls Harley. Later, Frank hears that Cyrus' ankle transmitter has gone dead and wonders if Cyrus is really the one behind all of this. Franks starts to beat himself up over everything that's happening and, though Buzz tries to calm him, it doesn't work. Buzz is left behind to think. He calls Coop and tells him to start digging into Doris' past for dirt. Meanwhile, Frank tracks down Doris and threatens to sue her for slander.

In New York, Cyrus and Harley are tired from all of the looking they've been doing. He suggests that they try sleeping in shifts. Instead, they sit on the floor and start to fall asleep together. When he begins touching her shoulder, she calls him 'Gus'. Suddenly waking, he brings this up and she denies what just happened. They start talking about Marina again and he tries to cheer her up and make her enthusiastic about finding her. He gives her some food and a phone, encouraging her to call Gus or her kids. She looks out the window at the city until he encourages he to go have a shower. When she does, the phone rings: It's Frank. He has a lead but he won't tell Cyrus. The Australian reminds him that every minute counts and Frank reluctantly tells him that they got a location on Griggs' phone. As soon as Cyrus gets an address, he runs out. He doesn't get far without Harley trailing after him. They begin arguing about what to do next but she agrees to cut off his tracking device. They go into the security office at the docks and pretend to be an importing couple. Although Cyrus tries to do most of the talking, Harley keeps contradicting him, raising the suspicions of the guard. Before he can call in his suspicions, she flirtatiously distracts him and sends Cyrus off, swiping the guard's keys when he's not looking. They knock him out and run with the keys, creeping out to the docks.

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