Reva comes knocking on Daisy's door. She asks her granddaughter if she's told Harley about her pregnancy yet. She needs to tell her right away; this is something she can't hide from. She was only with Rafe once: How can this happen? It's so unfair, Daisy says. Reva offers to help her get through it as long as she lets her and the family in. 'It's what you have to do,' she insists. Daisy is reluctant to take advice from a woman who has never taken advice in her life. 'I hate my life! Nothing ever goes right!' Daisy shouts, walking out the door with a slam.

A rough-looking Frank sits down on the Main Street bench with Daisy. Morosely, he tells her how worried he is about Marina. He's sorry that he hasn't been spending more time with Daisy and assures her that she can come to him about anything. She tells him not to worry so much. He walks away just as she gets a call from the school: Dylan is waiting there to meet her. Automatically, she assumes that Reva must have called him and told him everything. She heads over to the school and is told that her father is waiting for her alone in the principal's office. She paces the hall and tries to come yo with an explanation until Dylan leans out and tells her to come in. As she stumbles through an explanation, he stops her and tells her that he always knew this would happen. She's shocked when he seems happy, however. He hugs her, congratulating her on becoming school vice president. He's so happy that things seem to be working out for her and she has finally buckled down. Now she can start making her plans for college. 'There's still a lot to figure out,' she says, still confused. He begins urging her to start applying to colleges's only nine moths away, he reminds her.

In the hall, Rafe stumbles and waits outside for Dylan to leave. Once he's gone, Daisy walks out and tells Rafe that something is wrong. She tries, but she just can't explain what's happened, even when he tells her that she can tell him anything. Daisy pretends that she's just worried about being on the school council. He tries to relax her with a kiss but she pushes him away.

Mel and Jeffrey are discussing their latest case at CO2. He asks her out for the night. She agrees to 'acknowledge their amazing chemistry', but only if he's capable of committing. When Jeffrey doesn't run at this, she wonders what's up. He's not afraid of commitment, he insist; he just wants fun though. 'You and Reva were going steady,' she points out. Now he's obviously in denial and bouncing around. He obviously has a 'Reva problem'. Jeffrey doesn't know how it happened; there was supposed to be no baggage and just laughs, but it turned into something more. Now it's 'bothering' him. He takes out some of Reva's random possessions, including a hairdryer and a picture of Jonathan, and asks Mel to drop them off to her at the mansion. She won't do that; if he wants Reva, he should 'storm the castle' himself. Does he really think that Reva and Alan are having an affair? No, but he doesn't know what to think. Seeing what a hopeless mess he is, she walks off.

Alan finds Natalia working as a maid at The Beacon. He doesn't want to see her doing this; she raised his grandson so now she can relax. He admires her pride, but wishes she'd just let him take her out to dinner. She brings up the kiss they shared, she told Gus it was nothing; now she needs to hear it from him. He explains that he was just having a hard day but she was there for him. That's what she thought; he doesn't have to be afraid of showing emotion if front of her, she says. He tells her that his relationship with his sister is very complicated, but it means a great deal to him. He just wishes that his son would see that Natalia is a much better woman than Harley, but Gus seems terminally smitten with the blond Cooper. Alan hopes that he and Natalia can still be friends. 'Maybe we can watch Oprah some time,' she jokes. 'If you won't tell anybody,' he smiles. He continues hanging around as she works, helping her out. She's impressed by all his fundraising but it seems like his cancer work with Reva isn't going well; he smokes an awful lot when Reva is around. Dealing with her is 'dicey' he admits, especially since Josh took up with Cassie. He's worried that she might do something destructive. 'Gee Alan, I really appreciate your concern,' Reva says, suddenly appearing and breaking into the conversation. She's there to visit Dylan, but she takes the opportunity to say that they are making a mistake keeping Rafe and Daisy apart. Natalia walks away and Reva grabs Alan's tie. She accuses him of trying to set her up to take the fall for the murder.

Rafe goes to see Gus at the police station. He tells his father that he wants them to be straight with each other from now on. He wants to be with Daisy and they've both been working hard in school to prove that they're mature. Gus gives him permission to see her, but nothing else. Later, Jeffrey arrives and asks Gus for an update on Marina. Frank has asked him to look after her legal interests and asks for a copy of the report. As Gus gets it, Jeffrey starts to probe him for information about Reva and Alan. Gus asks him what, exactly, he wants to know. He asks Gus to keep an eye on things. Gus agrees to tell him if something comes up. Soon, Jeffrey is on the phone again, talking to his contacts and checking through Alan's phone calls. They don't seem to amount to anything, just as lot of calls to Tourmaline, but, when he picks up Reva's photo of Jonathan, he finds the article from the Tourmaline newspaper hidden behind it and starts to put things together.

Alan takes Reva outside and reminds her that they have to work together until everything blows over. They go into Company and continue bickering. She doesn't know how his children could have standed living with him. She shouts out that they killed someone, but, since they laugh afterwards, everyone assumes it's a joke. 'You're a time bomb,' he says. 'Don't tick me off,' she smiles, threateningly. Meanwhile, Gus and Natalia meet on Main Street. He tells her that he had breakfast with Rafe and, since the kid has been so good, he decided to let him see Daisy. Natalia is outraged and demands that they go to the school and see the kids now. He reminds her that they can't split them up. Can't she recall when they snuck off together? When it's forbidden, you want it twice as much. They can't handle it that way; they need to give them a little space. He asks her if she want to spend the night doing homework with him and Rafe, '... unless, of course, you have a date with my father?' She's not impressed by his attitude, but he reminds her of how dangerous Alan is. She doesn't need any warnings.

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