Buzz walks around Company staring at his election posters. He asks Coop how they can be concentrating on the campaign while Marina is missing. Coop tells him that they can win this election for her sake. Dragging him over to the computer, he shows his father the popular ads that Doris has been broadcasting. They're smear ads that don't just attack Buzz, but Frank and Marina too. This makes Buzz angry, so Coop shows him an attack ad he's come up with that smears Doris. Buzz is unimpressed by this and asks for something else. Coop shows him another commercial which portrays Buzz as a self-made man. This doesn't appeal much either so he tells Coop to get Ashlee so they can try again. They go out to CO2 and try to shoot an ad but Buzz just can't do it: It's too fake for him. Pulling off his tie, he tells them that he wants to write a love letter to the town.

They follow him down to Company and he explains where he got the name from. When you eat there, you could sit beside someone from any walk of life and keep them company, he explains. They go over to Cedars to interview Rick, who mocks Buzz's coffee. He then talks about growing up there and how wonderful it is. Rick suddenly runs into the corridor and starts to berate Alan for his obsession with Beth's baby. They turn the camera off as the two men start to yell and we see Jeffrey next. He tries to explain what attracted him to the town: ''s something about being accepted,' he says. Suddenly, Olivia arrives and starts to fight with him, asking him why he is still sticking around town when she's tried to throw him out. Buzz decides that this isn't a good image for the town either. They interview Blake next. She says that the town brings out the best and worst in people. She talks about her life there, with all of her broken marriages, illegitimate children etc.. Coop stops this. It's not really what they're looking for. Buzz realizes that things aren't going well. When they spot Frank across the square, they rush over to him but he's too frustrated to talk. 'How much more can happen to this family?' Frank asks before angrily rushing away.

Olivia arrives and offers an interview. Half the town lives in her hotel so who knows it better than her? She tells the camera that a town this messed up, really needs a guy like Buzz. 'It's like running for the mayor of a loony bin!' she exclaims before ranting about all of the problems with the town and the people in it. They should have a warning sign at the edge of town just to keep people out for their own sakes. She gets so upset that she runs off. They go inside Company and watch Mallet and Dinah fight. After she walks out, Buzz asks him why people stay in this town. Mallet wishes he knew... there's no redemption in Springfield, just a chance to make more mistakes. Buzz goes outside and Alan surprises him, asking if 'the natives are co-operating' with his little venture. His problem is that he's a dreamer, Alan explains. The only dream that the people who started this town had was to make a buck and crush the little people for progress. 'It's not OZ, it's ancient Rome...there are few lions in the Colosseum, but the buffet is vast,' Alan quips before walking away.

Buzz goes down to the police station to see Frank. Buzz tries to comfort his son as he worries about Marina. Frank asks him what he was up to. Buzz explains that he was just making a campaign video. He's realized that he has no idea how things work in the town. After he leaves, he runs into Doris. She begins to taunt him about how she just ran a $200 a plate lunch and those people, 'the real citizens' of the town, heard her message. 'I'll bet they.' did he says. As he turns away, dejected and slouching away, he's now sure that this town deserves someone like her. He walks into Coop's room. He offers to show him the completed video, but Buzz doesn't want to see it. He walks out and goes down to Company to drink. Jeffrey arrives and Buzz confesses that he was a drifter for a long time. When he came to this town, he thought he would find something life-altering, but there is nothing inherently good about this place. He just doesn't see the point anymore... Jeffrey walks out and Buzz watches him as he shares a tender moment with Ava and Olivia outside the door. This changes everything for him.

Inspired, Buzz grabs Ava for an interview. She's awkward in front of the camera and starts to tell her story about coming to the town and changing from a naive young woman into someone who really knew who she wanted to be. She also found her biological parents and, though it was hard at the beginning, they're starting to make it as a family. It was just such a coincidence to move to a new town and discover her parents there. Next, Buzz interviews Dinah and she tells him about how she found her parents there. Finding them changed her life and, later, finding Mallet changed her life again. She didn't know that she would ever find something that good. Buzz goes back to Rick and suggests that there must be something good about this town in spite of the divorce rate. 'You can't have a high divorce rate without a high marriage rate,' Rick points out. There's a lot of both because everyone refuses to give up on love. Next, he interviews Billy and asks him why he came back after being taken away in shackles. Springfield seems like a place to get a second start, Billy explains. Buzz knows what he means.

When Buzz returns to the police station, he walks in on Frank as he angrily slams down his phone and slumps in his chair, distraught. After watching him, he goes out and sits before the camera. He's realized that this town is special somehow... perhaps it is the old lighthouse that draws people in, gives them a second chance and reunites families, gives people love when they shouldn't even be looking. He throws a surprise party for Frank so that everyone can show their support for him and let him know that he's not in this alone. 'There's a reason we call this place Company,' Buzz says.

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