At the mansion, Reva calls Jeffrey and blubbers her way through a message before asking him to water her plants. Alan walks in and tells her that he doesn't need Jeffrey brought into 'our lives'. She can't take this anymore. She can't live with Alan, his butlers and the chiming clocks. As she throws a tantrum, she accuses Hilda of stealing her shirts and demands to be let out of the house. Alan isn't letting her go anywhere. 'How can you be so nonchalant when we killed a man and buried him in the woods!' she cries. He sits at his computer and is startled when he sees a news item from California. The body they buried has been found. There aren't any suspects so far. As she sits and reads the article, Alan puts opera on to relax. She thinks that they should call Jeffrey but he warns her that that would be a mistake. He's already disconnected all of her phones and he doesn't want her leaving. When he walks out to take care of some things, she goes on the run. She sneaks down to Company to see Jeffrey. He wants some answers. She takes his hand and pulls him outside. There are things that she needs to tell him...

Rafe walks his nervous mother to her job interview. He suggests that going for another waitressing job is dumb when they live in a mansion. She doesn't want to take charity and tells him that the grocery store is hiring and she wants him to apply. He suspects she just wants him bagging groceries to keep him away from Daisy. She tells him to check his blood sugar. He sits down and does it, insisting that he and Daisy are responsible and can look after themselves. Suddenly, Naomi from the diabetes foundation appears and asks Rafe if he'd like to travel with her, speaking at schools and being role model to other kids with the disease. He's cute and Puerto Rican, that's what kids want to see. She hands him her card and asks him to go to Cedars with her and visit a kid that was just diagnosed. He agrees to do it. 'Make me proud,' Natalia says as they go off.

In Company, Remy is depressed watching the news footage of Marina's kidnapping. It feels like Tammy all over again. His sister tries to get him to cheer up. Lola walks in and Remy wants to hide. He tells his sister that Lola is a psycho stalker who sends him her panties. Mel finds that hard to believe and calls her brother a freak. Lola skips over, acting nice and asking them to lunch with her. He tries to run, reminding his sister that he is seeing Natalia. Lola runs after him, grabbing his hand and quietly making some lewd suggestions until Natalia runs in. Angrily, she tells her that Remy is hers and they even went ring shopping. She douses Lola with some water and strides off. Remy is speechless but goes after her. Later, as she applies for a job, Remy interrupts the interview to say that she can't work nights. He admits that he wants her available at night for him and thanks her for what she did to Lola. She just wants to find the manager and apply, but he pulls her into a dance. She wants to get home. 'To Gus?' he asks. She tells him about her recent problems with Gus over Alan's kiss. Remy is angry but she downplays the whole thing.

At Cedars, the nurse finishes giving Daisy a series of tests. The nurse asks her why she's worried that she's pregnant; didn't she and her boyfriend use protection? Daisy's not sure, it just happened and it was dark. It's too crazy to think that she would get pregnant after only doing it once...the nurse leaves her alone to finish running the tests. As Daisy walks around the ward, Ashlee creeps up on her. Daisy's distracted though as she stares at a woman tending her newborn. Ashlee asks her what's wrong: Is there a problem with 'vent boy'? Daisy says that's not it, but she's still upset. Turning down an offer for hot chocolate, she opts to stay at the hospital alone. She tries to tell herself that this must be a false alarm. The nurse reappears with the results: She's pregnant. The nurse asks her if she wants to call the father. Daisy doesn't know what to do. As she starts to pace, she turns around and finds Rafe staring at her. 'What are you doing here?' she asks. He explains that he just got a job working with kids with diabetes. She hugs him, telling him how proud she is and how much she loves him. He loves her too: It feels like his life couldn't get any better. As he kisses her and leaves, she just stares blankly.

Daisy goes to Company where she spots her grandmother and runs. When Reva sees her, she splits from, Jeffrey and runs after her. She chases Daisy down to Cedars. They sit down and Daisy asks her grandmother if she has any regrets. Reva admits that her life is full of regrets. Whatever problems Daisy is having, she can help her fix them. 'I'm pregnant,' Daisy confides. Her grandmother hugs her close, a worried look on her face. Meanwhile, Jeffrey goes into Company and sits at the bar when Alan walks in. 'Reva's partner in crime,' Jeffrey calls over to him. He tells Alan that Reva's already told him everything. Alan doesn't buy it for second and walks away. Jeffrey promptly tracks down Mel for her help. He needs her to figure out where Alan went in his jet. While they get to work, Alan returns to the mansion to share the joys of opera with Rafe, telling the young man that he needs to get used to the better things in life.

At CO2, Coop is on the phone, frustrated that they still can't found Marina. Ava appears, offering her help. He's unreceptive to the offer. She goes inside Company and finds Doris campaigning. She admits that she's impressed by how protective Doris is of her daughter. She suggests that she must be losing her edge though: Has she seen Coop and Ashlee lately? Coop is 'a player' who uses women and dumps them, Ava says. Doris finds that hard to believe. Meanwhile, outside, Ashlee arrives and Coop tells her that he has to go on a trip up to the Bauer cabin and he was hoping that she'd go with him. He thinks that Marina may have escaped and gone there to hide out. Ashlee's reluctant: That's a long drive and they'd have to spend the night together. Coop admits this may just be an excuse so he can get her alone. 'You don' need an excuse,' she says, kissing him. Doris walks out, spotting them in the act before Ashlee leaves to pack. 'Did you just get an eyeful or what?' Coop smiles at her. He tells her that spying on him and Ashlee is creepy. Having Ashlee in his life right now is making this whole Marina mess a lot easier on him, he explains. A strange look comes into Doris' eyes. Over at the Beacon, Ava tracks Ashlee down as she prepares for her trip with Coop. Ava knows all about Coop's little 'trips'. He took her on one once; it was right after that that he lost interest in her. 'Have fun!' Ava deviously smiles before walking off.

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