Outside of Company, Cassie hands Josh a coffee and tells him there will be other opportunities. He imagines becoming an airport busker, sure that the church board won't take an ex-con who shows up drunk with more failed marriages than Elizabeth Taylor. Cassie won't let him beat himself up and keeps talking him up as church board leader Proctor comes out to announce that they will hear the boards decision soon. He trudges home as she continues trying to make him smile, reminding him that he's made her life better. If the board won't accept him, he can go to Chicago and help Stephen with his church there. He's amazed that she would actually go with him, and that's enough to buoy his confidence. They make love on the couch before Proctor calls. Josh thinks he should put his pants on before he answers but she reminds him it's not a video phone. Proctor asks Josh and Cassie to come down and hear the board's decision in person. They get dressed and hurry over to Company for the judgement. Proctor tells them that they would be honored to have him lead the church. They were looking for someone who would never see themselves as better than the members of the congregation and Josh fits the bill. Will he accept the call? 'Yes!' Josh enthusiastically laughs as he shakes the board members' hands and tries not to blurt out profanities. Cassie takes him by the hand and he goes outside screaming with glee. He can't wait to get started. He wants his church to be full of young people and families and reach out to... Cassie stops him in mid-sentence. 'I really want to have a baby with you,' she says. Josh has to sit down when he hears this. He asks her if this is about Tammy. She knows a new baby won't make up for her loss, besides, maybe she won't be able to get pregnant... He has to admit that he doesn't know if he wants another child. 'I don't know if I can handle all of that and a congregation,' he confesses. She tells him that they can talk about it later and hugs him, but there is a worried look on her face.

At Cedars, Natalia demands a straight answer from Gus. She's always worn her heart on her sleeve for him; he owes her his honesty. He taunts her for kissing Alan and suggests she may want more from him. She doesn't want to listen to his cheap shots: She wants an answer and she won't be his second choice. Later, she applies to the administrator to see if they have any part time work available. Rick comes out and she asks him if she could take him as a reference. He's happy to do it and starts to tell her that Rafe is eligible for an experimental new procedure to treat his diabetes. She thanks him for the chance and gives him a hug. He asks her how things are going with Gus. She doesn't answer.

Daisy sneaks Rafe into her father's room (since Dylan's away on business). She starts to sniff around the room, slightly nauseated by an odd smell, but he doesn't know what she seems to be smelling. They kiss and he reminds her that they should be studying. Later, she asks him what the date is and is confused when he tells her it's October the first. Soon, Natalia walks in. They're shocked she found them, but she tells them that Dylan paid off the doorman to tip her off if they snuck into the room. She tells her son about the possibility of a new treatment. He doesn't want it. He becomes nervous and starts to mumble as he puts his books in his bag. Daisy comes out of the bathroom and he tells her he'll see her later. As he ducks out, Natalia stops Daisy for a little talk. She reminds her that this is a serious time for both of them and school should take priority. They have the chance to be anything and they shouldn't gamble on their future. Later, Daisy goes down to Cedars. She bumps into Rick and tells him that she is just there to see a friend. When he walks off, she asks a nurse how far along you have to be to get a pregnancy test.

In New York, Cyrus apologizes as he locks Harley in the room and takes off. He goes outside and picks up a woman named Krista who is hanging out in the alley. She insists that she isn't a 'working girl'; she's just hanging out before she goes up to Yonkers to play the slots. She invites him along and he happily goes as Harley starts to scream out the window above. She paces around the room, berating herself for ever using love as an excuse. Taking a metal bar, she hides behind the door when she hears someone coming. As the door slowly opens, Gus peers in. She's relieved to find that it's only him. He explains that he tracked Cyrus' ankle bracelet and it led him there. Looking around, he notices that Cyrus has vanished with a million dollars of Alan's money. She feels like a sucker. Gus tries to console her but, as he leans in, she leans back and Cyrus returns before they can fumble into a kiss. Gus wants to take Cyrus back to Springfield but Harley insists he's not going anywhere without getting Marina back. Cyrus explains that he just got the contact number of one of Griggs' girls (the same Krista he met outside). From her, he'll be able to got a number for Griggs they can track. Gus shrugs and walks out as Harley tells Cyrus to roll up his pants so that she can put the tracking device back on. He starts to tease her, suggesting that he's restored her faith in men by coming back. This just annoys her so she demands that he move around to check that the ankle bracelet is on tight. He starts doing jumping jacks and his photo of the house in France pops out of his pocket. She picks it up. 'Some houses never get finished,' she muses. He tells her about the first time he saw the house and how much it felt like a home. 'Too bad you blew it,' she says.

Gus arrives back at the mansion just as Rafe walks though the door. The young man seems distracted and Gus starts to quiz him about what's wrong. Rafe explains that he's eligible for the new diabetes treatment but he doesn't want it. He's afraid that his mother will get her hopes up too much. Whenever she starts to believe in something, it blows up in her face, he explains. Gus reminds him that his mother is a survivor. There are no guarantees in this life, he points out to his son. He doesn't want him to be a quitter and he doesn't want him to give up for his mother's sake. As he offers to do anything to help, Natalia walks in, surprised by his insistence of devotion. Reluctantly, Rafe agrees to go along with it.

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