Teasingly, Cassie asks 'reverend' Josh why her husband is avoiding her. He doesn't understand. She brings up her baby question again. 'I though that was hypothetical?' he murmurs, but there is nothing hypothetical about her desire for a child. Reverend Ruthledge suddenly appears to tell them that he's just been offered a job in another city. That means that the church is Springfield will be looking for a replacement. Cassie hugs her husband, but Josh assumes it must be harder than this. The reverend explains that Josh has to meet with the board before he's approved. Things are in a rush so the reverend leaves to set up the meeting immediately. Josh is worried, but at least this will distract from Cassie's baby questions. The reverend returns: The meeting is set for today. Josh goes home and gets dressed up respectably and grabs a few kisses from Cassie before he's brought into the meeting with the church board. Josh stumbles through the opening of the meeting, tying to be amusing, not that anyone at the meeting is amused. The proctor starts to probe through Josh's recent life, including his many divorces and his criminal convictions. After the brutal interrogation, he meets with Cassie. 'Compared to these guys the Spanish inquisition was tough but fair,' he jokes. He's sure that they don't want a man like him and it's their church so that will likely be the end of it. She's dismayed to see him giving up but he leaves for a walk to clear his head.

Vanessa walks through Billy's open door, catching him with a bottle in his hands. He tells her that she should leave 'while the getting is good.' She pours his booze down the sink and offers to take him for a trip. Wouldn't he like to jump on a plane and go to Venezuela with her to see their son? She needs to get out of town and so does he. Before he can say 'yes', Olivia and Dinah show up: They want to go see Bill too. Vanessa says no: They were trying to have a getaway from them. They all start to argue until Olivia tells Billy to just call his son and find out who he actually wants to see. When Billy calls, he finds that his son's number has been disconnected. They try to contact him by email without any luck. It's not like him to vanish, Vanessa says. Dinah reminds her that he can be impetuous. She and Olivia finish all the travel preparations and go off to pack. Vanessa admits to Billy that it's torture being with Dinah right now. Billy is reluctant to go as well, he admits; he doesn't want his son to see him drinking again. 'So don't disappoint him,' she tells him. After she leaves, Josh arrives and tells him what he's been up to today and how he's failed. Billy urges him to go back and fight for what he wants. Josh won't fight; he knows that he's not a saint and can't pretend to be. Billy starts to shout at him and demands that he go back. Josh grabs Billy's bottle, takes a swig and goes back. As everyone returns to finalize things for the trip, Vanessa tries sending her son a message. While 'he' types an answer back, he can see that it is a woman's hands that are actually typing.

Returning to the board meeting, Josh strolls in and tells them that while he may have made many mistakes in his life, he's human like everyone else. He is just like the members of his congregation. While the proctor may be an excellent business man, he should realize that the church is not a business: It is the people who come to the church with all of their problems and all of their concerns. The church is a family and that's what he know how to look after and how to raise. As he finishes his speech, Cassie appears, telling him that she already gave them a speech of her own and they liked it. 'I'll bet they liked it better than they liked mine,' he says sheepishly.

At Cedars, Natalia tries to help Alan relax while they wait for news about Alexandra. He's impressed by how thoughtful she is. 'She's way too good for you,' Gus says as he receives a bag of Alex's things. Alan grabs it as the phone inside begins to ring. Griggs is angrily calling Alex, searching for news about payment and renewing his threats to Marina. Alan takes the phone and pockets it.

At the police station, Frank is getting anxious and starts to take it out on Cyrus. Harley tries to call her brother and convince him that she and Cyrus can track Griggs down. Cyrus tells Frank that if he gives him a million dollars, he can get Marina back. Frank finds this hilarious. Even if he had a million dollars he wouldn't give it to Cyrus. When the Australian tries to talk him around, Frank becomes furious, grabbing him by the throat. Cyrus reminds him that he gave up a life most people dream about and he did it all for his daughter. Frank continues his threats as Harley goes over to the hospital and finds Gus. She tells him about her plan with Cyrus. Gus only has twenty bucks so that won't help her much. She asks him to try and get the million dollars from Spaulding. He agrees to try. She hurries back to headquarters and tells them that she's got the money. Meanwhile, Gus convinces Alan to go along with the plan. He'll have the money ready right away and wires it to Harley.

Alan answers Alex's phone. He informs Griggs that he'll be handling this from now on. He continues to wait in the hospital. He admits to Natalia that he's not good at caring for people, he was never taught to be. She tells him that she overheard his offer to give the money to Gus for Marina. Alan thinks her good influence must be rubbing off on him. He goes out into the corridor and calls Griggs again, who wants more assurance. Natalia comes out as Alan tries to make it sound like it's a tabloid on the phone harassing him. She grabs the phone to berate the caller. Alan wonders how his son could let her get away and pulls her into a kiss as Gus comes around the corner and spots them. Alan starts to apologize before excusing himself. After a pause, Gus approaches her. She tells him that that was weird. He asks her why she didn't slap Alan. She makes excuses for him, but Gus wonders what Remy would think about this. He doesn't want to see her throw herself away on the wrong guy, he explains. Natalia knows what he means by that: 'Anyone but you, right? You're a jerk,' she says, turning away. He follows her and she demands that he finally tell her what he wants. She's been wearing her heart on her sleeve for him, she needs him to tell her what he wants.

Cyrus and Harley make their way to New York. He tries to convince her to let him spearhead things but she reminds him that she is the cop and he's the prisoner. They bicker down the hallway until she makes her way into the room. As soon as she walks in, she's clobbered by a man in a mask. Cyrus runs in and they throw each other around the room until the attacker escapes. With Harley out cold, Cyrus grabs the briefcase full of money and runs after the masked man. He returns a few minutes later with some frozen vegetables for her head. She tells him to keep it and they begin taunting each other over their failed love lives. She reminds him that he'll be back in prison soon. 'I know exactly what's in store for me,' he concedes. He tells her again that she can't go back out on the streets looking the way she does; she looks just like a cop and no one will ever buy her routine. She starts to search through a dresser for a disguise, but finds nothing. When she turns around, Cyrus is gone and his tracking device is hanging on the door nob.

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