In the Towers dining room, as the men Dinah was flirting with mock her behind her back, she has to stop Cassie from telling them off. She's surprised that Dinah is taking this; the Dinah she knows would get even with them for this. Cassie pulls her back over to the men and tells them that they have been part of a hidden camera documentary about the way that men behave toward socially awkward women. They then get them drunk and swipe their wallets before leaving. The men soon realize this and call the cops. Mallet soon returns with the two women on his arms. He covers for them, suggesting that the women were just 'punking' them. The men leave without pressing charges and Cassie laughs. Mallet is less amused. When a call pulls Cassie away, Dinah apologizes to Mallet. He handcuffs her and tells her that he's not going back to work. She sighs. He asks her what the men said to upset her. She's upset, but resents any pity. He doesn't pity her though: He's impressed with her. She wishes that the bullet had finished her off; she loved the woman she once was, but that woman is gone and she has to start all over again. He loves her and she is still who she is, he insists. She tells him that his speeches are nice but... Taking out a notebook, he promises her that they will work through everyday together. 'My days are as blank as I am,' she says.

Gus' phone vibrates as he and Natalia begin making love on her couch. Although she hates to admit it, this is what she really wanted. It makes her feel like they're young again. As she recalls their time together as teenagers, he stares off and holds her hand. 'I hate that we ended...but now I know that we never really did,' she says, kissing him again. 'This can never happen again, ' he tells her. As they dress, he tells her that he was angry and they shouldn't have done this. She isn't sorry and refuses to believe that he is either. 'I'm not the guy that does this,' he says. Now, nothing can be the way it was. As he tries to forgive Harley for what he believes she's done, Natalia can see that he'll never be able to. He needs to leave and tell his wife everything. Later, Remy arrives and she tells him what happened. He's sure that she is going to be hurt because Gus will never leave his wife. She isn't trying to steal Gus away, but he is the love of her life.

In Dylan's room, Harley is calling around for Gus without getting any results. She asks Dylan to stay away from her and her family for awhile. He doesn't think that she'd be pushing him away so hard unless she was tempted. When he reminds her about what they used to have between them, she reminds him of what they always say to Daisy: She's too young and caught up to know what love is; when she grows up, she'll put this behind her. Harley is deeply committed to her husband. Dylan reminds her of how many Gus' there have been; how many times has she committed to a man 'till death do us part?' He thought that he may have a chance now since she's given everyone else one.

Daisy is waiting in line for the movies when a guy she went to school with tries to pick her up. She's going to say no until she spots Rafe and decides to make him jealous. Later, she gives the guy a kiss and sends him into the theater to save her a seat. Rafe has been watching. She walks over to him and he calls her out for playing games with him. Harley and Dylan call and begin arguing on the phone until they seem to go off the road. Dylan is rushed to the hospital by the paramedics. Harley isn't allowed in because she's no longer family.

Jeffrey is feeling a bit uncomfortable to be hanging out at Cross Creek. He's not used to so much wood. He and Reva start drinking while she teases him with her Oklahoma twang. Billy arrives at the door to announce that Josh and Cassie have set a date. 'Good for them. I was starting to think it was never going to happen,' Reva cracks, taking a deep drink. She goes out of her way to seem excited about this, but Billy says that he won't be going to the wedding. She thanks him for coming to tell her. When he walks out, she can hardly hold back the tears. Jeffrey holds her and begins kissing her intensely before they climb onto the couch. Afterwards, she tells Jeffrey that she is really quite calm about all of this, thanks largely to him. They're very good for each other. He admits that he doesn't know what to do with Olivia and Cassie getting married is a 'punch in the gut' for him. Although they're only casual, he will miss this whenever it ends. He gets dressed and leaves to pick up a file for work. Once he's gone, she gets a call from Harley that Dylan has been in an accident.

In her room, Olivia is re-watching the DVD of Sarah that she swiped from Reva. She tries to figure out if Sarah is really alive. Walking into the hall, she is surprised to find Lizzie and takes her out for some air. Later, Olivia breaks into Jeffrey's room and searches around for what else he and Reva may be hiding. Soon, Jeffrey walks in, unsurprised to find her snooping around. She tells him that she is working on his air conditioning and, after mumbling through an explanation, she kisses him. He thinks that she's crazy. They can't do this: She hired someone to mug their daughter just to get his attention. He pushes her out and shuts the door. When she returns to her room, she checks the DVD and the diary she stole, trying to figure out what she has on Reva.

At Cedars, Daisy runs into her mother's arms. She blames herself for all of this. She knows that Dylan and Harley were fighting over her when they went off the road. Rafe assures her that it's not her fault and offers to stay with her. She hugs him close as Harley rushes off. Reva is pacing outside when Cassie comes with coffee for her. After thanking her sister for coming, she tells her that she knows that she and Josh have set a date and she's fine with it. Billy arrives, anxious for news but they are still waiting.

Gus arrives next and Harley hugs him, telling him that Dylan is hurt and they are doing exploratory surgery. Gus turns to Daisy and Rafe before taking his son aside to check on him. Gus begins to mumble before Harley comes back and starts to blame herself for what happened. He tells her that he has to go to Chicago right now to start his anger management course. He'll be gone for awhile and he's sorry for everything. When he tries to say more, the doctor calls her over. Meanwhile, news of the crash has already hit the news. While in hiding, Jonathan reads about it on the internet and decides that he has to return to check on his mother.

Next on GL:
Olivia puts things together.

There is an emergency in Dylan's surgery.

Jonathan shocks Reva by showing up.

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