At Cedars, Dinah is getting a checkup from her doctor. He's impressed that there have been some signs of improvement but he needs to run more tests. Although Mallet tries to offer his support, she's afraid that she is different and is no longer the woman Mallet married. In the corridor, Mallet asks the doctor for more information. The doctor explains that some of the pathways in Dinah's brain are damaged it may not be possible to fix them. Mallet needs to help Dinah accept her new limitation. He takes a deep breath and returns to his wife. She wonders what the doctor said, but he only hugs her and offers to take her home. He takes her home. She continues insisting that she is fine and they can go back to their regular lives. Showing her their wedding photo, he tells her that he has already changed from the man he was in the picture and so has she. He doesn't expect her to be who she once was. She promises again that she is fine and pushes him off to work. 'I love the old you and this you. I love all of you,' he says, kissing her before he goes. Left alone, she stares at the photo: 'Who says I'm not the old me?'

On Main Street, Cassie sits down beside Matt. He has been sitting there for hours with a letter from Vanessa. Expecting the worst, he hasn't been able to open it, but finally does. It's his divorce papers. Meanwhile, Dinah has gotten dressed up and goes down to the dining room at Towers. Cassie grabs her hand and pulls her to a table. When their dinner comes, Dinah just stares at the cutlery. Cassie asks her if something is wrong. Dinah begins accusing her of being sent to spy on her by Mallet. Everyone knows that she is the 'brain damaged TV star'. Cassie insists that no one sent her and asks Dinah to sit down and explain things. Dinah doesn't know how to do things. She doesn't even know how to use the fork. 'That must be so frustrating,' Cassie says. Insulted by sympathy, Dinah almost burst into tears. She doesn't want anyone's pity: She's not a loser. Spotting two men at the bar, she decides to prove that she can still have men eating out of the palm of her hand. As she strides over, Cassie looks on, worried. She sits at the bar with the men and flirts with them in a series of incoherent sentences before returning to Cassie's table with a pair of cell numbers. She realizes that she forgot her credit card at the bar and returns to hear the men commenting on what an idiot she seemed to be. The numbers they gave her were for the dog pound. Dinah's crushed.

Mallet meets with Frank at CO2 to ask for more time off. Frank can't do that; he needs him on the job. Afterwards, Mallet finds Matt sitting on the bench on Main Street. He wishes that he'd told him about Dinah's condition before. Matt tells him that he just figured it out on his own. Mallet needs help: This is worse than being dead for Dinah. He will help, Matt offers, but he has problems of his own and he thinks that Mallet should hire someone to help her. As he walks away, Mallet calls Frank and tells him that he may have to fire him. He won't let Dinah do this alone.

At the mansion, Gus walks away from Natalia to check on Rafe. Alan walks into the room and tells her that Gus always tries to make him the enemy of his relationships. She already knows all the accusations against him and reminds him that Gus loves Harley. Alan tells her that Harley has loved all of his sons and even married them all, but none of the relationships worked. He can see that she has only been in love with one man and that's Gus. He tells her to ask Gus about Harley cheating on him with Mallet. Later, Gus returns, wishing that he could fix things. He can't stop fighting with Harley, how can he expect it his son to?

On the balcony at Towers, a slightly drunk Harley caresses Dylan's face and tells him that she's glad he's there. He tries to take her wine away from her but she won't let him. She likes to be around him, she likes the attention. He shouldn't have kissed her, but it's nice to be treated like a women rather than a mother. Gus is distracted, she explains, and she feels like she is competing for him. They go inside and she says that Natalia reminds her of the person she used to be; living paycheck to paycheck and far more daring. Dylan sees her as the same Harley he fell in love with long ago...but stops himself before he says anymore. She takes his hand and tells him not to stop. Soon Alan appears, grabbing Harley's cell phone as he remembers drugging her drink at the mansion. She rushes over to him and begins taunting him until he suggests that Dylan take her home. Alan turns the phone on, dialing up Gus's number and leaving it nearby so that Gus can hear Dylan offering to take her up to his place. He takes her upstairs and tries to give her coffee but spills it on her. She tells him not to peek as she slips her dress off and one of his t-shirts on. Already wasted, she falls into the bed and passes out while still wearing her shoes. He covers her with a blanket and lays down beside her. Meanwhile, Gus arrives in the hallway and swipes a key from the room service cart. As he pushes the door open, he sees Harley roll over onto Dylan. His fist clenches but he is frozen. Dylan spots him reflected in the mirror and gets closer to Harley, putting his hand on her. Gus quietly closes the door. Later, Harley wakes up, barely able to remember anything. She tells him that this can't happen again, not that anything happened between them. This is not where a happily married woman should be. What if Daisy walked in? 'I guess we're lucky nobody saw us,' he says. She doesn't want to lean on him anymore; that's what her husband is for.

Back at the mansion, Natalia is about to go out on errands. Alan stops her and tells her that he gets nothing but pleasure from sharing what he has with her and her son. Seeing them all together with Gus, he gets the feeling of family that he has never had and always wanted. He wants to make Gus part of their lives together. She doesn't think he will be able to make Gus do anything he doesn't want to do. Once she is gone, Alan makes a call and tells someone that Natalia will be applying for a job with them, but they can't give her that job: He already has other plans for her. Meanwhile, she has returned to her old apartment to pick up some things, she's surprised to find Gus there. She asks him if he found Harley. When he seems disturbed, he admits that he wanted to attack Dylan again tonight, but he stopped himself. 'What's done is done,' he says. Suddenly. He begins kissing her. She admits that this is what she's wanted since the moment she saw him again, but this isn't real. He obviously just had a bad night and he should go. Instead, they begin to kiss passionately and fall onto the couch.

Next on GL:

Billy tells Jeffrey and Reva that Josh and Cassie have set a date.

Natalia is not sorry about what she and Gus did.

Harley goes looking for Gus.

Olivia realizes that Jonathan must be alive.

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