Taking Alexandra out to the balcony, Cyrus doesn't think that now is the best time to tell her of her new demand not to see Marina anymore. She can see that he may be in love with her and she doesn't want to deal with that. Marina is an emotional subject and, therefore, a problem. Alex makes it clear that she married him for companionship and he married her to stay in the country. This sounds like a threat to him, but she assures him that it's not. But if he is going to run around with Marina, INS will not believe that the marriage is legitimate. She allows him to leave on his own so that he can end things. He kisses her goodbye.

Waiting in Cyrus' room, Marina answers the door with her champagne in hand, only to be disappointed by finding her father in the doorway. He can't understand what she is doing... looking for revenge perhaps? She doesn't want to talk about it. Frank takes her hands and tells her that he can't stand by and watch his little girl get hurt again. Cyrus won't just break her heart, he'll change her; he's already turned her into a liar. Once Frank leaves, Cyrus arrives, she hugs him but he breaks away and tells her that he is sorry. She holds back her tears and tries to stir up her hatred for him. She can't. 'What if you weren't married to Alexandra?' she asks, suggesting that he marry her. He tells her that she is honest and real and he is not...but he could be. He won't stop seeing her. Taking her face in his hands, he promises her that this will all work out.

Alexandra goes down to a room and meets with a lawyer. As they wait for Cyrus, she goes through her financial arrangements with Cyrus. 'Your new husband will have a meaningful incentive to stay with the marriage,' he tells her. Bringing up Cyrus' past 'career', she asks him to find out what the 'Everest' would be for someone in that field. Later, Cyrus arrives and looks through the document, highly impressed by her generosity. She asks him what happened with Marina. He asks her for no more surprises, but insists that everything is alright now. She takes out a deck of cards and suggests that they play for their personal histories. As they exchange their misdemeanors, Marina arrives with her badge out. She tells them that The Beacon called her as security guard to keep an eye on all of the jewels there. Alexandra doesn't think this is necessary, but Cyrus suggests that playing with three may be more fun. Alex gets on the phone and calls her lawyer with a new assignment.

At the mansion, Alan's not thrilled to hear about his sister's new marriage. He calms down as Natalia tells him that she is looking forward to the family dinner they have planned. She thinks he may be stepping over the line, however. She suspects that he is trying to push her and Gus together and shut Harley out. Meanwhile, at home, Gus has just gotten the invitation to dinner at the mansion. When Harley walks through the door he makes it clear that he is only going through with this to help support his son. He needs her to come with him. She has to make a call first. Elsewhere, in Dylan's suite, he and Daisy wait for Harley so they can start their family night together. He drinks and waits for Harley's call. She calls and tells him that they need to compromise tonight.

Gus and Harley arrive at the mansion. She still hasn't told Gus her alternate plans. Alan walks out and welcomes them. Gus hurries in, embracing Natalia and his son while Harley stands apart. Alan begins talking about how he wants to educate Rafe about the finer things in life and proposes bringing the family to the Grand Canyon. When these plans don't include Harley, she becomes agitated and the recent firing of Natalia comes up. Alan blames Daisy and Harley, but Natalia insists that she quit. Gus takes his wife aside when Dylan and Daisy arrive to take her to the restaurant. Gus is confused; he thought she was having dinner with his family tonight. She explains the deal she made with Dylan and Gus assumes that this was all forced by Dylan. He wishes that she would ask him before she made decisions like this. Alan asks them all back in to drink and talk about travel. He offers to have the new guests join them for dinner but Gus becomes angry. He and Harley start to argue. She tells him that she is only doing all of this because she loves him. When Natalia offers to call this dinner off so that he can go, Harley bites at her and Natalia bites back, accusing her of being ridiculous. Before things get much worse, Dylan seems to be having a migraine and Harley suggests that they all leave. Gus refuses to leave.

Daisy and Rafe walk out to the hallway. She tells him that she wanted to see him, even though he's been mad at her. He does get mad at her again within a few moments when she tells him that her mother seemed to be asking to get fired. To her, it starts to sound like only he is allowed to defend his mom. He storms off as Harley walks out with Dylan. Daisy is upset and leaves alone. Soon after, Frank arrives and asks to talk to Gus privately. He says that he's done everything he can to keep him from being suspended or prosecuted for his assault of Dylan, but Gus still has to go to Chicago tonight and report to anger management. After Frank leaves, Alan, referring to Gus' marriage, tells his son that even a broken watch is right twice a day. 'What time is it with Harley?' he asks. In the hallway, Rafe asks his mother if she is okay. She doesn't make plays for married men, she explains, but Gus' marriage is just falling apart. Alan approaches her and suggests that she go to Gus. He watches as she takes his arm. Meanwhile, Harley and Dylan have gone to Towers and she stumbles around after a few drinks. She strokes his face as tells him that she is glad he's there.

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