At Company, Olivia tracks down Doris to offer her some help. Meanwhile, at Cross Creek, Reva is watching a DVD that Jonathan made of Sarah. When Jeffrey knocks on the door, she anxiously shuts it off and lets him in. He figured that she would be there alone and sad since it is Jonathan's birthday. She reminds him that they have a casual relationship and she doesn't need him getting 'gooey' on her. He wouldn't dream of it. When he is about to leave to take care of something. She assumes he's referring to 'grade A psycho' Olivia. He kisses her and tells her that he'll do everything he can for her. After he leaves, she hides the DVD when there is another knock on the door. Expecting Jeffrey, she opens up with her lips puckered. To her disappointment it is Doris. She has just found a witness to Reva's abduction of Lizzie.

Jeffrey meets with Olivia at Company. He can't have her doing the things that she's been doing to his daughter. She asks him who was in his bed when he was turning over this thought. He tells her to forget about Reva. 'Never,' she says, walking away. He follows her and tries to return the conversation to Ava. She tried to kill her again just to get closer to him. Olivia says that's not it at all: She did it for Ava so that she could get closer to Coop. Suddenly, Reva runs in, accusing Olivia of committing perjury to get back at her. 'I haven't even started with you!' Olivia shouts. Reva is only interested in Joshua anyway so why doesn't she go back to him and stay out of her life? Reva reminds her that Josh left Olivia for her and threatens to report her to child services for being an unfit mother. This makes Olivia furious and Jeffrey has to stop them from thrashing each other.

Cassie and Josh arrive in Rick and Beth's room to discuss the baby shower. Rick asks for second alone with Josh and they go out to the balcony. It's obvious that he hasn't told Beth the truth yet. Other things are weighing on him though, like thoughts if Phillip. Josh wonders if he will be able to keep this secret his whole life. Rick will try. The ladies join them and they pair off into couples as they walk away.

Lizzie calls her aunt Alexandra in to finish trying on her dress. Admiring her in the mirror, she's sure that all the men in town will kick themselves for missing their chance with her. Lizzie asks her if she is sure that she doesn't want to wait for Alan's return. Alex is sure. Buzz appears in the doorway, commenting on how radiant she looks and offering to give her away in Alan's stead. He admits that he's conflicted since Cyrus was dating his niece. Alex insists that this is only a green card wedding. Buzz reminds her that Lillian thinks there is more to it than that for her. 'Lillian is a hopeless romantic,' Alex says.

Marina arrives on Cyrus' doorstep with a newspaper article about him marrying the Baroness Spaulding. She wonders if this makes him a baron but he's sure it doesn't exactly work that way. As she comes in, he tries to reassure her that the wedding will be quiet and informal. Suddenly, a tuxedo is delivered. 'Very informal,' Marina smirks. He wonders if she's worried but she insists that she isn't: She just isn't sure about whether Alex is taking this as lightly as he is. He offers to meet up with her later and gives her a kiss. When they go downstairs to the reception room, they're surprised to see the room all decked out. Marina wanders over to her father, knowing that Frank is there to gloat. He assures her that she will thank him for this. After he walks away, she tries on the ring that she has been holding. It gets stuck on her finger.

Josh, Cassie, Beth and Rick accidentally arrive at the wedding. Lizzie grabs her mom and won't let her leave.. Josh is happy that they're there; he actually likes weddings, he pointedly tells Cassie. When a reporter starts taking photos of Beth and Rick, Rick violently attacks him and throws him out. Later, Reva and Jeffrey arrive without knowing there was supposed to be a wedding. She imagines that it is a wedding for Cassie and Josh and is horrified. Cassie walks up to her and tells her what is actually happening. She can tell that her sister was imagining her getting married to Josh. Reva begins to babble contradictorily before leaving. As she and Jeffrey walk down the hallway, she tells him that she just wants to get drunk and send a PI after Olivia. Meanwhile, Olivia has broken into Cross Creek and begins searching around and smashing things. She finds a DVD marked 'J' and assumes it is about Jeffrey. When she slips it in, she's surprised to see baby Sarah instead.

Alexandra is on the balcony when Cyrus comes looking for her. He thought that they were going to keep things simple. 'For me this is simple,' she points out. He wonders if she is taking this too seriously; he doesn't want any misunderstandings. She understands everything just fine. He goes back inside and takes Marina's hand so they can slip away for some time together before the ceremony. Alexandra soon creeps up on them as they kiss. She rushes to Lizzie and tells her to get the groom so that they can start immediately. Before things can start, Alexandra takes Cyrus aside and gives him an unlimited credit card. He wonders what he has to do to deserve this. She laughs and Buzz comes out to tell her that she needs to get into position. Cyrus walks in and stands at the altar with Marina only a few feet away. She finally manages to pull the ring off and gives it back to him. The reverend begins the ceremony before Alex and Cyrus start to give their own vows. She suggests that he must be crazy and feel like a lamb going to the slaughter, but she looks forward to waking up every morning to days with someone who will make her laugh. He tells her that, though they come from different places, they have more in common than most would think. He is happy to find someone who can accept him as he is and he's sure that they will have a lot of fun together. They laugh and exchange rings. After being pronounced husband and wife, Alexandra grabs him in an intense and passionate kiss.

Afterwards, Marina thanks Alex for helping Cyrus out. She is happy that he'll be able to stay in the country. Alex wasn't about to let him go. As Marina walks away, Cyrus rushes up to her and slips her his room key. Moments later, Alex grabs him and tells him that she's ready for their first dance. It seems like he is ready to run off somewhere though. 'I think it's time we had a little talk,' she says. She understands his needs and has no problem with him seeing other women...except for Marina Cooper. His jaw drops so she kisses his mouth shut and walks away. All the while, Marina sits alone in his room waiting for him. Meanwhile, Cassie takes Josh out to the balcony and asks him how things are between them. She thinks they're great; so why aren't they doing anything about it? 'Like what?' he asks. He seemed jealous watching all of the wedding lately, she remarks, maybe it's time for them to make the journey themselves. He's ecstatic to hear this.

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Cyrus doesn't like Alexandra's threats.

Marina offers Cyrus another way not to get deported.

Harley and Gus' family is coming apart at the seams.

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