At Company, Cassie and Beth suggest that Josh come along and help plan the baby shower but he's reluctant. He has a meeting with the reverend to plan the food drive anyway. As Rick and Beth walk way, Josh imagines that Rick will never tell Beth the truth about the paternity of her child. Outside, the new OBGYN at the hospital, Dr. Spelling, runs into Rick and Beth. He tells Rick that his blood type isn't even in the baby's file and he needs to run some more tests. Rick sends Beth off and tells the new doctor that there will be no more tests. Rick pulls rank and acts skeptical about his new colleague's competence. When he refuses to be bullied, Spelling walks off and Rick starts calling around and telling his superiors that the new doctor is incompetent. Josh wanders out and Rick quickly drops the conversation. Josh sets down a box and begins sorting cans for the food drive. Rick is obviously feeling guilty for what he's just done. This sort of deception make him feel like Alan. Josh assures him that he is nothing like Alan; he still knows what's wrong. Rick wonders how Josh is handling this whole thing when he knows that his fiancee faked paternity test results. Josh asserts that they are always honest with each other and that's enough to see them through anything. It's not his place to judge Cassie or Rick's decisions. Rick thanks him for not telling him what to do; he needed to find his own way through this. Later, the reverend arrives as Josh finishes sorting the boxes. He wants to set up a meeting with him. The reverend tells him that he was just booked for a wedding and asks Josh if he's set a date with Cassie yet. Josh is still waiting for her to be 'comfortable'.

At Towers, Cassie and Beth are eating cake and making plans for the baby shower. Beth reminds her of how much Cassie hated her a few months ago. Cassie says that she only hated her for supporting Alan. But that's all in the past now. Beth admits that she's glad that the baby turned out to be Rick's. It would have been far harder to choose if it was not. As they continue their plans, Rick appears, wanting to talk to Beth alone. Before Cassie can leave, she spills some wine on Beth. As she run off to clean up, Rick tells Cassie that he knows what she did and Beth needs to know the truth. 'Go ahead and make the biggest mistake of your life,' she challenges. She can't talk him out of this, Rick asserts. His life had been a living Hell not knowing if the child was his, but now that he knows that they aren't, he can't go on with this. Cassie tells him not to be another casualty to Alan. What's more, this is ultimately about that little girl and her future. If Alan gets the truth, it will ruin things for everyone. 'This is the life you've always wanted,' Cassie reminds him. You never get over losing a child, whether they're your own or not. 'Remember Kevin?' she asks.

Cassie returns to Company and isn't happy with Josh. She assumes that he told Rick to come clean with Beth, although he did no such thing. Thinking of Phillip, he reminds her that when he discovered that Alan wasn't his father, he was never the same...and not for the better. Cassie insists that won't happen this time. Back at Towers, Beth wonders what's wrong. It seemed like Rick had something important to tell her. He only tells her that they need to start thinking of baby names.

At Towers, Frank runs into Lillian and suggests that she and his father would make a great couple. He tries to set up a date for them but she stops him. He admits that he's just over anxious to think about anything other than his daughter's love life. They go out on the balcony and he looks out over the city. There isn't one guy out there appropriate for his daughter. All he wants is to set her up, why is that so hard? He tells Lillian what he did to Cyrus. She tells him that, in the end, daughters always do what they want to do. You have to step back and let them sink or swim, she says. She's sure that Marina will make the right choice.

On Main Street, Marina runs into Alexandra. The young woman tells her boyfriend's employer of the rumors that Cyrus is getting married. She finds it hard to believe. Alexandra tells her that it's true: 'I'm the one he's marrying.' Just then, the future Mr Spaulding appears. He has a good idea of what they are chatting about. Marina doesn't buy the charity act coming from Alex and wants to know what she is really getting out of all this. Alexandra claims that this is just a business deal and blames Marina for getting him in this mess in the first place. Although they know this is Frank's fault for sending immigration after him, Cyrus doesn't blame Marina. She wishes that he didn't have to do this: She doesn't trust Alexandra's motives. Cyrus suggests that it could be exciting. 'Have you ever been with a married man before? ' he asks. 'Yes, and it sucked!' she tells him. She then asks him if he ever considered choosing anyone else. Smiling, he asks her if she has someone in mind. She begins to ramble at this until he stops her. He would never ask someone to do this. Marina admits that she's still worried, but Cyrus insists that this is just a fake marriage and will be no big deal. Alexandra interrupts so that they can set a date. He asks if it will be low key. She suggests that they will only need a witness and asks Marina to do it. Gritting her teeth, Marina agrees and thanks her. Cyrus walks Marina to her car and sets up a meeting with her on his wedding night.

Lillian meets Alexandra on Main Street. She suggests that it must be lonely in that big house all alone. 'Not really' Alexandra tells her. As she tells her friend about her new fiancee, Lillian doesn't know what to say, especially when Alex talks about how hot her new man is. Lillian can't deny this, but she guesses that it's about immigration. So what's in it for Alex? She claims that she cares about him: There is something special about this young man and now she will have a trustworthy traveling companion. It's been a long time since she had any fun with a man. If something should develop... 'but I'm sure it won't,' she says, cutting herself short as Cyrus appears. The couple walk off as Lillian shakes her head. She takes Cyrus home and tells him that they have to get to know each other a great deal better for when they are interviewed by the INS. Sitting down to take notes, she asks him for information. He tells her that he sleeps naked.

As Marina returns to her room, she finds Frank standing in the hallway. She asks him to be her date to Cyrus and Alexandra's wedding. His mind boggles at the news. He takes this as evidence that Cyrus is a nasty piece of work. Marina suggests that Alex and Cyrus may really have feelings for each other. It's Frank's fault anyway: He pushed Cyrus into her arms. Frank is pleased though. He's sure that once Cyrus settles into his new lifestyle, they'll see him for who he really is. Once he leaves smirking, Marina lets her frustration out and tries not to cry. Finding one of his little smiling faces, she calls Towers to make a dinner reservation. She finds that the dining room has already been booked for a wedding party.

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