Billy tracks Reva down at Company. She called him over because she is convinced that Olivia's travel agent can help her prove that she set up her own daughter. This is rather baffling to Billy, but Reva explains that Olivia hatched a plot where Ava would be mugged and now she is sending the mugger out of the country. This is all a way for Olivia to get close to Jeffrey, she concludes.

At home, Olivia is eager to see her daughter and Jeffrey tries to calm her. He assures her that Coop can take care of their daughter and she will be okay. She begins suggesting that they get their daughter a tazer or some pepper spray because 'once you've been attacked like that....' She stops as they both remember that night. She assures him that she doesn't think of him that way anymore; she is getting beyond it. He's uncomfortable and wants to leave, but she asks him to stay. After she calls a babysitter for Emma, he becomes nervous and reminds her of his relationship with Reva. Even though it's not an exclusive relationship, he still feels... Suddenly, Reva arrives at the door. Olivia tells her that 'the office is closed' but Reva walks in anyway, proclaiming that she caught the guy who mugged Ava. All that they need to do is ask Olivia for the guy's address because she is the one who hired him. Reva starts drinking Olivia's wine while Jeffrey gets on the phone to the detective involved in the case. He soon finds that she called the investigation off and bought a one-way ticket for one of her 'unofficial employees'. Obviously, she really did set up their daughter. Reva says that the wine is bad and leaves. Jeffrey grabs Olivia's arm and takes her down the hallway to see their daughter.

As Coop takes Ava back to her room, they're surprised to find Ashlee there waiting for them. Ava is not amused. She sends Coop down to get some ice cream. Once he's gone, she confronts Ashlee, knowing that she is only there to keep her and Coop from spending time alone. When he peaks back in, Ashlee offers to go with him. Ava moves over to him and tells him that she is feeling fragile and wants him to stay by her side until she falls asleep. He turns to Ashlee and tells her he'll see her later. Later, they lay in bed and he plays with her hair, telling her that he feels differently now that she needs him again. A knock comes to the door: It's Jeffrey and Olivia. Jeffrey breaks the news about the attack. It doesn't make sense to Coop, but Olivia claims that she did it just so that it would bring Jeffrey closer to her. Ava jumps up and smacks her mother across the cheek. 'How could you do that to me?' she demands. How could her mother pull an act like this? Olivia asks for a few moments alone with her daughter. The men file out and she asks her daughter why she hit her so hard. Ava is actually angry, although that seems to evaporate when Olivia points out how fast Coop came running when he thought that she was in trouble.

Later, Jeffrey and Olivia discuss what just happened. She tells him that everything will be fine. He understands why she did what she did and that's what makes this worse. What kind of a person behaves this way? She crossed the line and he doesn't want to be around her. He walks out. Meanwhile, at Company, Doris finds a bundle of flowers that Sturat sent to her daughter. Ashlee says that Stuart is a nice guy but she's not interested. Doris tells her to wake up: She's not in Coop's league and she needs to get realistic or she will face a lonely end. Reva, who has been listening in, asks Ashlee to get her a coffee while she talks to Doris. As Reva starts giving her unwelcome mothering tips, she abruptly shifts topic and demands that Doris stop trying to build a case against her and spend her time with her daughter instead. Mid conversation, a drunken Olivia calls Doris and offers to testify against Reva; she will say anything that she wants. Doris smiles.

In Dylan's room, Harley is asking him to make sure that he tells the police that the fight with Gus was just a minor family dispute. If all of this blows up, Gus could lose his job. Dylan makes it clear that he wants something in return. She takes this to mean that he wants a quick roll in the hay. Harley is willing to do anything for her husband so, if that's really what he wants, he better make his move. Tuning in some '80's radio station to bring back memories, she moves close to him but he breaks away. This isn't about him getting into her pants; he just wants to be taken seriously as Daisy's father. Coming back has stirred up a lot of old feelings. He wants a regular family night for the three of them guaranteed every week. She doesn't think it will make them a family, but he needs to feel like he is part of his daughter's life. If she agrees to this, he won't testify against Gus. She agrees. Before she can leave, he asks her if she would have really slept with him. 'We'll never know,' she says, leaving.

At the mansion, Gus finds Natalia's Company shirt tossed on the floor. She says that she gave the job up to simplify things. He tells her that he just beat up Dylan for kissing Harley. Natalia is sure that Harley wasn't kissing him back...Gus is less certain. They stand close together and look into each other's eyes for a moment before he awkwardly moves away. He doesn't want to hurt her; he just wanted to talk to someone who would understand his situation. 'If you wanted a life with me you would have come back years ago,' Natalia says. Gus feels like Harley saved him from all of the ugliness in the world... but they fight a lot. Natalia can see that they mean the world to each other and she's sure that Dylan can see that too. 'We may have both been your first loves, you we're not the last,' she assures him. As she walks him out, Rafe returns. When his mother comes back, she tells him that she quit her job: She needed to put space between herself and Gus.

On Main Street, Rafe angrily blames Daisy for getting his mother fired. She insists that she is only trying to make things better for them. Natalia won't even need a job now that she is with the Spauldings. He continues to shake his head; Daisy just sounds like a spoiled rich girl to him. He tells her never to call him again and walks away. She goes home and begins to cry. Harley returns and sits down with her daughter. Daisy says that Rafe broke up with her. Her mother thinks that might be for the best. Daisy suggests that Natalia broke them up and now she is after Gus. Harley starts to worry and wonders how Daisy can know this. Is she just trying to get revenge on Natalia? She insists that that isn't the case but she hinted to Buzz that he should fire her. 'It's like looking in the mirror,' Harley says, shaking her head. She tells her daughter that it will be alright. Later, Gus arrives and Daisy walks away. Harley hugs Gus and tells him she talked Dylan out of filing charges. Taking him in her arms, she kisses him and asks for some makeup sex. As they sit on the couch, she smells cigarettes on him but he explains that he just went to Alan's. He talked to Natalia, he explains, while Harley looks away and anxiously plays with her hair. Hugging her again, he assures her that he and Natalia are only friends now. Meanwhile, at the mansion, Rafe returns. When his mother comes back, she tells him that she quit her job: She needed to put space between herself and Gus.

On Main Street, Billy finds his son. After admiring his son's fresh bruises, Dylan tells him that, at least, he and his daughter may have a better relationship now and a return to his old family is in the works. Billy reminds him that Harley is a married woman and this is a bad idea. Dylan shrugs. Things have changed. Harley and Gus are going to fall apart all by themselves, he concludes. 'What's going to cause this?' Billy asks. As his son motions over, Billy looks and spots Natalia walking by.

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Marina discovers Cyrus' plans to marry Alexandra.

Rick has doubts.

Beth is relieved that she didn't have to choose between Alan and Rick.

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